Proposal +5- branxmad

Proposal- For my research paper, I will be discussing Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the frequency at which it is diagnosed in children. My research will be focused on whether the symptoms of the disorder should immediately be diagnosed and labelled as a mental disability or if different people just express normal human behaviors more extreme than others.

  1. “ADHD and the Autism Spectrum”

The Essential Content of the Article: A link between autism and ADHD.

What it Proves: Both ADHD and Autism have similar and overlapping symptoms

2. “A True ADHD Epidemic or an Epidemic of Over-Diagnosis?”

The Essential Content of the Article: In the article, the question of the accuracy of an ADHD diagnosis is addressed, as well as the frequency of which it is diagnosed among children. The article then mentions how young children or toddlers get misdiagnosed for doing things that most children of that age should be doing.

What it Proves: There had been a significant increase of ADHD diagnosis over the course of 30 years. The positive results were said to be shown in kids who do suffer from the disorder, as well as kids who don’t.

3. “Problems of Over-diagnosis and Over-prescribing in ADHD”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article discusses the controversy of misdiagnosing a child and/or over-diagnosing a population of children with ADHD and prescribing stimulant medications to children who may not need it.

What it Proves: Children who have shown only symptoms of ADHD have been getting prescribed treatment medications just as often as children who actually are diagnosed with the disorder.

4. Gender Difference in ADHD Children

The Essential Content of the Article: Studies showing that boys tend to be diagnosed, or show symptoms of ADHD, more than girls do. Although, girls’ show symptoms different than boys

What it Proves: The prevalence of ADHD is greater in males than females

5. “Cultural Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article provides insight on how different cultures and ethnic groups treat disorders or illnesses, such as ADHD, differently than others.

What it Proves: While certain countries might use different medicines or drugs to cure ADHD, sometimes it can lead to substance abuse. In some cases, a treatment is not given at all.


Proposal +5 Rewrite – rainbow987

For my research paper, I will be discussing the thought that mental illness, specifically postpartum depression, has cause for blame in a person. Assigning blame to a mental illness such as postpartum depression as a method of reasoning does nothing but worsen possible symptoms and negative feelings that one may be experiencing. It does not make sense that a serious illness that is most often caused by traumatic events or biological hormonal changes can be one’s “fault” for having. The lack of knowledge that many have of the illness causes a stigma that those with postpartum depression are “crazy” and looking for attention. In addition, many women with the illness are assigned blame for their feelings, which may cause them to assign blame onto themselves as well. However, such thoughts are backwards and entirely counterintuitive. To be frank, the idea of depression as a whole makes people uncomfortable because it is not well understood. In response to this uneasiness, society attempts to “justify” depressive feelings on the basis of them being insincere. Depression, which includes postpartum depression, is not brought upon willingly or intentionally by any person, so it is counterintuitive that people feel the need to assign blame for the disorder. Therefore, my proposal is as follows: assigning blame for postpartum depression does nothing but worsen heavily stigmatized thoughts on the disorder as a whole.

Resource 1:

“Stigma Towards Mental Illness: A Concept Analysis Using Postpartum Depression as an Exemplar”

Essential Content of the Article:
Stigmas are a large issue related to mental illness. The impact that negative stigmas have on a person is sometimes severe. People often do not seek treatment for serious health concerns, such as postpartum depression, due to the fear of being judged or accused of having self-inflicted their issues. The author discloses statistics and historical background related to the negative stigmas regarding mental illness and how people are affected by them.

What it Proves:
This article will assist me by providing statistical research that has been conducted regarding the social effects of stigmas against mental illness. I can apply this data to women that suffer from postpartum depression and how negative stigmas affect them and their health.

Resource 2:

“Hormonal Changes in the Postpartum and Implications for Postpartum Depression”

Essential Content of the Article:
Biological factors could lead to the possible development of postpartum depression in a woman. Preexisting factors such as genetic history or a predisposition to depression could lead to postpartum upon delivery of a child. However, in addition to this, there are dramatic hormonal fluctuations when a woman gives birth that could have a significant effect on mood, which could also cause postpartum depression.

