Visual Rhetoric-pATricKStar123


0:00-0:01 The ad opens up with a scene of a beautiful nature scene. You are looking over some type of hill/ mountain.

0:01-0:03 next we see a rabbit running seems excited/desperate. the scene opens up to see a garden with a scarecrow and plentiful crops.

0:04-0:05 following this we see the rabbit run from up close after a while he stops. we can see that her is facing the viewer and has his hand in almost a welcoming state. he is standing in the garden because we can see the crops and lettuce. the rabbit waves to come as he walks away toward the garden. It seems he was asking the deer to come.

0:06-0:11 The scene opens up to see a variety of animals coming through the gate of the garden many of which are walking like humans. the animal that come in were pigs, squirrels, and other rabbits. these animals start to pick out these crops from the ground. some of the rabbits start to eat the crops and these vegetation seems fresh.

0:12-0:15 the animals are delighted dancing in the food.

0:18-0:22 a phrase pops up on the screen cook it, store it, share it. the words just don’t waste it pop up as the rabbits are excitingly throwing up the food in the air. i believe it could be saying don’t be wasteful like them in this image.

0:23- 0:25 next we see one rabbit walk into what could be his home with a huge amount of crops in his hands. the rabbit drops the food into the floor to share with four other rabbits.

0:25-0:35 the words better ate then never appear on the screen. i believe that this ad is telling us just that in America well as other countries we waste so much food because of the fact we can. with hundreds of thousands homeless and hungry, we are taking from the fact we could be helping these people. From an audience point of view this ad seemed too playful to inspire. many people would just think this was a cute ad but not really impact.


Visual Rhetoric Argument Rewrite summergirl1999

 Visual Rhetoric Argument.

Sample Choice 2: It’s Not “Just a Text.”

0:00-0:01: Young boy sleeping with his cell phone next to him. Cute toddler boy rubbing his eyes to wake himself up. The little boy is very energetic, flips around and grabs his green t-shirt.

0:02-0:08: Toddler runs in his brother’s room very excited to wake up his older brother. Older brother wakes up with a grin.

0:09-0:12: The older brother tickles the toddler. Toddler laughing with a huge smile on face. Older brother has a huge smile on his face. Older brother is helped toddler put on his t-shirt. Showing the brothers relationships.

0:13-0:14: Older brother relaxed in bed on his phone. Texted a girl named Jessica Rodgers, a red heart emoji next to her name implying Rodgers might be the older brother’s girlfriend. Older brother texted Rodgers “hey”.

0:15-0:18: Brothers brushed their teeth with smiles on their faces, portraying happiness, and a good sibling bond. Older brother helped toddler tie shoes. Toddler sitting with a bowl in front of him eating with a spoon portraying that he is eating breakfast.

0:19-0:20: Older brother took phone off of his leg and took a picture of his younger brother, and sent the picture to someone over text message.

0:21-0:22: The brothers father came into the scene and put a brown paper bag on the table behind the older brother, pointing at it probably because the father probably brought snacks home.

0:23-0:28: Older brother rubbed toddlers hear, signal that the brother is going to leave the house. Older brother’s name is Hunter, it is written on the brown paper bag the brothers father brought home. Older brother reaches to grab brown paper bag but got distracted from his phone. Older brother sent text message, grabs his keys, and walks out the door distracted by his phone.

0:29-0:30: Older brother got into his car, buckled up his seatbelt, and drove.

0:31-0:35: Toddler opened house door with a huge smile, and started to run out of the door. Toddler put on bike helmet, and started to ride his bike. Shows the forgotten brown paper bag.

0:36-0:38: Older brother realized that he forgot his bag which probably had his lunch in it. Older brother made U-Turn pretty fast because he is probably rushing to get to school.

0:39-0:42: Toddler took off his helmet and kicked a ball.

0:43-0:47: Older brother looked down at his phone and texted. The ball the toddler kicked rolls into the street in front of the older brother’s car.

0:48- Toddler runs out in front of older brother’s car. Words shown on the screen “It’s Not Just a Text”. Older brother jumped out of car. Toddlers shoe on the ground. Words shown on the screen “It’s a Life”.

