P08: Visual Rewrite

Rewrite Assignment

Rewrites are always encouraged and necessary, but sometimes they’re also actually assigned and required. A05 is an assigned rewrite, with its own assignment number. You will create a new post for it in the A05: Visual Rewrite category.

Grade for this Portfolio Assignment

Your provisional grade for A02, if you received one, will be expunged. It was offered for your guidance. You will receive a permanent grade for A05. As you move this assignment into your Portfolio, you’ll have another opportunity to improve your work, presumably with skills you have acquired during the semester. Your completely wonderful Portfolio will receive one massive grade of real consequence.

Rewrite Procedure

  • Ask for feedback if you want it and haven’t received it.
  • By all means read the comments I have left for your colleagues and of course review the Assignment itself for models and instructions you may have missed on the first draft.


  • Above all, this is a VISUAL ANALYSIS assignment. If your readers cannot easily visualize the scenes you’re describing, revise your post until they can.
  • Use the Time-Stamp technique to guide your Professor through the video.
  • Title your post Visual Rewrite—Username (don’t use A05 in your title).
  • Publish your analysis in the A05: Visual Rewrite category.


  • DEADLINE: Sunday Midnight as usual (11:59 am SUN OCT 08)
  • Customary late penalties. (Late less than 24 hours 10%) (24-48 hours 20%) (48+ hours, 0 grade)
  • Receives a Portfolio Grade