What it Proves:
This article will provide concrete, quantitative evidence that postpartum depression is not entirely “in a person’s head,” as many believe. Therefore, if there is biological evidence supporting the cause of postpartum depression, a person cannot be blamed for inducing it. This argument supports my thesis well.

Resource 3:

“Rates and risk of postpartum depression—a meta-analysis”

Essential Content of the Article:
This article provides evidence of psychological factors that could lead to postpartum depression. It explains that traumatic and/or stressful life events can often be a cause for postpartum depression in women. Other causal factors could include socioeconomic status, marital life, and disturbance during pregnancy, all of which are related to high levels of stress.

What it Proves:
This article supports the claim that postpartum depression can develop due to traumatic events that occur in one’s life. This information supports the idea that women are not looking for attention by displaying feelings of sadness and emptiness. Moreover, the stress and psychological trauma on the body proved too powerful, leading to these justified feelings.

Resource 4:


Essential Content of the Article:
This article goes into specific detail about the hormonal changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy and delivery. The large fluctuation in hormonal levels during this time period have been known to cause postpartum depression in some women. The article chronicles this idea in a variety of ways through the use of detailed statistics and clinical experiments on test subjects over a vast time span.

What it Proves:
This articles gives my argument further support regarding biological factors that could lead to postpartum depression. The research gathered in this document will help to provide detailed information about hormonal fluctuations that are known to be a possible cause for postpartum depression. This idea proves that it is invalid to believe that women with postpartum depression are “faking” or looking for attention.

Resource 5:

“The Nature of Postpartum Depressive Disorders”

Essential Content of the Article:
This article provides general information about postpartum depression, including what the disorder is and symptoms that come with the illness. It provides the reader with information about a variety of different aspects of the disorder and how it can affect women initially and over time.

What it Proves:

I think that it is important to provide my reader with a general understanding of what postpartum depression is. It is not smart to assume that the reader has a background on the topic. Therefore, this article will help me to further my knowledge about the disorder and everything that it entails in order to provide detailed and accurate information to the reader.


*** I need to find a few book sources***


Topic: Prohibition.

Thesis: The Prohibition was started to outlaw alcohol but boosted illegal activity helping to create the sport of NASCAR.

My topic is not one of the average topics listed by my peers. The topic is about how during the American Prohibition, the outlaw of alcohol was in place, it was impossible to get any kind of liquor or beer. This would boost illegal activity from gangs forming in the major cities, to alcohol runners. The Alcohol runners were men that smuggled alcohol in modified cars that could max the speed limit. These cars were built to run from the cops.

This source indicates how the laws set in place for the legalization of alcohol did not work. It explains how gangsters became popular and how more illegal activity had commenced. It goes from the beginning of the amendment to its end.

It proves that illegal activities increased when the laws were enacted. These gangsters would run cities. The most well known of the gangsters was Al Capone. He owned Chicago.

This source explains how alcohol smugglers would modify their cars so they can outrun the police. Basically this is how the performance cars were first created and how science and skill perfected these cars.

It proves that the prohibition had a mark on modified cars and sparked the interest of a whole new movement. This movement would age into one of Americas coolest sports, NASCAR.

This source shows that illegal activity boosted with these laws in place. The links talks about how secret bars were created in towns and cities so that the people could still drink. Passwords and other forms of identification were used to keep the bars running. Music and liquor was the most important part of these bars. In big cities many gangsters created these bars and generated a ton of money from them.

This proves that the laws did not really work and boosted the illegal business of U.S. citizens. Many broke the law because it ruined the lives of small town business but also helped make many very wealthy.

This source explains how doctors during the prohibition would break the rules and proscribe their patients with alcohol. The source indicates that many doctors would prescribe people with this so they could get alcohol. This in turn would be illegal.

This proves that the medical profession also was against the law and broke the law.

This source shows that a lot of the alcohol that was used in the United States was bootlegged from Canada. The modified cars were used to smuggled these drinks over the border in the winter time. These men would drive over the lakes to make a profit. ships were also used as well. Many shipments were hidden.

This proves that other nations benefited off the law that lasted an era. People would break the law and commit illegal acts to make a profit. Business was good, and the rick was worth the reward. These cars were the great grandfathers to today’s NASCAR cars.

