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    1. Please direct me to a particular Argument and identify what sort of trouble you’re having, Dude. Keep in mind there could be several:
      1. I don’t know what tools/websites to use to create citations
      2. I have trouble with the syntax of citation sentences
      3. When my source quotes someone else, I have no idea which one is my source
      4. My citations are hard to match with my Reference list
      5. and on, and on.

      See how ambiguous “help creating good citations” can be? 🙂


  1. -the best way to shoot a penalty kick in soccer is to kick it straight at the goalie because they are assuming you’re going to kick it in a corner
    -when referencing there must be significant evidence in writing that you can directly locate the source on the reference list
    -we looked at some tips to help us with citations
    -looked at the requirements for an annotated bibliography and what an incorrect one looks like and how to fix the sections listed “background” and “how I used it”
    -did an exercise putting one of our paragraphs from a rewrite into the reply section saying if we referenced the citation correctly or not


  2. To begin class, we did a soccer riddle about the percentages of scoring a penalty kick in a game. The results were that we should all just kick to where the goalie starts because they decide where to move before the ball is kicked. We looked over teacher evaluations, then did tips for in-text citations and the references section of an essay. You must use a signal phrase, add the authors and publisher, withbthe article title, and also quotes. When citing an authors name, the first time you use their full name. The second time would be just the person’s last name. There are different ways you can do an in-text citation.


  3. For in-text APA citations, you need three things:
    1. A signal phrase (“said” language)
    2. Author, publication/publisher, article title
    3. Quote/paraphrase

    All punctuation goes inside of quotation marks.

    You can use italics and bold text in the reply field using some simple html.


    1. Lovely html there. 🙂

      NOT TRUE that ALL PUNCTUATION goes inside of quotation marks. That would be too simple.

      But, these are all correct:
      Prof said, “I’m hungry.”
      Prof exclaimed, “I’m hungry!”
      Prof asked, “Who’s hungry?”

      And so are these:
      Prof asked, “Is anybody hungry?”
      Did Prof just ask, “Is anybody hungry?”
      Did Prof say, “I’m hungry”?
      Did Prof just shout out, “I’m hungry!”?

      So, it’s still complicated. But:



  4. – Professor Hodges started off todays class with a riddle about penalty kicks in soccer. There are different percentages to where players kick the ball during penalty kicks, 57% go left, 41% go right and only 2% go directly in the middle.
    -Next, students must complete a survey on blackboard by May 5th which is for teacher evaluations and helps Professor Hodges next year and all future years that he will be teaching.
    -Professor Hodges then showed us an example of APA citations and explained how by properly citing it will help our grade. APA citations will be very helpful with the research paper and all our arguments that is due on Wednesday.
    -Then, Professor then showed an example of an annotated bibliography and how it is supposed to look. Students have been adding to the white paper all year with sources that are going to help our research paper.


  5. – With citing there is usually a signal phrase, “said language” it is better to say something other than just she said. Name the author, publication/publisher, or article title. Finally you need to quote or paraphrase the material.
    – References are in alphabetical order, going by the last name of the first author
    – If you cite the same person twice the second time you just state their last name
    -Publication in which the article and quote come from is put in italics, but the article and quote is put in quotations


  6. With in-text citations, there is always a signal phrase of some kind. “According to,” “Examples can be found,” “Has compiled a list,” are examples of signal phrases from Prof.’s example. We can name any of the following in our signal phrases:
    -Article Title
    Then quote/paraphrase.
    The second time we mention a person, we can use just his/her last name, unless there is another person we have mentioned with the same last name.
    The Annotated Bibliography is due Monday, April 23rd.


  7. We started class by talking about soccer and penalty kicks. Kicking a penalty kick right at the goalie gives you an 82% chance of making the goal while the goalie’s left side is 41% and their right side is 57%. The reason most players won’t kick it towards the middle is that even though they have a higher chance of making it, they also have a higher chance of looking like a “jerk”. If the goalie decides to stand there (which he will 2% of the time), they will kick the ball right to the goalie which could look a little silly. Then we started discussing APA citations and reference pages.
    Signal Phrase
    “Said Language”
    ~Publication/ Publisher
    ~Article Title
    These are ways to say who said what in an article and how to cite it correctly, giving them the credit. The reference list should be in alphabetical order, which is determined by the first letter of the citation. When you mention somebody’s name in your essay, you first spell out the whole name and their title(s) (i.e. M.D., Ph. D., etc.) and any time you use their name after this you would just refer to them using their last name.
    *Rate My Professor
    *Teacher evaluation (completed)


  8. Class started with a convoluted and pointless riddle (in my opinion). This late in the semester, I would have hoped that prof. would want to take as much class time as possible to help us with getting our portfolios in order.

    We took a look at a fake APA Citation and References page. References should have the last name of the author or publisher first, then put all the references in alphabetical order. Every reference you use needs to have a citation for it if it’s on a different source. Multiple references to one source only require one citation. The name of the article is in quotation marks, but the publication which the article and quote are from are in italics .
    The last thing we went over is Annotated bibliographies. I didn’t realize how much work was going to go into them, but the tip about how the portfolio is a whole package grade gives me hope that getting the bibliographies right will somewhat make up for my less-than-stellar essays.

    Class started weirdly, but I’m glad it got more on track throughout.


    1. I’m surprised but glad to know you think there’s still real value to class time, AND that I can be helpful. I’ll keep my pointlessness to a minimum. 🙂

      The White Papers have always been designed to achieve many goals: catchalls for useful material, places to record the “Background” and “How I Intend to Use It” notes for sources, and palimpsests for trying out drafts. I should have done a better job of sharing that the White Paper, while not part of the Portfolio, would contain a gradable component you could split out at the end. I’ll fix that if I’m invited back next semester.

      I’m going to miss you, Knuckles. My favorite students are those who have fun challenging me.


  9. We took a glance at examples of APA citations and reference pages. You should start a citation with a signal phrase, the author, the publication or title, and then what the source said, followed by how it adds to your argument. Many references to the same source need only one citation. Then, we talked about our annotated bibliographies, which will be easier than normal because our white papers have outlines what sources we used and how they helped.


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