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Causal Rewrite- Dancers

Bullying is one of the most common traumatizing phenomena among children and adolescents and is recently being recognized as a growing problem. In grades 6 through 12 one in every five students reports being bullied according to the National Center … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite-Lbirch

Smoke Detectors: The Source of Fire Smoke detectors are an essential tool for your household safety, just like your home’s security system. Detectors play a huge role in fire safety, alerting an occupant when there is smoke in a building … Continue reading

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Casual Argument Rewrite- paTricKStar123

College is a place where we go to further enhance our education. This is where students come to learn more about themselves and choose their career paths for the future. This set environment could be very intimidating. For most students … Continue reading

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Casual rewrite- jdormann

Athletes put themselves at higher risk of injury when they are involved in full contact sports. The seriousness of their injuries is not always known until it is too late to help them. The players that are affected may not … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite—DoubleA

The True Cause of The NFL’s Knee Injury Problem Turf fields do have a direct impact on the increase in injuries we see in the NFL. 13 out of 32 stadiums sport an artificial turf material and even with less … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite-Dohertyk9

If we start with radically different premises of what the definition of rape is, then we end up with radically different data. Wikipedia itself admits, “Data on the prevalence of rape vary greatly depending on what definition of rape is … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite- amongothers13

Low-Income Communities+Low-Funded Schools= Less Preparation+Less Opportunities “It would make no sense to capture an elegant butterfly, and then trap it in a confined, windowless room, correct? How would the butterfly survive? How would it adapt? The answer is simple: it … Continue reading

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