Proposal +5– Splash305

For my research essay I will be discussing how being an FBI profilers affects their everyday lives. It can affect their lives by causing them to be so aware of everything around them they can not help but profile everyone they meet. Is this a good quality or bad quality to have? Is there a downside of being overly aware of everything that goes on around you?


The Essential Content of The Article: This article talks about the different types of profiling and how it is used in criminal investigations to seek out criminals.

What it Proves: It proves that there are many different ways of profiling based on evidence and behavior.


The Essential Content of The Article: This book talks about John Douglas’ personal experiance being an FBI profiler and the things he went through on and off of the job.

What it Proves: It proves how profilers go though a lot off difficult experiences and that it can really affect your mental health.


The Essential Content of The Article: This article talks about a man Greg Cooper, and his experiences with the FBI criminal intent unit. He also shares how he worked closely with John Douglas.

What it Proves: It proves that he has different everyday experiences even being retired from the force, different experiences from the normal everyday police officer.


The Essential Content of The Article: This article talks about the televised affect the criminal unit has on people and what it portrays to those who don’t know what really goes on in the real FBI criminal intent unit.

What it Proves: It proves that people who watch the TV versions of FBI criminal units have a comptetely different view of what actually goes into being a profiler and what they actually do.


The Essential Content of The Article: This article talks about the different behavioral traits each criminal can have and being able to seek that out right away. It also talks about how you learn to pick up on these factors.

What it Proves: It proves that these skills you pick up started to be tuned into your everyday life with all of the people your see and meet.

Proposal+5 – PlethoraGaming

For my research topic, I have picked the topic of esports. I have worked in this scene for several years now and feel like I can make specific claims regarding this industry. I want to ask ‘With esports growing, why is there a lack of acceptance and wanting to make this mainstream’


Campus knowledge of esports

This article talks about the collegiate esports scene. This shows if the colleges understand the collegiate esports scene and how they can involve themselves to improve it and help the students.

I hope this shows the investment people or schools in this matter are making into the esports scene. I also hope to use my knowledge of working at AVGL (Collegiate tournament) to talk more about the collegiate scene.

On the Scientific Relevance of eSports

This article talks about the relevance of esports for kids or teens. This tries to shows how esports should be treated

I’m hoping this article will help shed some light on the troubles of esports and the effects esports has on the youth

What is eSports and why do people watch it?

This article talks about some of the behind the scene aspect of  esports, especially the broadcast part of it. It goes in depth of why people watch it and how the success is measured

I hope to bring my experience with esports broadcast to kinda piggy back on some of the main points this article brought up

Comparison of eSports and Traditional Sports Consumption Motives

This article compares sports and esports, more specifically the competitive aspect of it. To show the limitations of sports vs esports

This is a point I want to argue in my essay to show the relevance of esports in this modern time.

Reconsidering Esport: Economics and Executive Ownership

This article talks about how esports can effect the economy. Talks more about the professionalism of esports and commercializing the gaming industry for its esports scene

I hope to bring some points regarding how this will help grow the scene of sports if we add esports onto that list


A06 Proposal+5—NewEditionLover

For my research essay I originally was going to talk about the legalization of weed and is it bad for you? But i have such decided to change it after bad reviews and comments on the topic so now I will be examining the illegal use of gun violence and how it should be stricter laws on how to get and purchase guns! My argument will go into detail of how gun violence in the United States is getting worse and their should be more laws restricting people getting firearms.

1. The Benefits of Reducing Gun Violence: Evidence from Contingent-Valuation Survey Data

Essential Content of the Article:  surveys on whether or not people are really into reducing the use of gun violence by paying to have it lowered.

What it Proves- This article proves that many assaults come from the use of gun violence and if the individuals who agree with reducing gun violence pay to do so then it can be lowered.

2.Illegal Firearms: Access and Use By Arrestees

The Essential Content of the Article- The article discusses the people stated how it is easy for them to obtain illegal firearms by many of ways. They conducted studies due to the incarcerated population due to injuries and death population.

What it Proves- This article proves that studies took place for people incarcerated or previously incarcerated on how easy it it or was to get a firearm in their possession.  Next the study and availability and theories of how firearms are obtained.

