Visual Rhetoric Argument Rewrite summergirl1999

 Visual Rhetoric Argument.

Sample Choice 2: It’s Not “Just a Text.”

0:00-0:01: Young boy sleeping with his cell phone next to him. Cute toddler boy rubbing his eyes to wake himself up. The little boy is very energetic, flips around and grabs his green t-shirt.

0:02-0:08: Toddler runs in his brother’s room very excited to wake up his older brother. Older brother wakes up with a grin.

0:09-0:12: The older brother tickles the toddler. Toddler laughing with a huge smile on face. Older brother has a huge smile on his face. Older brother is helped toddler put on his t-shirt. Showing the brothers relationships.

0:13-0:14: Older brother relaxed in bed on his phone. Texted a girl named Jessica Rodgers, a red heart emoji next to her name implying Rodgers might be the older brother’s girlfriend. Older brother texted Rodgers “hey”.

0:15-0:18: Brothers brushed their teeth with smiles on their faces, portraying happiness, and a good sibling bond. Older brother helped toddler tie shoes. Toddler sitting with a bowl in front of him eating with a spoon portraying that he is eating breakfast.

0:19-0:20: Older brother took phone off of his leg and took a picture of his younger brother, and sent the picture to someone over text message.

0:21-0:22: The brothers father came into the scene and put a brown paper bag on the table behind the older brother, pointing at it probably because the father probably brought snacks home.

0:23-0:28: Older brother rubbed toddlers hear, signal that the brother is going to leave the house. Older brother’s name is Hunter, it is written on the brown paper bag the brothers father brought home. Older brother reaches to grab brown paper bag but got distracted from his phone. Older brother sent text message, grabs his keys, and walks out the door distracted by his phone.

0:29-0:30: Older brother got into his car, buckled up his seatbelt, and drove.

0:31-0:35: Toddler opened house door with a huge smile, and started to run out of the door. Toddler put on bike helmet, and started to ride his bike. Shows the forgotten brown paper bag.

0:36-0:38: Older brother realized that he forgot his bag which probably had his lunch in it. Older brother made U-Turn pretty fast because he is probably rushing to get to school.

0:39-0:42: Toddler took off his helmet and kicked a ball.

0:43-0:47: Older brother looked down at his phone and texted. The ball the toddler kicked rolls into the street in front of the older brother’s car.

0:48- Toddler runs out in front of older brother’s car. Words shown on the screen “It’s Not Just a Text”. Older brother jumped out of car. Toddlers shoe on the ground. Words shown on the screen “It’s a Life”.

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