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I am researching and writing about how pit bulls can be used as police dogs, this will also prove that pit bulls are not dangerous dogs, and all they need is some good training. The issue of whether pit bulls are dangerous or not, has been a big one for some time now. They mainly get a bad rap because of all the dog fighting rings and the fact that once pit bulls jaws lock down on something, they stay locked. Combing training of a pit bull to fight and their jaw is a bad mix, But these animals are loveable and adorable creatures, when they are trained right. The same goes for any other dog. Because of this bad rep pit bulls have, the shelters are full of them. Shelters are trying to find ways to get these dogs out of there and into forever homes. But with some cities and places completely banning pit bulls, it is very hard to do so. That is where the police dogs come into play, these dogs are very easily trained and all they want to do is please their owners, which is very useful for the canine units. It is a win-win situation, the dogs get forever homes and the police have great working buddies.




Essential content of article: The article is from the ASPCA and it talks about Breed specific legislation. Breed specific legislation, BSL, is when certain breeds of dogs are banned or have more restrictions than other breeds just because they are a pit bull or a mastiff. It is a discrimination law against dogs, and it has not have any success since the first ones were established in the 1980s. The article talks about how it is ineffective and how it actually hurts more things than it helps.

What it proves: It proves that BSL is not a good law and should not be a law. It his hurting animals and owners and even public safety. Which is counterintuitive because the whole point of BSL is to prevent people getting hurt from quote on quote dangerous dogs.


Essential content of article: In the article from animal law it talks about the overview dog fighting. The article does not go in depth into how dogfighting is done and what goes on, but it gives a description of what the animals go through, what the police look for and why it is happening and continues to go from generation to generation.

What it proves: It proves that dogfighting is a nasty sport and it gives the readers of my essay an idea into what is happening to these dogs and why this could lead to giving them a bad rap.


Essential content of article: In this article it talks about how a pit bull named popsicle became an amazing police dog. The article describes how popsicle was found, where he was trained, and all of the drugs he sniffed out during his career.

What it proves: This article proves that pit bulls can be amazing police dogs and do an amazing job.

4.  http://www.news9.com/global/story.asp?s=9494086

Essential content of article: In the news story it is about a dog who saved his family from an intruder and the pit bull was shot three times and survived.

What it proves: The article proves that pit bulls are great family dogs and great protectors.

5. http://pitbulls.org/article/brief-history-american-pit-bull-terrier

Essentials of the article: In this article from pitbull.org it describes where the pit bull came from, how it was bred, how to train them. The article explains what the pit bull is like, how friendly they are and different things like that.

What it proves: The article proves that pit bulls were bred to be great family dogs, but also fierce protectors. The article even says that they are great family dogs.

One thought on “White Paper- Morty39”

  1. I think you’ll enjoy researching the topic, Morty, and I encourage you to continue seeking the best sources you can find. I’ll return to do a more detailed analysis of this early draft of your assignment, but in the meantime, please watch out for some common mistakes.

    Problems to Avoid
    If those five examples aren’t sufficient to guide you to the best possible Source Descriptions, maybe this terrible description will keep you from making some common mistakes on your first draft. Terrible Version below.

    DO NOT SAY that your source “talks about,” or “deals with” a broad topic, or that it “provides background.”
    DO NOT SAY about all five of your sources that they “will give me necessary information to prove my thesis.” Such statements don’t help the reader understand the value of your source.

    Mostly, I couldn’t help but notice your descriptions all begin with “talks about.” It’s not a crime to use the phrase, but it indicates you might be “describing a topic” instead of detailing its actual useful content. If the article describes the attributes of the breed, tell us what attributes are useful in police work, according to the article, instead of telling us that it “talks about their attributes.”

    Just an example. Is that helpful and not too picky?
    I always appreciate a reply. Thanks!


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