Summaries- tjjones123

Idea to Reduce Football Concussions

It seems counterintuitive that the way to stop concussions in football is to remove the players helmets.  Concussions in the NFL are rising over the years due to illegal hits and dangerous tackles.  

His idea is that players are throwing caution to the wind and making reckless behaviors because of the protection on their head.  The NFL could possibly soon allow players to run down the field trying to kill each other with no head protection.  There will no longer be concussion due to helmet to helmet collisions, however after every tackle there will be a head injury when they hit the ground.  

People feel that if this is passed the sport will no longer be the same, removing helmets will soon lead to rules about how hard they tackle someone or where they aim.  Soon after the NFL will turn into 2-hand-touch, or flag football it won’t be what we have all grown to love.  

The Cruelest Show on Earth

It seems counterintuitive that “The Greatest Show Ever” is held responsible for abusing and leading to innocent Elephants deaths.  These professional circus performers are supposed to be a family, however they saw their one member who wasn’t right and didn’t do the right things to help him.  

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on this earth.  Along with being intelligent they are often called the gentle giant, however they have been used in circus acts for years because of their intelligence but along with being in the shows they have been abused for years.  They were struck with bullhooks, electric shocks, and even whipped.  

In this particular incident, Kenny the elephant was doing a show when it was obvious that something was seriously wrong with him.  Despite his clear symptoms and issues, they neglected his care and pushed him to keep going until it got real bad.  When the veterinarian was brought in they chained him to his stall and 2 hours later his bloody body was found dead chained to his stall.

Giving Free Heroin

It seems counterintuitive that they are trying to stop the heroin epidemic by giving free heroin to addicts without consequences.  They made an area where these people can come and get free heroin, clean needles, and proper cleaning tools.  The goal is to clean the streets and get the drugs out of the area but they are handing out free samples.

Some of the people that got wrapped into this activity want to get clean, however with a clinic handing out drugs for free and clean so no diseases will be spread from the needles.  If they are handing out this substance that is ruled illegal why not just make drugs legal if u can get free drugs at this clinic.

In this study the people who are going to this place and using the free heroin say they can hold a job now, they feel as though they are clean because they aren’t getting the “street” stuff.  Because of this program people can go and get high for free with drugs that are illegal.  

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