3. Gun violence prevention

The Essential Content of the Article- this article discusses of gun laws and the laws implemented in the United States. Also discussed   they stated that here is an emerging consensus that certain gun laws reduce gun violence, particularly those requiring all gun buyers to first pass background checks, and those barring domestic abusers from possessing guns.

What it Proves- that many more people who receive guns or try to get guns need more medical attention as far as their background goes.

4. Implementing a Public Health Approach to Gun Violence Prevention: The Importance of Physician Engagement

The Essential Content Of The Article -He referenced survey findings indicating that most physicians viewed gun violence as a public health problem and that they supported a more active role for the profession in preventing it.  Fear has also shaped the gun policy debate. Whether to muster support for “stand your ground” laws or rally in opposition to proposals that would track gun purchases to aid law enforcement investigations, fear is an element of how we talk about guns.

What it Proves- This article proves there are many laws representing guns and many people support it . Also the study of people viewing to look into getting guns need to be evaluated to see if they are mentally competent.

5. Rates of intimate partner violence in the United States.

The Essential Content Of The Article- surveys conducted on inmate violence due to the range of gun violence on female to male ratio of violence interactions.

What it Proves- Study the issue and level of violence of inmates that are incarcerated. The ratio from women to men are estimated from partner violence. “Gun Control” 5 Oct. 2017, 6:21 p.m.,

Essential Context Of The Article -America has the highest total for guns per people. Next  our gun control comes from our historical background as guns stemmed from the wars were involved in.Proponents of more gun control laws state that the Second Amendment was intended for militias; that gun violence would be reduced; that gun restrictions have always existed

What It Proves-Stating that guns laws need to be more complex and just.  Simply to me the background checks aren’t enough and more needs to be done so everyone can feel safe.

7.Metzl, Jonathan. Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms. 9 Aug. 2014,

Essential Context Of The Article-After all the mass shootings the United States have faced the main assumption that pops up in everyone’s head is mental illness causes gun violence.

What It Proves-discussing how mental illness can cause people to attract towards gun violence to harm others.

8.Kates, Don B.; Mauser, Gary. “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide – A Review of International and Some Domestic Evidence,” Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy vol. 30, no. 2 (Spring 2007): p. 649-694.

Essential Context Of The Article-The more guns there are the more deaths we will result from. The fewer guns we have then the least deaths that we will have.

What It Proves-If we eliminate the use of guns ,and only have them in the possession of staff and faculty that jobs revolve around them then the world could and would be a safer environment for others to live in.

9.Politifact, and Barack Obama President. “Obama: Violent Felons Can Buy Guns Online without Background Checks.” @Politifact, 5 Jan. 2016,

Essential Context Of The Article-under our current system dangerous people have it easy as to accessing fire arms. With loopholes and easy access we have to do better at administering fire arms and just ban them all together! Also gun providers have been doing things under different rules with no background checks available online.

What It Proves-More background checks need to be given out ,also the quality of the checks need to be adequate and efficient enough for people not to be able to slip through the system.

10.“Bulk Gun Purchases.” Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, 15 Oct. 2017,

Essential Context Of The Article-Should it be legal for people to be able to have multiple firearms ? Should there be a limit? Limiting the use of guns in bulk will reduce gun violence

What It Proves-Stating that it should be a law restricting people on getting guns in bulk  which reduce the levels of gun trafficking which then converts to people illegally performing and using them.




Proposal- For my research paper, I am going to focus on the controversial topic of inequality in the justice system. There have been many cases in the past couple of years where there have been white cops who have gotten away with crimes against blacks. A few years ago, the Black Lives Matter campaign began after Treyvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was found not guilty in this case, which started the movement of Black Lives Matter.

Why is it that as much attention as the Black Lives Matter Movement campaign makes, why does racial inequality still exist today.

  1. “Inequality in America”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article explains how one of the most critical issues we face in the world today is the inequities within most countries. One of the most critical issues in this world today is inequalities which is causing change in the social world. Many sense this harm and know that if it this crisis continuous, it could harm our future.

What it Proves: It proves that any type of inequalities can effect the way our future will be.

