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Rebuttal – picklerick

Teaching Students to Really Read When it comes to teaching students to read, many teachers have the wrong idea. It’s a popular belief that in order to show kids the joy of reading, they should be assigned to read whatever they … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – picklerick

A. Stephen Gass once stated, in an interview with Asa Christiana, “Obviously not everyone is going to spend $1000 or more on a table saw. But the question becomes can you put SawStop-like technology on smaller saws as well and … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – picklerick

Reading more nonfiction literature causes your brain to sharpen. When you read informational text, you’re usually making an effort to fully comprehend the text. Whereas when you’re reading a fiction or science fiction novel, you’re likely reading for pleasure. People … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric – piclerick

0:01 The ad starts with a black screen with text that reads: “Wednesday 8:01am”. This clearly lets the viewer know that the following video takes place on a Wednesday morning. This may have significance because Wednesday is in the middle … Continue reading

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Definition Argument – picklerick

Reading books is no different than consuming any other type of media. Many people believe that reading is a hobby to be prouder of than watching television, for example. Why is television any different though? You receive language and picture … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims – picklerick

08 Brannan sent Katie to the school therapist, once. She hasn’t seen any other therapist, or a therapist trained to deal with PTSD —”Once” makes me think that Brennan had not tried very hard to get help for her daughter. … Continue reading

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White Paper 2 – picklerick

My research essay will be delving into the deception of one of the healthiest pastimes we believe to have. I’m going to prove why reading young-adult fiction novels is a terrible habit for adults to acquire. It didn’t surprise me … Continue reading

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