Visual Rhetoric- branxmad

0:00-0:01- The Ad starts off showing a family SUV parked in the driveway of a suburban home and all the doors on the car close simultaneously.

0:02-0:04- The scene switches to the inside of the car. There are two young boys, possibly brothers, sitting next to each other in the second row of the family’s truck and fighting over a bag of chips. The visual goes into slow motion then switches over to an older girl in the third row of the car, who is assumed to be the older sister, listening to music through her headphones while banging on the seats with her two drumsticks and blowing a bubble with the gum in her mouth. She appears to be in her own world, not paying attention to the  fight her brothers are in just one row ahead of her.

0:05- Now, the father, who is also the driver, is being focused on. He appears to have an impatient look on his face as his children are in the background making a lot of noise and playing around.

0:06- 0:09- With the film still in slow motion, the scene first goes back to the daughter in the third row looking out the window with a fully blown bubble of gum coming out of her mouth. Next shows the two brothers again in the middle row still yelling at each other over the single back of chips. Then, to the mother in the passenger seat as she opens her mouth to scold her children. At these three seconds, you can hear the sounds in the background quickly growing more intense, indicating that this scene is leading up to the climax of the advertisement.

0:10-0:13-  The rearview mirror is now in focus and the father’s eye looking into the back seat. Here, the daughter is shown yet again. The big wad of gum that she blew into a perfect sized bubble bursts back onto her lips causing a dramatic popping sound. The big bag of chips that the brothers were fighting over rips apart and the contents of the bag go flying all around the car.

0:14-0:16- Back up to the driver’s seat, the father looks into the camera, gripping the steering wheel and takes a long, deep breath. He is patiently waiting for the kids to settle down.

0:17- The two boys in the middle row are now in each other’s faces over the ruined bag and the sister is suddenly taken out of her daydream with a surprised look on her face. They all freeze and together, quickly their attention goes to the front of the car. The two boys, with guilty faces.

0:18- In the passenger seat, the mother is turned around looking back with wide eyes and tight lips, she mouths the word “Now!”

0:19-0:22- Frightened, all three of the kids quickly stop what they’re doing and turn to grab their seat belts and fasten themselves in.

0:23- With the scene now back in regular motion, the focus goes back to the father who looks and smiles at his wife, a look of relief.

0:24-0:26- Now the camera is zoomed out and focusing on both parents, with a view of the kids in the back. The mother brushes a chip from the bursted bag off her shoulder and turns back to face front. The father’s smile turns into a sign of relief as he adjusts his hands onto the steering wheel. All the children in the back are now finally behaving, buckled in and ready for the ride.

0:27- The SUV is now pulling out of the driveway in which it was parked.

0:28-0:30- The family SUV is now driving off down the street as the words appear on the screen and a man’s voice reads, “Don’t give up until they buckle up”

Visual Rhetoric-Killroy513

0:01- A dark colored CJ-7 Jeep shows up on screen. It is sporting a spare tire. The driver is wearing a large black hat. The soft top is off of the Jeep but it looks cold out. A sticker with an ape is on the back next to the spare tire. The sky is gloomy and the person is going off roading.

0:03- The film cuts to the front windshield looking out on the hood. On the center mirror, a bigfoot cut out is hung. The Jeep is going over bumps because the cut out is swinging.

0:04- The Jeep is confirmed to be a CJ-7 based on the head lights it sports. The woods is gloomy and a light bit of fog is rolling across the ground.

0:05- The camera angle is above the Jeep. The Jeep is manual without the center council. On the seat is a map, a pair of binoculars, and an iphone. In the passenger floor well, are a pair of dirty work gloves. The driver is wearing warm cloths. A message comes up on the screen of the phone.

0:10- The camera is acting as the eyes of the driver. The driver looks down at this phone and unlocks it to view the message.

0:14- The Jeep is barreling down the trail and the driver is looking down at his phone. A hairy creature walks out in front of the Jeep dodging the SUV.

0:16- The driver types a message.

0:17- The driver looks forward, watching the road. He did not see the hairy creature.

