Agenda MON APR 02


The Argument Unit

  • Exercise E09: Editing for Logic
    • DUE in class today WED MAR 28
  • Portfolio Assignment P10: Causal Argument Rewrite
    • DUE MON APR 09
  • In-Class Exercise
    • Argument Analysis, Live Sales Presentation
    • Take Notes in the Reply field below during the presentation
      • Identify the Clear Thesis Claim
      • Follow the Argument Path
      • Analyze the Appeals to Logic, Emotion, Ethics
      • Definition: Are the terms clear?
      • Causation: Are the results clear?
      • Refutation: Are objections raised and nullified?

10 thoughts on “Agenda MON APR 02”

  1. This website proof reads everything about your paper.
    Follow an argument path explaining what they do
    Definition is clear but did not describe why they do this.
    Appeals to emotion of not having a good enough paper.
    No refutations are presented. I would like to see whose actually proof reading it and how credible they are


  2. Thesis: is a website that proofreads and edits within an hour with a cost.
    Argument Path: Proofread/ editing Services
    Logic/Emo/Ethics: Logical
    Definitions: Defined the services clearly.
    Causation:The results are clear.
    Refutation: Holiday delays, Short staff, time to word cutoff (1 hour proofreading to maximum 800 words)


  3. Walking is falling forward and catching yourself with one foot and then following up with the other foot to keep moving. I should define my argument term and make it more basic and broadly understood, like the definition of walking. A clear definition is necessary for a clear and complete argument. The argument can essentially prove itself if it is direct and strong. Live sales presentation- 1 hour proof reading is a company that proof reads documents, typically within an hour. There are different services they provide. They do proof reading and copy editing. They explained how the professional proof reading is helpful for most documents. They did not make any counter argument and refute it. The company is not a 24 hour company and does not deliver in one hour everytime.


  4. Thesis: Proofreading service will provide proofreading for any document within an hour.
    Appeals to logic because will improve your papers.
    Appeals to emotion because the staff is portrayed as kind, friendly people.
    Definition: Showing us how the website works defines the product
    Causation: Longer papers require more money and more time.
    Refutation: It’s quicker than having your paper professionally proofread.


  5. Class opened with a debate on what walking is. Walking is just falling and catching yourself repeatedly. Prof. mentioned that for the most part, our big work is done. It’s all down to editing and refining our short arguments before making the big piece. At the end of class, we will have a guest presenter in the form of an old student of the Profs’.
    It’s important to have a clear argument, and your claims do not have to be complex. It’s important not to confuse your reader. US paper money means more to people in other countries because our coins are annoying and they don’t really know how much it’d be worth in their own country.
    The in-class exercise to day was to rewrite four bits of text to make them more effective and logical.

    Live Sales Presentation:

    Thesis- 1 hour(ish) proofreading of your work (depends on word count)

    Argument path- Started with what the company does, what it looks to do, and what they provide.

    Logic, Emotion, Ethics- A company like this makes sense based on the amount of writing that is done at colleges. Not much to say about the emotions and ethics.

    Definitions clear- Defined what the company does, what you can do with it, and what you will receive from the service.

    Results clear- Results were well explained by Angie, the time one would be getting them was not.

    Objections raised/nullified-
    -Cannot do work between 9am-7pm
    -this strongly contradicts their idea that a person could send in an essay at any time to have it proofread BIG TIME
    -Being transparent about the real hours would be in their best interests
    -admitted they weren’t getting much business


  6. The clear thesis claim is that this service is quick, reliable and stress free. what kills the thesis is that there is a catch from 11am -7pm there is no editors and the price of the subject is fairly expensive. so there claim of the company one hour proofreading company is unreliable because depending on the size and count of the paper it could take longer. Although a great idea the terms of the company are clear to provide a service that can help improve the writing of its consumers. the results are not clear because because so far they don’t have much demands. Yes there are refutations because the company’s one hour promise isn’t held unless a paper is submitted during a certain time.


  7. Live Sales Presentation:
    April and Angie
    -Product: 1HourProofreading- Submit papers get feedback in an hour!
    -Research papers, essays, manuscripts,novels,blogs, etc.
    -9$/ hr, copy-editing 12$/hr, no rush 0.26$ per word.
    -11am-7pm= no editors unless requested
    -Anything over 1800 words=over an is it really a 1 Hour Proofreading?

    Thesis Claim: 1HourProofreading is a wonderful proofreading tool we should try on our next paper!
    Logic- There is no one there to actually proofread until 7-9am.
    Emotions- Confusing
    Ethics- Shouldn’t offer a a one hour guarantee if it cannot necessarily be done in one hour

    Definition: Terms kept changing
    Causation: No results at all, didn’t tell of any success stories, said they do not have a lot of demands
    Refutation: Objections cannot be nullified, the company has a lot of holes in their presentation


  8. This website proof reads your papers for you at very low prices. The argument they have was if you don’t have time to edit your papers then you can just have them do it which can be very convenient with online uploading. The definitions was sort of clear but they must present the topic better to better relate it to me personally.


  9. We walk by repeatedly falling forward and using our foot to stop our fall. We are never perfectly balanced-even when standing, we are using muscle to stay standing. We should rethink regular terms that we come across, in a similar manner as to how we have reconsidered the idea of walking. Our short arguments should be revised and reposted as Causal Rewrite. We should be sure to ask for feedback on our arguments so that our rewrites can reflect that feedback.

    If we do not alert our readers as to the path that we are going to take, then we will simply be throwing bland repetitions of facts.

    Premises don’t have to be complex; they can be simple and straightforward.

    Putting sentences into sections can reveal the actual meaning of a paragraph. This does the reader a favor. We will rewrite the paragraphs from class in the post called, “negative sports media”.

    Marketing managers for 1hourproofreading:
    -informative, clear explanation
    -logic: avoids plagiarism
    -logic: you can make additional changes
    -logic: does many different types of documents
    -logic: clear pricing
    -logic: live chat, you can be responded to immediately
    -logic/emotion: answered questions regarding product
    -emotion/ethics: product is not getting many demands
    -logic: registration is 15% discount
    -logic: Promotion code for 25% off
    -emotion/ethics: “you should take advantage of that”
    -logic/emotion/ethics: promotional video: friendly music and characters, soft voice

    Thesis claim- buy the product
    Definition- terms are unclear; the hour response time is shaky, they contradicted themselves, they admitted that they had few demands.
    Causation- the potential results were never mentioned. The only mentioned result was feedback on the essays, but there was no promise of a better grade.
    Refutation- the refutations of their argument were brought up, but instead of being nullified, they were affirmed.


  10. Today we began class by discussing thesis and topic sentences and revising out arguments. Professor started going into depth into an excerpt from Stone Money. They make a lot of claims in this paragraph, but do not argue anything. Two former students of Professor Hodges gave a presentation. April and Angie. They work for 1-hour Proof Count. You can submit your essay and get changes back like mechanics, structural, and citations. I think they really appealed to the logical aspect and emotion (slightly). This service is pretty logical and helpful. It helps any person who has to write an essay get a new look on what they are trying to say. It also relieves frustrations of reading the same thing over and over again and not knowing what to fix. I think April and Angie did a good job even though there are some contradictions and mistakes. I do like this product though and I think they did a pretty good job of convincing me it was a logical company.


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