Agenda MON OCT 16

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  1. phillygirl20 says:

    Today in class we talked about proposal+5 and what should’ve been done and why. We also went over grades for stone money rewrite and why we received the grades we got. Lastyly, we went through exercise E06: Safer Saws.
    E06: Safer Saws Claims:
    – Choose 5 people making claims. 5 sentences, evaluating claims
    – Quote the constituent, Explain what ONE (not 8 like in the example) claim is made, identify type of claim, and evaluate the logic and accuracy for the claim.
    – Choose claim and put the number that it is next to it. (i.e. 8a, 8b)


  2. 11collegegirl says:

    – On research paper, don’t pick something too broad
    – Narrow your topic down so that you can explain it in 3000 words
    – Re-write stone money to get better grade
    – Safer Saw video- the team tested the saw first with a hot dog and the saw completely stopped when the hotdog touched it.
    – Then, one of the team members put his own finger in the saw and the saw completely stopped again
    – looking for claims within sources so that we can see a claim made by anyone and evaluate the claims
    – Find five people or groups who make claims from others
    – claim assignment due start of class for Wednesday..
    – choose 5 and evaluate (follow the steps a-e from each of 5)


  3. splash305 says:

    -we are talking about the grades given for the stone money rewrite
    -a lot of the grades were low grades becuase if you wrote 1000 words of boiler plate then it is a waste of an essay
    -picking a topic and going at it from many different angles is a better way to go about writing an essay
    -also talking about different types of claims about safer saws


  4. alaska38 says:

    For the research paper, start with something that can be 300 words then expand.Make it worth reading.
    Talked about grades for Stone Money. You can still rewrite for a better grade.
    Exercise E06: Safer Saws, you only need five sentences that show strong claims. Use the E06 links to guide you or find your own sources.


  5. flyerfan1974 says:

    -You can make something worth 300 words into something 3000 words by looking deeper into the text
    -If you want to improve your grade, rewriting is always an option


  6. chandlerbing27 says:

    -unfair to say author didn’t provide enough proof to prove claim.
    -Only evaluate one claim per constituent.


  7. jadden14 says:

    Stone Money Rewrite revise if necessary
    Quote the constituent
    Find claims that aren’t pure opinion, some backing
    Choose 5 from the constituent pool
    Evaluate the claims, simplify the ideas of the author
    Optionally the argument can be refuted and in a few sentences


  8. killroy513 says:

    You can fix the Stone Money essay.
    Grades are on blackboard, feedback is on blog.
    Claims benefit an argument greatly.
    A claim can be found in most cases, proof is important.
    Can be agreed or disagreed on.
    For the assignment due the 18th, choose 5 different claims and explain.
    5 claims from 5 categories, follow A,B,C,D,E.
    Sources on side under #6.


  9. theintern50 says:

    – We reviewed the grades of our Stone money
    – Then we reviewed the claims and read about Steve Gass and his invention of the safer saw
    – For each of the 5 claims we do one claim within the ABC’s steps of plunking information from the internet to provide a better explanation of one claim.
    – These claims are due before class on wednesday


  10. yoshi189 says:

    -advice for topic paper: start small and expand
    -narrow topic
    -stone money grade posted
    -if you want you can rewrite
    -Safer Saw assignment due before class Wednesday
    -pick 5 different claims
    – Break down the claims, into the (a-e) categories.


  11. neweditionlover says:

    GM its the morning of 10/16/17 discussed the proposal +5 that makes your reading reading and your writing worth. Need to resubmit changes to Stone Money Essay for a better grade due to the fact that it is a failing grade because it didn’t reach 1,000 words. Safer Saws Claim technique to avoid injuries. All major tool company declined on his offer. Its proven to succeed but no one wanted to test and give it a try.– Choose 5 people making claims. 5 sentences, evaluating claims,art of class for Wednesday..


  12. rainbow987 says:

    -Narrow your focus as soon as you possibly can.
    -There are many possible perspectives to one argument.
    -It is common to object someone’s claim due to lack of evidence.
    -It is an unfair criticism to judge a claim in this way, as it is difficult to prove a point in one sentence.
    -Instead, “it seems unlikely that it could be proven.”
    -Often, a large idea can be summed up in one claim.
    -Use sources that you like to find valid claims from many different opinions.
    -Choose five sources to use.


  13. todayistheday19 says:

    Proposal +5 : process is important. From a small moment, building detail and expanding from there. Start small to begin. One small thing, examined from multiple angles=worth reading.
    Stone money rewrite: if you get an F, probably because your post couldn’t be found. Most common way to fail, word count 400-500 words for 1,000 word requirement. You can put in more work to make another rewrite/regrade an A.
    Excercise: Safer Saws Claims
    Saw stop invented to prevent injuries from saws. Saw companies decline buying Sawstop for their products. Gass then made his own saw company but since company is small, prices are high. Consumer product safety advocates urge government to enact mandatory sawstop. Costumers want sawstop. Then other saw users argue people that know how to use saws don’t injure themselves. Then people that were injuries argued and filed lawsuits against saw companies. Since companies had sawsafe at their convenience to install but didn’t that makes them liable for injury.
    Use five of the links and get five people making different claims from pool. Ex. 5A , 5B etc. only need one claim per person.
    A) name them
    B) explain or quote sentence
    C) what type of claim (ex factual, opinion, evaluation , proposal which makes suggestions or advocates)
    D) evaluate accuracy, quality, reasonableness, logic and persuasiveness of claim and any support. They don’t need to prove claim.
    E) you may choose to refute claim, in few sentences, if you disagree. If you agree say why.
    Look at model example. DUE WED OCT 18 before class. Title safer saws-todayistheday . Publish in E06 and today. Uncheck 123 oops.
    Start assignment


  14. theadmiral1 says:

    Comp 2 notes 10/16/17

    Proposal +5 is critical for our research paper
    A lot of information and knowledge in our heads
    Proposal +5 helps crystalize our ideas and narrows our focus
    Start small and then expand out to describe that small thing
    Start with something 300 words long, then you can examine it from a variety of angles and expand it to make it worth reading.
    Stone money rewrites on blackboard
    Safer saw
    Glass made a saw that will stop the blade in 4/1000ths of a second of human contact
    Regulators say this technology is similar to seat belts or airbags in a car
    No major companies wanted the technology
    Have people that will not want the technology because they think you cannot mandate safety equipment in the workplace.


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