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Bibliography- Ugandanknuckles

1. Bard, E. (2015, August 04). Why Affirmations Don’t Work (& What You Can Do Instead). Retrieved January, 2018, from Background: This article talks about how Self-help mantras aren’t as helpful as people once thought they were, and how they can … Continue reading

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Reflective- Dancers

Core Value 1 states that writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process. All of these skills were mastered throughout the semester. Mastering that writing is a multi-stage practice by finding resources, gathering information from the … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite- Dancers

Bullying is one of the most common traumatizing phenomena among children and adolescents and is recently being recognized as a growing problem. In grades 6 through 12 one in every five students reports being bullied according to the National Center … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- Dancers

Asano, E. (2017, January 4) How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media? Retrieved from The essential content of this article: This article discusses how much time the average person spends on social media daily and added up … Continue reading

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Research- Nreina34

Research Position Paper In today’s society, almost everything is driven by the media promoting it.  Whether it be on television, the radio or on a mobile device, people use the media to collect daily information and headlines throughout the country. … Continue reading

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Rebuttal rewrite- jdormann

American football players have been plagued with concussions, unknown to them for years. Typically, these concussions occur during tackles. The padding that players wear gives them a false sense of security and some players use their head as a tackling … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite-Lbirch

Smoke Detectors: The Source of Fire Smoke detectors are an essential tool for your household safety, just like your home’s security system. Detectors play a huge role in fire safety, alerting an occupant when there is smoke in a building … Continue reading

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