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  1. 1. Cause and effect (What Zed is referring to is the reason why Jay was acting recklessly and not referring to fate)
    2. Fate
    3. Fate
    4. Cause and effect (Because of Jay’s actions, Zed and Dee start something that helps a lot of people. She thinks that it happened because of the accident and that some good came out of the tragedy)


  2. Class started with the question, “What is Fate?” We then determined which of the people in the riddle indicated a belief in fate. Then, Prof. explained that we must present our argument before the evidence-we should never post the sign “Just passed scenic views,” but instead, we should warn the reader before the evidence to show what we expect them to find, and so that they will look out for the “scenic view.”

    Next, Prof. explained that where we put the word “only” changes the entire meaning of the sentence.
    In this post, the word “only” is used incorrectly:
    Correction, December 29 at 1:20 p.m. ET: This post has been updated. It originally misstated that the Hopi women were only thought to be an inspiration for Lucas. However, the Denver Art Museum’s Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit recognizes the influence Hopi women had on Princess Leia’s iconic look.

    It should read, “It originally misstated that the Hopi women were thought to be an inspiration for only Lucas. However, the Denver Art Museum’s Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit recognizes the influence Hopi women had on Princess Leia’s iconic look.”

    We then went over the requirements for the research paper that is due next week. Start by making sure the reader cares, then make sure that the reader knows what you intend to prove, then if your position is so controversial that you need to refute the counterarguments, use more of your rebuttal argument. If the definition is the most important, use more of your definition argument. If causal claims are the most important, use more of the causal argument.

    The earlier we post our papers, the better. Prof. will be able to give us feedback to ensure that we are meeting the requirements.


  3. Our first conversation today was about fate. It was interesting to see how each people perceives it. It was pretty deep and woke me up right away. The riddle was a very interesting way to look at it. Then we moved on to the timing of evidence. Evidence should be given after an explanation due to the fact that the reader can make conclusions before you even get to explaining your point which can weaken the argument. (“Scenic views”) I have never thought of it like this which was helpful to me. After this, we discussed the use of the word ‘only’. Where this word is placed in a sentence can change the whole meaning. “Only she loved him” and “She only loved him” mean two different things but sound extremely similar. The first one means that she is the only person who loves him while the second phrase means that she loved only him and nobody else. Then we discussed our research paper. This is the main assignment of the whole semester. After, we started discussing grammar. We started the grammar exercise where we have to fix all 14 broken grammar rules in the paragraph provided.


  4. We started class today by looking at different “Riddles About Fate” which we answered if the speaker demonstrated a belief in fate or not. After the riddle we looked Scenic Views, and how we can use this lesson in our own paper. We have to make sure we make our claims at the right points the paper and use valid meaningful claims as well. Following this lesson we took a look at the use of “Only” and the different ways that it can be misused. Lastly, to end class today we completed the “Grammar Exercise.”


  5. Today’s class started with a riddle about fate. We discussed different situations that could be Cause and Effect or fate. We then were lectured about how timing is everything. We must prepare the reader for evidence that will follow. We followed the word “only” around a sentence and saw how it could change the meaning of a sentence. We did an exercise to help build on our grammar and fixing mistake I always use in my writing.


  6. -fate exercise based on the person’s idea if they thought it was fate or not
    -tell your reader ahead of time what is coming whether it be strong or weak let them know
    -the word “only” has many meanings in different parts of the sentence
    -research paper with references is due next Wednesday 3000 words, might be able to use 3 short arguments for the essay


  7. We started class today by determining what “fate” means. We looked at an exercise and determined based off the speaker if they thought his/her consequences had to do with fate or something else. Timing is very important!! In these last few weeks, we have to push ourselves to get all of our best work out there. Our 3000 word paper is due April 18!


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