Visual Rhetoric – piclerick

0:01 The ad starts with a black screen with text that reads: “Wednesday 8:01am”. This clearly lets the viewer know that the following video takes place on a Wednesday morning. This may have significance because Wednesday is in the middle of the week and 8:01am is early in the morning.

0:02 The video quickly cuts to a video of a man sitting on a bed and holding a vacuum to a little girl’s hair. The video quality is very poor which indicates it is most likely a home video. The setting is inside of a bedroom. The girl is wearing pajamas and seems to be comfortable with the man which indicates that the man is likely her father. It is hard to tell what the father’s intention is with the vacuum, but it could be a creative/fun way of doing his daughter’s hair.

0:13 The father continues to brush his daughter’s hair with his hands and then proceeds to put a hair tie in it, giving her a pony tail. This shows that he is helping his daughter out, probably doing her hair before she goes to school (since it’s a Wednesday morning). His use of the vacuum may have been to dry her hair.

0:17 The daughter then get up off her dad’s lap and walks over to the person holding the camera whilst smiling. This shows that she is happy with how her dad did her hair. It also makes me think that the person holding the camera is probably her mother. Also, another little girl walks into the scene and sits on the dad’s lap. This is probably the first girl’s sister. She likely expects her dad to do her hair too.

0:24 Both girls are smiling and seem to be very happy. The video then fades to another black screen which reads: “Take time to be a dad today”. This shows that the video was attempting to prove how important it is for dads to bond with their children.



One thought on “Visual Rhetoric – piclerick”

  1. It’s a home video?
    Or it’s shot by professionals to look like a home video?
    If the kids are getting ready for school (seems late), shouldn’t dad be getting ready for work (seems late)?
    Onscreen text you didn’t mention: “It only takes a moment to make a moment.”
    Dad’s wardrobe? Find anything of significance in these details?


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