P08: Visual Rewrite

Rewrite Assignment

Rewrites are always encouraged and necessary, but sometimes they’re also actually assigned and required. P08 is an assigned rewrite, with its own assignment number. You will create a new post for it in the P08: Visual Rewrite category.

Part of your Portfolio

The components of your Portfolio are almost all centered on your semester-long Research Argument. They will include the 3000-word Argument, two short Arguments (Definition, Causal, or Rebuttal), and the Annotated Bibliography that your White Paper has been preparing you to produce. You’ll also include a Self-Reflective Statement, but this Visual Rhetoric is the only subject matter argument that isn’t part of your research project.

Rewrite Procedure

  • Ask for feedback if you want it and haven’t received it.
  • By all means read the comments I have left for your colleagues and the exhaustive advice I have compiled in a post called “How Much Detail is Enough?


  • Above all, this is a VISUAL ANALYSIS assignment. If your readers cannot easily visualize the scenes you’re describing, revise your post until they can.
  • Not only describe the visuals; you must analyze the Visual Rhetoric.
    That means answering the basic questions: “Why did the filmmakers choose this shot, this costume, this setting, this sequence of events, this etc.?” In other words, what argument does the video make, and how persuasively does its author make it?
  • Use the Time-Stamp technique to guide your professor through the video.
  • Include a link to your video so your professor can follow the visuals.
  • Title your post Visual Rewrite—Username (don’t use A05 in your title).
  • Publish your analysis in the P08: Visual Rewrite category.


  • DEADLINE: Consider it due NOW, without late penalties.
  • Receives a Portfolio Grade
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