2.  “Governing with words: The political dialogue on race, public policy, and inequality in America”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article will argue the fact presidential communications about race are getting lots of attentions. Words matter and the protestors opinions in the Black Lives Matter Movement are going to be heard one way or another.

What it Proves: That the creating of the Black Lives Matters Movement is actually being heard. Now, there haven’t been many cases involving a white police officers and a black make have a verdict favoring the Victims side. There’e the problem. How can a campaign attract so much attention but nothing has been seen to be different.

3. “Which Black Lives Matter”

The Essential Content of the Article: The article will argue with the fact that there needs to be more places for young men to go to where they can feel safe.

What it Proves: That we need to create more places where the younger generation can feel safe from harm because of the color of their skin.

4. “Lebron James and Black Lives Matter’

The Essential Context of the Article: The Article shows that the movement is even effecting people like Labron James.

What it Proves: What policy brutality and the justice system and its effect are having on society.

5. “All Lives Matter, But so Does Race”

The Essential Content of the Article: Explains the stereotypes of young black men usually are of those who come from a low income social class.

What it Proves: The inequality of the social classes.


Proposal +5 -alaska

Proposal:  For my research paper, I would like to look into how people are affected by others with depression. I would like to research how bad depression can be and how it can be caused. Also, ways to prevent it.

1.Depression and the response of others: Is the effect specific?

The Essential content of the Article: This article discusses an experiment they did with depressed paitents talking to college students.

What it proves: This article proves the response depression gets.

2.Depression: Causes and Treatment

The Essential content of the Article: This article gives the definition of depression and also gives the causes and some treatments they use.

What it proves: This article proves the most common causes and treatments for depression.

3.Residual symptoms at remission from depression: impact on long-term outcome

The Essential content of the Article: This article shows how the long term outcomes of depression are shown with the people around them.

What it proves: This article proves the impact depression has on the people around them.

4.Prevention of depression with primary care patients: A randomized controlled trial

The Essential content of the Article: This article talks about ways to prevent depression and how a study was done to prove their ways.

What it proves: This article proves ways to prevent depression if they see it early on.

5.The Inventory to Diagnose Depression (IDD): A self-report scale to diagnose major depressive disorder

The Essential content of the Article: The article shows how doctors scale a diagnoses and how they treat that people with the certain diagnoses.

What it proves: This article proves diagnoses of depression. Shows how they diagnose someone with depression.

Proposal- Jadden14

Proposal: It seems counterintuitive that creatine is a supplement people intake every day yet question its use in young athletes as a supplement today. From Heart Disease to Kidney damage, creatine seems to be a highly controversial subject. This is caused by a misinformation about the supplement, and creatine has more benefits than flaws. That being said, if the flaws are proven to be more common and detrimental, maybe we should not be using it as a supplements for athletic enhancement. Creatine is a naturally-occuring amino acid in meat and fish. It helps inhibit muscle growth through water retainment and overall muscular endurance. However, people have encountered some side effects on their trek to athletic sucess. There have been some reports of fatigue, dizziness, and even pattern baldness at a young age. Are these risks really worth the reward? Supplement companies have been making big bucks of creatine and other supplements, so you can’t get a trustworthy answer out of them. Scientists have researched creatine and certain studies have indeed linked creatine in large doses to some of these effects. The better option is to discuss what causes these effects, and if they are prevalent enough to consider as the bad wrap for creatine.


essential content of this article: Gives the reader an overall background of what the supplement is and in what doses it should be taken. Also informs the reader on many effects good or bad the supplement may have on one’s health. It even has an informative sort of FAQ on what is commonly asked about creatine, and provides answers to many questions people may have.

What it proves: Proves that creatine in numerous studies increases power output generated by the muscles and adds on body weight. It also has some leading causes to depression and fatigue, possibly revealing that this supplement could have some negative effects. This provides all the pros and cons of creatine taken as a supplement.


essential content of this article: Discusses that by using creatine you will most prominently notice weight gain. Creatine puts on a lot of water weight right of the bat. Studies show that muscle fibers will grow when supplementing creatine, only if the energy is used(going to gym, playing sports,etc). Also explains the effects of creatine on your kidneys.