0:18-  A message appears on the screen, “Just enough time to miss bigfoot”

0:20 Bigfoot walks infront of the screen as the Jeep continues to drive down the path.

0:23 “And so much more” comes up on the screen.

Visual Rhetoric–Princess

Lessons in Coaching

0:01-0:02 – The video starts off showing a man on the screen with a heavy shadowed background. As it begins to play the man appears to be very close up and angry. He is coaching a hockey team. He asks if everyone is here to play hockey and is speaking in a negative tone.

0:03-0:07 – He then yells “I am not here to coach a bunch of cheerleader’s, I need men!”

0:08-0:13 – He continues “Hit and hit hard!” You start to notice that the man is getting younger. “I don’t ever want to see one of my players back down from a fight!” The man is no longer a man, he is now a teen-aged boy.

0:14-0:18 – “I want to see blood out there! Either take it like a man or take a seat on the bench!” The boy continues to get younger and you begin to think, what is the lesson here? What seems to be happening.

0:19-0:22 – “Is that clear?” The little boy ends with.  You realize that along with the face of the man the voice of the man changes as well. But not only those things changed the whole perspectives changed.

0:23-0:28 – “As adults we need to be careful about the lessons we teach” Flashes across the screen. As I was saying the whole perspective changed and it was no longer the adult saying these things to his team, it was a teammate saying it to another teammate or child.

0:29-0:30 – National campaign against youth violence.  As adults we need to realize that we influence kids of all ages and they look up to us and it is our job to be mindful of the things we are teaching them.

Visual Rhetoric- phillygirl

:00- :04         three boys, one father dancing inside of  their home. Maybe in the dining room. Front door open and it’s nice weather, so I’m assuming they just came inside or about to leave out in a few. They’re all wearing sweat pant material pants, so they’re probably going to play a sport. Father showing younger boy how to do a certain dance.

:05-:06       game console on the TV stand, maybe their about to or just finished playing a video game. dad kicks leg up and points at youngest son as if he’s trying to show a certain type of interest. Father and kids are clearly excited and enjoying their time together.

:07-:10         Father and youngest son in the front are having a dance battle, while the two oldest boys are dancing together. Father turn was over, now it’s the youngest son turn.

:11-:16           it is still the youngest sons turn to dance. Dad is covering his mouth showing the son that his dance moves are hot!

:17-:21        the words “it only takes a moment to make a moment” appears on the screen. As the words pop up, they are all enjoying a good laugh.

:22          The boys and their father continue dancing and laughing as the dad is staring at them.

:23-:30       Words “Take time out to be a dad” appears on the screen.

Without music- The video’s purpose was made. They showed a father having a good time spending quality time with his children. They got their point across. The setting and the background gave enough detail that the audience could tell what the video’s about even without sound.


Visual Rhetoric- pdqlover20

o.o1– The first image is a middle-aged African American women possibly in her own home sitting on the couch in the living room with a laptop on her lap. The woman is wearing casual clothing, a blouse and jeans. On the right side of the image sitting next to the lady is a medium sized black and white dog. Behind the lady sitting on the couch is a view of the modern day kitchen and back door. The house looks as if it has plenty of sunlight shining through indicating that the windows or curtains maybe open. The lady’s face is calm, her eyes are focusing on the laptop. The dog is standing tall interested in whats on the laptop also.

0.02– The next image is now focused directly on the laptop screen, giving us (the audience) the view they lady and dog have on the laptop screen as the laptop sits on her lap. The laptop screen has a letter opened to view stating “how to save for retirement.” Everything in the background is blurred out, for the audience to focus only on the computer screen.

0.03– The current image is showing the outside of a grey two level house. From this image I can not make out if the house belongs to the lady in the previous image. The house looks up to date on the outside, nice landscaping, the house also has a bright red front door and a bright red and white sold sign in the front yard of the house. Indicating that the house has been sold to someone.

0.04/ 0.05 also 0.06 Shows the same exact image focusing on the house. Slowly zooming into the house approaching to the next scene.

