Agenda MON DEC 04

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  1. rainbow987 says:

    -The portfolio is due Wednesday, December 6 before class.
    -It contains 6 items, which are listed in the requirements.
    -You are able to revise your portfolio up until the grade conference.


  2. splash305 says:

    -This is our second to last class meeting, time to get everything in order
    – It is allowed to keep revising the portfolio pieces until we all meet for our grade conferences
    – Each piece of the portfolio will just be added to the portfolio categorio, and be sure to find your own portfolio listing


  3. alaska38 says:

    Ask for feedback.
    Portfolio due Wednesday before class.
    6 assignments are to go into the portfolio.
    To put works into portfolio go to the tags on the assignment and put it into portfolio username.
    Research paper due Wednesday before class.


  4. jadden14 says:

    Self-Reflective Statement
    -CIte specific evidence, list not just the link to the essay
    -Identify interest in sources

    -3000 word research paper
    -Annotated Bibliography
    -Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    -Self-Reflective Statement
    -Two of the arguments(Causal,Rebuttal,Definition)

    Building the portfolio
    -Update all 6 papers into the portfolio tab


  5. flyerfan1974 says:

    -You can revise your portfolio even after you handed it in
    -When handing in your portfolio, click on your portfolio-username
    -Please link your sources


  6. killroy513 says:

    Make sure all items that are required for the portfolio are in order and completed. The portfolio must me finished by December 6. For self reflective statements, other essays can be used as well. Use the model provided to write self reflective statement. Be specific when citing the core values with the works written. Schedule appointments to close out the semester. All items in the portfolio must be completed and ready for final submission. Core values are generally a paragraph per value. Can use the word “I” in the paragraphs. Everything is due the 6th.


  7. lifeissublime13 says:

    Self Reflective Statement was due this Sunday night. Compare your work to a core value. This assignment is apart of the portfolio.
    If you want a grade, but your work in the Feedback Please tag category.
    You can continue to revise your portfolio even after the portfolio is due. You have until the grading conference that you have scheduled with davidbdale.
    Building your Portfolio: it’s a tag category, that when loaded, you will be able to see all 6 requirements. The tag will be under Portfolio FA17, then look for your username. This will make it easier for audience to look at everything displayed in the portfolio rather than scrolling through every posted.
    Everything is due before class on Wednesday.


  8. phillygirl20 says:

    Today in class we discussed;
    -reviewing feedback by professor
    -briefly went through self- reflective statements
    -we reviewed the requirements of the portfolio
    -wrapped class up by showing how to properly attach hyperlinks to new posts


  9. theintern50 says:

    – In the self reflective statement make sure to use which assignment you use a core value and where in the assignment you used it.
    – We can put all the arguments into a 3,000 word essay but there will have to be a lot of transitioning to be involved.
    – For organizing your portfolio requirements we must put the six sources in the portfolio category in word press.


  10. pdqlover20 says:

    Notes 12/4/17
    -Reviewed the requirements for the self- reflective statement
    -Reviewed the requirements for the portfolio research paper
    – Reminder that grade conferences show me scheduled
    – Explained how to create portfolio using a new tab category
    – Class ended early because there were no father questions
    – All assignments and portfolio due Wednesday Dec. 06


  11. neweditionlover says:

    Morning Of 12/4/17
    *Self Reflective Statement was due before class *
    -3000 word research paper
    -Annotated Bibliography
    -Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    -Self-Reflective Statement
    -Two of the arguments(Causal,Rebuttal,Definition)


  12. todayistheday19 says:

    -for self-reflective in each goal description pull examples from your writing to prove you accomplished these goals
    -more specific the better
    -model to refer too
    -feedback please
    Paper, bib, visual rhetoric, reflective, definition and causal
    -for paper 3,000 words is an easy requirement because definition, causal and rebuttal combined together
    -needs work to blend together smoothly
    -each portfolio section needs its own citation within section
    -due before Wednesday’s class (portfolio and paper )
    For each part of portfolio go into categories and find own personalized portfolio listing and then update


  13. theadmiral1 says:

    Portfolio due wednesday
    Ask questions
    Put the portfolio parts in the portfolio category


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