Visual Rhetoric-pATricKStar123


0:00-0:01 The ad opens up with a scene of a beautiful nature scene. You are looking over some type of hill/ mountain.

0:01-0:03 next we see a rabbit running seems excited/desperate. the scene opens up to see a garden with a scarecrow and plentiful crops.

0:04-0:05 following this we see the rabbit run from up close after a while he stops. we can see that her is facing the viewer and has his hand in almost a welcoming state. he is standing in the garden because we can see the crops and lettuce. the rabbit waves to come as he walks away toward the garden. It seems he was asking the deer to come.

0:06-0:11 The scene opens up to see a variety of animals coming through the gate of the garden many of which are walking like humans. the animal that come in were pigs, squirrels, and other rabbits. these animals start to pick out these crops from the ground. some of the rabbits start to eat the crops and these vegetation seems fresh.

0:12-0:15 the animals are delighted dancing in the food.

0:18-0:22 a phrase pops up on the screen cook it, store it, share it. the words just don’t waste it pop up as the rabbits are excitingly throwing up the food in the air. i believe it could be saying don’t be wasteful like them in this image.

0:23- 0:25 next we see one rabbit walk into what could be his home with a huge amount of crops in his hands. the rabbit drops the food into the floor to share with four other rabbits.

0:25-0:35 the words better ate then never appear on the screen. i believe that this ad is telling us just that in America well as other countries we waste so much food because of the fact we can. with hundreds of thousands homeless and hungry, we are taking from the fact we could be helping these people. From an audience point of view this ad seemed too playful to inspire. many people would just think this was a cute ad but not really impact.


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