0.07– The same African American women is now at a laundry mat. She has a scrambled look on her face. She is standing in front of a row a dryers filled with clothes, facing a the folding tables. On the table is a laundry bin filled with clothes were her cell phone sits on top, a notebook and pin, clean clothes and laundry detergent.

0.08– The women picks up her pin to write in her notebook. She is looking frantically at her cellphone to record/ write down what she is seeing on the cellphone. A man with a hand full of clothes passes behind her.

0.09– The image is showing the blue laundry bin filled with orange folded towels. The women’s cellphone sits on top of the towels, in a position that the women can view clearly. It looks as if an informational video with a young lady sitting at a desk is playing on the cellphone, that the lady is viewing while doing her laundry.

0.10– Now the lady is at a gym, working out on a exercise bike. She has on workout clothes and sneakers. She is also talking on her cell phone, with she other hand she is balancing on the bike.

0.11/ 0.12– The woman pause as if she received news over her phone call. Slowly the image shows that it was good news. Out of excitement she cheers, laughs and smiles. She is still seated on the exercise bike and still holding her cell phone to he ear.

0.13– A African American man working out on the treadmill behind her starts to stare at her with a very questioned look on his face.

0.14/ 0.15– Is showing a chart titles “The House List.” The chat is showing pictures of five different houses at the top of the chart along with the house names. The chart has different categories such as, overall rating, front yard, garden area/ backyard and walkable at amenities. Along side each category and under each house in the row are small blue stars ranging from 1 to 4 stars. Along side the overall rating category are circle stickers under each house in the row. The woman is currently placing an orange sticker under the fourth house in the row.

0.16– The woman is now standing along a street with her back facing the street with another house on it. I’m imagining that she is standing in front of a house that is on her list of houses because she is holding a clipboard and a pin as if she is checking something on the list off. She is wearing casual clothing and she has a satisfied look on her face.

0.17/ 0.18–  This image is showing the woman flushing the toilet in two different houses on a split screen. I came to the conclusion that it was two different houses because the bathroom floors are different and the toilets are shaped different also the women is standing at a different angle.

0.19– Now the screen has split into 8 different small images of bathroom toilets as the women flushes each one by one. Each bathroom floor is different.

0.20– Now the screen has split into 15 different small images of bathroom toilets. Now the women is flushing all the toilets at the same time. All the bathroom floors remain different.

0.21– The woman is standing in the middle of an empty house with no furniture she is still holding her clip board possibly with her “The House List.” To the left of the women is a younger lady dressed in a suit skirt holding a folder with her hand in motion as if she is asking the women “how do you like it?” I concluded that is a realtor. I have also concluded that they just finished touring the house. As I look closer it appears to me that this is the same house from the beginning clips. She is standing in  the same spot that shows the same back door and same half of the kitchen. This image also shows us the bright red door on the house from a previous clip but now the door is open and she is inside the house and not standing on the street on the house.

0.22– The realtor continues with her hand motion and women looking for the house nods her head and smiles.

0.23/ 0.24–  The image is now of the women slowly sitting down on the same couch from the beginning of the Ad with her dog and lap top.

0.25, 0.27–  The clip is still showing the women sitting on the couch with her dog and laptop but she looks happier and has more expression on her face.

0.28, 0.31– Ad logo “Ace Your Retirement”

Visual Rhetoric- NewEditionLover

0:01-0:03 – The first visual rhetoric simply starts off by a man in bed. Next hes in bed with his eyes closed so it gives me an impression that hes sleeping.

0:04- He immediately jumps out of bed maybe he was having a terrible dream that it caused him to be scared? Or maybe he was drinking about water that made him have to pee while he was asleep. Or the guy in the video may be in school and his alarm goes off which is supposed to wake him up. From the way he jumped up i can conclude that he has an appointment to be somewhere at a certain time and hes running late.

0:05 – He immediately gets up and reaches over for his cell phone! He maybe expecting someone to arrive to his home or missed an very important phone call. Or maybe his mother told him to take a certain meat out of the freezer and he gets that on my  way home text!

