Roll, Jordan The World of Slave Trade

Background:  Slaves for the most part believed they were inferior and that their lives were meant to work for the white man.  Slaves either obey or die.  Africans were ripped away from their home country and sold off to whites so they could work until they died in this foreign land.

How I used it: This article helped connect similarities between African slaves and animals within SeaWorld parks.  They are ripped away from their natural habitat only to forced into working for their masters. Neither animals in SeaWorld parks or slaves have/had any hope of freedom.


What will the future bring? Prison mental health care in England 

Background: This article gives statistics of inmate’s mental health condition within England’s prison system. The estimate that the proportion of people with mental health problems within in prisons is 90%.

What it proves: This article helped me connect SeaWorld’s animals to inmates.  Both are confined to small areas for most of the day. This article takes a look at what being confined within concrete walls can do to the human brain.  Seeing such a high risk of mental health and suicide rates with human inmates, it allowed me to question what it must do to the animal prisoners at SeaWorld.

Kidnapping and Mental Health in Iraqi Refugees: The Role of Resilience

Essential Content of Article: This is a study conducted to observe the presence of Post traumatic stress disorder and major depression disorder with kidnapping victims.  The study conducts the experiment on Iraqi refugees, especially those who had been kidnapped.  Results indicated those diagnosed with PTSD were more likely to have been kidnapped.

How I Used It: This article gave me evidence to prove kidnapping indicates a higher likelihood to develop PSTD.  I explained PTSD and its symptoms.  Than I discussed the study.  This allowed me to describe how orcas were taken from the wild.  Orcas usually stay with their family their whole lives.  But when they’re kidnapped they suffer greatly at the expense of entertainment.

Breaking News: The last generation of orcas at SeaWorld 

Background: SeaWorld states they will not release the remaining orcas, because they would not be able to handle the elements and dangers of the wild.  They then state that the orcas will remain in the love and care of SeaWorld.

How I used It: By collecting a statement from SeaWorld that disagrees with my claim it helped me further prove my point. Even though SeaWorld hasn’t collected an orca from the wild in 40 years they are still reaping the benefits of those captured orcas.  They deny the request to free orcas into the wild because of the dangers of elements they aren’t accustomed too.

Jean-Michel Cousteau: SeaWorld should set captive orcas free

Background: An oceanographer believes orcas can be successively reintroduced into their wild habitat.   By using seaside sanctuaries captive orcas can be adjusted to hunting for food and learning the techniques of wild orcas.

How I used it:  This article, although it agrees with my opinion, does not echo my thesis.  I used the facts to dispute the SeaWorld claim that orcas cannot safely be released to the wild.  This scientifically proves that seaside sanctuaries could be the answer to releasing the orcas.

“The Debate- Pro-Captivity.” PBS, Public Broadcasting Service.

Background: This is a released statement by SeaWorld employees, McBain and Andrews.  Their opinions on the quality of life orcas and all captive animals is importance to the evidence against SeaWorld.  They use several facts to prove their claims.

How I Used it: I used this article in my rebuttal, it is important to recognize the opposing view point.  It is crucial to find stronger evidence against this pov, so I gather further information to discredit McBain and Andrews claims.

Powell, Dylan.  “The Free Willy Effect: Perspective and Time in the Anti-Captivity Movement.Dylan Powell, 12 Mar. 2014.

Background: This article describes the Free Willy movie and its effect on its viewers.  After falling in love with Willy, viewers loved Keiko, the whale who played Willy.  People wanted to free Keiko from his life in captivity and release him into the wild; where he could be happy, healthy, and free.  Free Willy was the start to the major anti-captivity movements.  Free Willy is the reason people are still inspired to empty the tanks and release orcas into the wild.

How I Used It: I used this article in my causal argument.  I wanted to pinpoint a movement where the fuse was lit.  I believe it all started with Free Willy.  Keiko was freed and became an example. This article allowed me to dive into the debate over people then wanting to release SeaWorld’s orcas.

“Predator-Prey Relationships.” NECSI Evolution.

Background: This short explanation defines predator and prey and their relationship to one another.  Predator and prey rely on each other and move together in order to survive.  Predator must eat prey to survive, prey must avoid being eaten to survive; it is a dangerous game.

How I Used It: I used this article to categorize orcas as predators but only if they’re in the wild.  Once orcas are captured and stuck into tanks they become the prey. Orcas once at the top of the food chain become the ones struggling to survive. I use this article to show how unnatural it is to take a born predator and force it to become prey.

 Holm, Gretchen, and Erica Roth. “Toxoplasmosis.” Healthline, Healthline Media, 10 Feb. 2016.

Background: This article details what Toxoplasmosis is and what the effects are.  Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that infects your brain and causes sickness and mental health issues within its host.

How I used it: I used this article to show that alone orcas fall prey to SeaWorld, SeaWorld does not become predator though.  SeaWorld becomes a parasite because it does not survive by killing its prey but rather they leech off the nutrients and thriving environment the prey provides. I use this article to categorize SeaWorld and Toxoplasmosis as deadly parasites that infect the brains of their hosts.

Schelling, Ameena. “SeaWorld Orcas Have ‘Alarming’ Number Of Injuries, Vet Reveals.” The Dodo, The Dodo, 11 Aug. 2015.

Background: This article describes the condition of orcas health at San Diego SeaWorld.  The biggest concern was the condition of the orca’s teeth. Orcas in captivity chew on their metal gates and cause harm to their teeth.  In order to fix the teeth the orcas has to get root canal, followed by daily cleanings. This dental trauma is not seen in the wild and is found most commonly in captive orcas.

How I Used It: I used this article to show that SeaWorld survives off the orcas but meanwhile the orca’s health is suffering.  Parasites harm their hosts because they take away from their hosts in order to feed themselves.  Seaworld rips orcas away from the wild where they thrive just so they can make money.  This article helped me finalize the cause and effect between SeaWorld’s and the orcas.

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