Proposal+5 – PlethoraGaming

For my research topic, I have picked the topic of esports. I have worked in this scene for several years now and feel like I can make specific claims regarding this industry. I want to ask ‘With esports growing, why is there a lack of acceptance and wanting to make this mainstream’


Campus knowledge of esports

This article talks about the collegiate esports scene. This shows if the colleges understand the collegiate esports scene and how they can involve themselves to improve it and help the students.

I hope this shows the investment people or schools in this matter are making into the esports scene. I also hope to use my knowledge of working at AVGL (Collegiate tournament) to talk more about the collegiate scene.

On the Scientific Relevance of eSports

This article talks about the relevance of esports for kids or teens. This tries to shows how esports should be treated

I’m hoping this article will help shed some light on the troubles of esports and the effects esports has on the youth

What is eSports and why do people watch it?

This article talks about some of the behind the scene aspect of  esports, especially the broadcast part of it. It goes in depth of why people watch it and how the success is measured

I hope to bring my experience with esports broadcast to kinda piggy back on some of the main points this article brought up

Comparison of eSports and Traditional Sports Consumption Motives

This article compares sports and esports, more specifically the competitive aspect of it. To show the limitations of sports vs esports

This is a point I want to argue in my essay to show the relevance of esports in this modern time.

Reconsidering Esport: Economics and Executive Ownership

This article talks about how esports can effect the economy. Talks more about the professionalism of esports and commercializing the gaming industry for its esports scene

I hope to bring some points regarding how this will help grow the scene of sports if we add esports onto that list


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