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Definition argument- Morty39

Pitbulls can and should be used as police dogs. There are tons and tons of pitbulls sitting in shelters right now, waiting for a home and somebody to love. Nobody wants them, because they are viewed as being dangerous and … Continue reading

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Critical Reading-Morty39

Part 16: “In 2009, it was Hovda who delivered the Pentagon the recommendation that because multiple concussions could cause serious long-term injury, concussions need time to heal. “ “The recommendation” makes it seem they were not really trying to push … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Morty39

Currency is around the world, and has been since the beginning of time. Whether it was trading one thing for another, it is still a type of currency. The trading slowly changed from rocks to gold to paper money. Nowadays … Continue reading

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White Paper- Morty39

I am researching and writing about how pit bulls can be used as police dogs, this will also prove that pit bulls are not dangerous dogs, and all they need is some good training. The issue of whether pit bulls … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that a circus making money off of their animals would treat them so poorly and let them die. Sadly that is exactly the case with the Ringling Brothers, most commonly known as “The Greatest Show On Earth.” … Continue reading

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My hypothesis- Morty39

There are a lot of pit bulls in shelters Pit bulls are not dangerous Pit bulls and dogfighting rings Can we rehabilitate pit bulls after they are used for dog fighting? How can we get the pit bulls out of … Continue reading

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