My Hypothesis- tjjones123

Legalizing Marijuana


  1. In doing so it will benefit the people of the society and tax revenue.
  2. Is Marijuana really going to help everything it says it does?
  3. Major outbreaks of charges of possession of marijuana, is keeping it illegal stopping anyone?
  4. Will legalizing it benefit the economy as much as they say it will.  

10 thoughts on “My Hypothesis- tjjones123”

  1. Legalizing Marijuana is a dangerous topic for several reasons, TJ.
    1. It’s a dead issue. Every state that has already legalized it has drawn the conclusion you’ll be arguing in its favor.
    2. SOOOOOOO many papers have been written on the topic that it’s impossible to say something that hasn’t been said several thousand times.
    3. SOOOOOOO many papers have been written on the topic that it’s inevitable you’ll be tempted to appropriate the work of other authors.
    4. No student I know has earned better than a C- for writing a paper on this topic. Call it coincidence maybe, but it’s a fact.
    5. It’s the most commonly “self-plagiarized” topic, presented as new work by students who have already pursued the topic in earlier papers. That might not sound like plagiarism, but the Writing Arts Department categorizes it as such.

    If anything else about modern society interests you, I would advise you to pursue a different topic.


  2. If you decide to stick with this very broad topic, you’ll need to narrow your scope considerably. As it stands, your Hypothesis is at least 4 hypotheses.

    Hypothesis 1: Legalization will benefit society with tax revenues.
    Hypothesis 2: Legalization will deliver other broad unspecified advantages: “everything it says it does.”
    Hypothesis 3: Laws prohibiting possession are ineffective.
    Hypothesis 4: Presumably in ways not connected with tax revenues, legalization will benefit the economy either “as much as they say it will” or not.

    If one of these appeals to you more than the others, I’ll help you crystallize a specific hypothesis you can prove with research.

    I would appreciate your response, please. Thanks!


    1. Ok, thank you very much for the feedback I will look for other topics while also thinking about choosing one of these 4 you have provided me.


  3. I’m concerned that you haven’t made any visible progress here, TTJ. The purpose of this post was to get started on the process of making an early choice of broad topic and quickly narrowing it to something meaningful and manageable in 3000 words. By now, you should have produced an early White Paper with five strong sources to begin to shape your semester’s work. Very soon the first short argument will be due, and you don’t have the beginning of a workable thesis. (You can blame me for rejecting your first suggestion, but not for long. If you’re determined to stick with your original notion, do that. I’ll admire your conviction. Then you can prove me wrong. But either way, the time to make a choice has come.)


    1. Alright, I was looking for a different topic that would be better and less used because as you said many people have already done this topic and the arguments are all used. I’m planning to change my topic though and it will all be submitted today.


      1. I’ve received only one essay on the “kneeling during the national anthem” topic, TJ, and no, it’s not overused. It does create one complication though: it’s so new there’s no specific academic research on this particular version of symbolic political speech.

        That’s not a hurdle, but it does discourage some students. Here’s how it goes: I demand academic sources. You say: There are no academic sources on kneeling during the national anthem. I reply: Yes, I know that. The phenomenon is less than a year old! You say: Well then, why did you let me adopt it as a thesis!?!?

        The answer is also not a hurdle. Here’s how it goes: You won’t find academic sources when you search for “kneeling during the national anthem,” but you will find academic sources on “symbolic political protest,” and “activist athletes,” and “freedom of speech in the workplace,” and a dozen other phrases that get to the heart of the matter.


        If you accept that you’ll still need academic support for your very contemporary topic, I will heartily endorse “kneeling during the national anthem” as a topic.

        So far, that’s not a hypothesis, just a topic. But it’s a start.

        Ready? Set. Go!


          1. It’s a terrifically meaningful topic, TJ, and I applaud you for tackling it. I want to be helpful, so please involve me as much as possible. Ask me questions. Check in from time to time to see if I’ve heard something new and useful. Make a Conference so we can discuss your hypothesis in person. There’s no substitute for talking over your best argument with a ruthless interrogator who is somehow also supremely supportive of your best effort.

            I try to be that. Let me know if I fall short.


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