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Safer Saws- Myrtle View

Steve Gass A. ” It [Saw Stop] will detect that [finger] in less than a thousandth in a second.” B. Steve Gass claims that his power tool is able to stop itself from injuring a person because of its fast … Continue reading

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Casual Argument- Myrtle View

The Black Community Lose A Part of Themselves When Black Fashion Becomes Mainstream. 1. Black fashion in the mainstream media causes cultural appropriation. The best thing about diversity is being surrounded by people and cultures that can be similar and … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric—MyrtleView

Ad Council – “Restaurant” :00- :01 The camera is zoomed out so that the viewers can see that the setting is a restaurant filled with people eating and talking among themselves. In the center of the frame we find a … Continue reading

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Definition Argument—MyrtleView

The more black fashion appears in mainstream the less black, black people become. When black fashion is pictured we start to imagine black men and women in gold jewelry, wearing Air Jordan’s, and braids. These are just three things that … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- MyrtleView

18 “Way up north, and nearly as west as you can go, in Ferry County, Washington, there’s a little town with no stoplights by the name of Republic. There’s an abundance of parks and lakes and campgrounds—though I lose track … Continue reading

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White Paper 2—MyrtleView

Proposal I propose that black culture is becoming too mainstream resulting African Americans in losing their culture. Fashion trends from black culture and hip-hop culture has become a common influence in what all celebrities wear today. Black culture started out … Continue reading

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Men Define Rape It seems counterintuitive that men be allowed to dictate the rape of women. Author Erika Eichelberger published Men Defining Rape: A History an article that shows the progress of rape throughout the actions and beliefs of men … Continue reading

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