0:06-0:09- He then gets a text saying “where are you” so maybe he has an scheduled appointment with someone or he has somewhere to be ? He replies back with a text stating “hes on his way”  It could be that he committed to picking somebody up from work and hes running late due to him taking a nap or being sleep.

0:10- He finally gets up to walk out the door maybe in correspondence that text he received a few moment ago sitting on his bed. His face gives off a sigh of scared looking to complete whatever task he was supposed to complete.

0:11-He then rushes down the steps quickly ignoring his mother rushing for the door.

0:12-0:13-  On this second It looks to me as his mother calls him back in the house while hes reaching for the door. Maybe the mother instinct kicked in as she watched her son walk out the door as it looks late outside.

0:14- Next his mom must of asked him where he was going at this time of the night which it appears to be very dark, maybe telling her son that she cooked dinner and made him a plate which might be in the microwave by now.

0:15- She has a look in her eyes that she doesn’t want her son going out because of how late it is.

0:16-18- He then gets out the house after he rushes his mom that he has somewhere important to be.

0:19- He immediately jumps in the car and slams the door

0:20-0:22- Hes in his car driving which appears to be on a long dark road, He seems as though hes impatient and focused on the road.

0:23- He suddenly takes his eyes off the road checking his cell phone in quickness and agony. Maybe the same person who texted him when he was awakened in sleep wants to know again where hes at?

0:24- As he appeared to look down at his phone he suddenly looks back up to the road maybe he swerved in the other lane and their is a car approaching in the same direction as him. Or maybe an animal such as a deer jumps out in the middle of the road and almost hits his car.

0:25-0:26- He puts his arm up as he abruptly swerves on the other side of the road as a car is approaching him , hes scared and panicking and maybe thinking of life or death situations because of his texting and driving actions.

0:27-0:29- With both hands on the wheel hes trying to stay calm and focused on keeping the car leveled and to make sure he doesn’t crash into anything. His level of trying to gain control of the car again plays a huge part considering its his fault why hes in the predicament hes in now.

0:30- He gets control of the wheel and comes back to his senses. His eyes are as if he has seen a ghost receiving a text saying “dude hurry up”. A bright light appears as if it can be another cars high-beams or as if its a slight vision telling him what to do.

Visual Rhetoric – PlethoraGaming

0:00-0:01 A woman in a good looking hall area is starting at a tablet, from the looks of it chatting with someone. And next to her a really shiny silver trophy on the table as her tablet.

0:00-0:03 We get to take a look at the tablet the woman was looking at it is an advertisement towards how to grow your 401(k) from a website called

0:03-0:05 We pan over to a bunch of college kids, they look like they are a team and won something. The girls are in excitement while a girl on the left is holding a victory trophy

0:06-0:07 They are in a fraternity home, and are celebrating a win for for something with one of the kids hugging their mom.

0:08-0:10 We pan over to a mom and child in a bank. The mom is creating a bank account for the daughter

0:10-0:12 The kid and mom are grown up with holding a pamphlet at a college that says “look forward to a brighter future”

0:12-0:15 The mom and kid are now touring, about 3 different times the college background changed

0:15-0:18 not the mom is showing a board with three options for college, about the pros and cons regarding tuition, meal etc..

0:18-0:20 The kid is now afraid about the 3 option she has to pick

0:20-0:24 Back to the fraternity home, and the mom and child are celebrating being in college

0:25-0:28 The mom on the tablet is considering applying to the AceYourRetirement

0:28-0:34 Just showing a banned for retirement

Visual Rhetoric – 11collegegirl

0.01- A young hispanic boy, about 8 years old, sitting at the end of his driveway. His red bicycle is fixed upside down like he is fixing the the chain connected to the bake tire. There is also a bicycle in the background, green, maybe his friends or his brothers. There is a helmet lying next to his bike which indicates that safety is important to him. There is a wall that leads into a driveway. The wall is a light brown wall and the driveway looks like it connects to a home that you would see in Florida. It looks hot outside as the sun is shining bright. There is a trashcan in the background with another nike besides it. This ay indicate that they are getting rid of the bike. Another boy is also shown riding out of the driveway. He is also wearing a helmet. This leads me to think that their family thinks that safety is important. The front yards grass is not that full and has a lot of dirt patches. They must not keep up with their lawn. The quality of the video is not the best, which means it is older maybe early 2000.

