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Family Fun and the Feeding Frenzy It’s a very unnatural occurrence when the predator becomes the prey. The hunter becoming the hunted, the victim stalking the killer. It crams individuals into a category they don’t fit into, they are forced … Continue reading

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Core Value I. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. Posting my work onto the class’s shared blog I expose my work to my … Continue reading

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Roll, Jordan The World of Slave Trade Background:  Slaves for the most part believed they were inferior and that their lives were meant to work for the white man.  Slaves either obey or die.  Africans were ripped away from their home … Continue reading

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We are told, at a young age, to never talk with our mouths full. Jim McBain and Brad Andrews ignore that pleasantry and common formality; their mouths overflow with well-constructed lies. Jim McBain, director of veterinary medicine at SeaWorld and … Continue reading

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Causal Argument–todayistheday19

The 1993 Warner Bros film, Free Willy, sparked a national outrage over the injustice of keeping orcas captive. Free Willy is the reason the fight for captive orcas was acknowldeged.  The film continues to be a push to open our … Continue reading

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Enough about you—todayistheday19

Money seems to have a big role in our society; we can’t do much without it. Money is valuable in different ways, even when it is not physically present. In today’s society there must be faith in the government and … Continue reading

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Robust Verbs—todayistheday19

Vancouver, alarmed by high crime rates, decided to institute a program that provides addicts with free heroin. Heroin addicts indulge in criminal activity to feed their addiction. Heroin addicts clog the hospitals when they plunge dirty needles into their veins. … Continue reading

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