Safer Saws- Myrtle View

Steve Gass

A. ” It [Saw Stop] will detect that [finger] in less than a thousandth in a second.”

B. Steve Gass claims that his power tool is able to stop itself from injuring a person because of its fast reflexes.

C. This claim Steve has made is an evaluation claim since he most likely tested the speed at which his power tool stops.

D. This claim along with the video proves the power tool credible for having quality and logic for making the tool sense parts of the body. However, it does not completely have reasonableness since Steve’s demonstration was orchestrated with care, he was not careless but cautiously inching his finger to the blade.


A. “When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive.”

B. Manufactures claim that when the blade touches skin the machine stops because of signal changes reacting to the conductivity of the human body.

C. This claim is factual since the blade does stop when contact is made with skin.

D. This claim is reasonable, logical, and has quality because the power tool does what the manufacturers claim it does.


Power Tools Product Reviewers

A. “Logic dictates that this increase in accident rate on SawStop saws is due primarily to a user’s decision to use the blade guard less frequently due to a “sense of security” in having the SawStop flesh-sensing technology on the saw.”

B. Reviewers of the power tool SawStop claim that the tool has done more harm than good. According to users people feel more comfortable using the blade guard less often because of the tools technology.

C. This claim is an evaluation claim seeing that there would have to be data collected to make this statement.

D. This has quality and appears to be logical and reasonable claim since it is based on data collected from people who invest in the welfare of customers and the quality of products.

Government Officials

A. “The article got the attention of Commissioner Robert Adler, who hosted meetings this month with the Power Tool Industry, the trade group that is resisting adopting safety technology by arguing that it’s too expensive, that it’s unreliable, and that consumers don’t want it.”

B. According to government officials the power tool industry do not want to make safer power tools because they will cost too much money and will not make a profit.

C. This is a opinion claim since the industry has not tried advertising safer power tools in the market.

D. This claim is reasonable but illogical since this statement is based on an opinion on what consumers may want instead of actual data or evidence.

Personal Injury Lawyers

A. “Table saws cause more than 40,000 injuries every year. Approximately 10% of those injuries, or 4,000, result in amputations every year.”

B. Table saws cause more than 40,000 injuries every year. Approximately 10% of those injuries, or 4,000, result in amputations every year.

C. This claim is factual since it is based in statistics from a credited source.

D. This claim is reasonable, logical, and has quality since it explains how many people are effected by power tools in a year.

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