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Causal Argument – thebeard

Fighting is one of the biggest parts of the NHL and if it wasn’t there the game would be completely different. Some players wouldn’t have jobs anymore because they are on teams to be enforcers. If fighting was not in … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite – collegegirl

Police brutality has caused many males of color to be afraid of law enforcers. The murders of innocent black males such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Phillip White and many others, caused movements such as Black Lives Matter, … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite – theintern

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility for the win People don’t realize but their so called “ethics” change once they get exposure to the business world. Morals ethics are different from business ethics. Moral ethics are the principles or habits taught … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite – ChandlerBing

Frequent testing impedes on students’ ability to learn new information and apply it correctly in their lives. Furthermore, subjects mainly focused on high-stakes tests are math, reading and writing; leaving school districts to stray away from other important subjects such … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – collegegirl

Providing to Our Youth Police brutality has been an issue for many years and it remains a major concern for people of minority communities. In 2014, Barack Obama created a movement that provided young black men a place to go … Continue reading

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Causal Argument -NewEditionLover

Gun Violence & The Extreme Severity Gun Violence is very dangerous and one of the most leading causes in American deaths. Using a gun could be one of the most cowardly actions you could ever due. When you decide you … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite – thathawkman

Poor, Poor Scientists With these massive rigid systems that scientists must undergo for their livelihood, scientists put massive amounts of value in publication. As innovation comes directly from the scientists, they are put under massive amounts of pressure for publishing. … Continue reading

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