0.02-0.05- The video zooms in to show the young boys facial expressions. Sad. He looks sad, maybe worried about something or lonely. He is wearing a red zip up hoodie with the arms cut off. He is also wearing shorts, which indicates that it is indeed hot. The red bicycle looks scratched up and the wheels of the bike also look like they are losing there tread. The boy looks like he needs a hair cut, which may lead us to think that he cannot afford one or his family cannot afford one. His eyes look up at the camera and they look like they are squinting in a way because of the sun being in his face. His lips shrivel up as if he were angry at something. He begins talking and looks sad while saying something.

0.06-0.07- There are kids on a playground full of sand. the main focus is on the swing set. In the background we see other kids of all different culutres playing and having a good time. On the swing set, to the right there is a girl in a red plaid shirt kicking her legs back and forth in order to swing. In the middle, there is a young boy in shorts also swinging back and forth. All the way over to the left, there is a girl sitting on the swing with her head down. She looks sad. She’s not having fun at a park, which most kids enjoy. Something is wrong, something is off.

0.08-0.09- The camera zooms in so we can get a better visual of the young girls face. She has short red curly hair. She is wearing a yellows flowered shirt with shorts. She is also wearing a watch, looks like an inexpensive watch. She looks to be about 8-9 years old. Her back is hunched over as she is sitting on the swings. She begins talking and it is hard to read her facial expression because the sun is in her eyes. Her eyes are squinting and her cheekbones are high.

0.10- A small hand is touching what it looks to be a sprinkler. The is a blue figure in the background that somewhat looks like it could be someone wearing a blue shirt. The quality of the video is still not all that great.

0.11-There are three girls playing in the sprinkler. There are two girls specifically that the hand at the 10 seconds mark could have been but they are both similar in skin tone. The three girls have there hands up, maybe they are playing a game. There is a hula hoop and a soccer ball in the background. They are playing on grass which is brown. Brown grass indicates that it is dry outside, either meaning no rain or humidity. To the right of the yard there looks to be a garden. In the picture you can only see one plant that looks to be dry as well. No one is taking care of this yard. There is a lawn chair in the background that sits next to a small red grill.

0.12-0.13- The camera zooms into one of the girls. She is wiping her face with her hand to get the water away. The young girl says something really quick. Her eyebrows raised as if she was surprised.

0.14-0.17- Now, there is a young boy, around 7 years old, african american descent.  He has a huge afro, which may mean he cannot afford to get his haircut or maybe he just liked his hair to be long. He is wearing a gray cut off t-shirt with blue shorts. He is sitting on what it appears to be the sideline of a outdoor basketball court. There is a fence directly behind him. The video shows shadows of other kids playing basketball on the court. Something is wrong with the young  boy because he does not want to play.  He has a sad look on his face like he wants something or something is wrong.

0.18-0.22- A somewhat older looker girl is now in the next scene. Maybe about 9-10 years old. She has her hair pulled back in a pony tail with a little side bang hanging across her forehead. The background is blurred out and focused on her face. But we can see what it appears to be some blurred out tree branches with the sky behind it. Her eyes looks low and her mouth is open. She also looks worried or sad about something. She begins talking and her facial expression does not change, When she looks away from the camera, her eyes look away slow, she may be tired. She also looks like she may not have any energy.

0.23- The next scene now shows three kids between the ages of 10 and 6 jumping rope. There is a girl jumping in the middle, a younger girl to the left controlling the jump rope, and an older boy about 10 controlling the right side of the jump rope. The are on a concrete surface. There is a field of grass behind them and the sun looks like it is going down. There are words on the screen now that say “Summer isn’t fun when you’re hungry.”

The message of this video was that summer isn’t fun when you’re hungry. The filmmaker made clips of kids who look sad because they are hungry. When its summer time, they do not have lunch given to them like they do while they are in school.

0.26-0.31- The last scene of the advertisement states “Together we’re feeding America”