What it proves: Creatine is definitely an effective muscle building supplement. Whether or not it is safe is up for debate, but studies seem to lean towards the safer side of things. This article does reveal that there are anecdotal lreports of kidney and liver damage with use of this supplement.


essential content of this article: Scientifically gives the definition of creatine and reveals its a naturally-occuring amino acid found in meat. Reveals the effects of uses in certain age groups, and is not verified for kids younger than 19 years of age. There are also reports of high blood pressure under the precautions of use.

What it proves: The article showed the reader that there are minor links to heart disease, but none significant enough. Some studies even found that creatine had some anticancer properties, but not enough studies were done to prove this. It also revealed that the reader naturally gets creatine in each day if they eat meat or fish.


essential content of this article: Discusses the misconceptions amongst people who know little about the supplement and just express their own concerns. Reviews what is necessary for athletes to optimally use the supplement. Expresses the opinions of one individual, an director of athletic performance at Quest 10, a gym in San Diego, CA.

What it proves: This article gives an insider into what the people who strongly oppose creatine or are not sure if its safe reasons are. It explores also the fact that creatine can cause dehydration, however the solution to this would be to drink more water. It also directly proves that athletes can take the supplement as long as they get proper sleep, nutrition and training.


essential content of this article: Explains that creatine is excellent for athletes and young adults. Professional sports will continue to not ban creatine as there isn’t any evidence of it being harmful. Also provides insight on how it can be helpful to people with certain disabilities/ health problems.

What it proves: Reveals that some professional sports arent banning creatine due to the fact that no medical evidence has fully concluded that it is harmful. It proves that it can also be helpful to take for people with medical creatine defficiencies.


essential content of this article: A solid study taking rugby players and giving them creatine over three weeks. The athletes are studied, some given 25g/creatine and 25/g glucose and others given 50g/ glucose placebo. Androgens were measured to determine any increases in Serum T and DHT levels.

What it proves: Reveals that while taking creatine, the athletes had a 56% increase in DHT levels while loading creatine, and a 40% increase when during maintenance. This can be helpful to present a rebuttal to my current research, and is a solid study.


essential content of this article: The goal of this study was to find all the side effects surrounding creatine. The study analyzed the psychological effects of creatine on the body, and then concluded the data.

What it proves: Reveals the relevant side effects while taking creatine, and debunks the myths spread. It provides solid evidence for a couple of my arguments and provides several risks and benefits I couldn’t find in other studies.


For my research paper, I will discuss drug abuse. More specifically, people who abuse drugs and ways to fix this issue. Nowadays drugs are considered the new norm, but no one actually realizes the damage drug abuse actually cause. In my research, I’ll focus more on the negative impact drugs could have on a person and I hope to find ways to help stop the abuse of drugs.


The Essential Content of the Article: This article focuses on what substance abuse is, where it comes from, and all of the issues it cause to the body. It doesn’t just focus on bad drugs, it also discusses good drugs, drugs that treats illnesses.

What it proves: This article will help me prove how bad drugs actually are, and it’ll also helps me educate readers on how some drugs help people.


The Essential Content of the Article: This article focuses on prevention of adolescent drug abuse. It also discusses effects on drug use. The author lists prevention methods such as program interventions

What it proves: This article will help me prove ways to prevent drug abuse, list prevention methods, and it’ll also give more background information on drug abuse.


The Essential Content of the Article: This article focuses on the effects of drug abuse prevention at school. They discuss a study that was put into several schools to examine the effect on drug use in the children exposed to it.

What it proves: This article will help me prove how drug abuse impacts a person.


The Essential Content of the Article: This article focuses on the effects of drug abuse on pregnancy outcome. Also, risk factors that substance abuse includes on pregnant women specifically.

What it proves: This article will help me to prove counter arguments on how substance abuse can have a serious impact on the baby of a pregnant women. This supports one of my main points by showing how bad drugs can actually be to the body.


The Essential Content of the Article: This article focuses on client engagement and change during drug abuse treatment and how it improves behavioral criteria and psychosocial functioning.

What it proves: This article will help me to prove how it is very possible to seek help to overcome drug abuse. This will help me give information to readers showing them what it is like getting help before, during treatment, and even after recovery.