Agenda MON FEB 26


Side Note: Politics of Black Women’s Hair Symposium
(March 05, 11am-3pm)

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  1. doublea413 says:

    Today we looked at inventions by naming. You can name different things like “leaf drip” instead of “the water droplets are falling off the tree branches”. In the example we looked at 3 videos of “rain” but it was just water falling off a tree. We create constellations like Orion when we look out every night and name something. We look at a proposal argument when we see the no fishing on the bridge sign. All things have opposites as we looked at an example of white sneakers vs black sneakers.


  2. dancers8 says:

    – Invention by naming as an example you were talking about rain and how it was only raining under the trees so you decided to name it leaf drip rain because no one had recognized it yet. I may never think of it on a day to day basis but if I am ever standing under a tree and it’s only raining under the tree I will remember leaf drip. By adding a name to things it makes it easier to remember and changes perspective.
    – Very few terms have exact opposites, most of the time they aren’t opposites at all just items on a spectrum. The opposite of an item can not be the same item because it simply isn’t the opposite then. The best way to create an argument is to start in an area of gray in order to no take a full side you are able to observe both with no judgement. The outcome of a color argument will be more entertaining and allow you/ readers to learn more. Any time you have a black and white argument one side will always lose no argument is just black and white.


  3. dohertyk9 says:

    Prof. started off class by saying that we create experiences through language. He says that nothing exists to us until we name it, and the word we use to describe it make it something it is not. He calls class a construct that we create. It is the naming of the item that creates it. Prof. claims he is the inventor of “leaf drip”, that it did not exist until he named it leaf drip. Prof. claims that the world did not exist until we got the chance to see it from the perspective from the picture. We create the constellation Orion based on where we stand. Prof. argues that the “No fishing from the bridge” sign in his example is a proposal argument. He says that the sign is based on a property right to the bridge. Yet the sign is just an argument. It only works because no one questions the authority of the sign. Prof. then goes into the idea that there aren’t simply black vs. white sneakers, there are also black and white sneakers. He also mentions that there is no opposite of a sneaker. He then argues that gray on gray is the worst way to make an argument. He says that in black vs. white arguments, one side always loses. Prof. says that it’s not easy to avoid getting sucked into black vs. white arguments.


  4. – videos of rain. it was raining in one spot of the park but not everywhere. TREES.
    – everything is an idea until it is named and spoken of.
    – what if there were saws that could not cut off body parts. SAFER SAWS.
    – youtube video about safe saws.


  5. lbirch141 says:

    In today’s class, we discussed arguments and how to make a clear argument. The example we used was arguing what the opposite of a black shoe is. We can say it is a white shoe, but the opposite of a shoe is not another shoe. Therefore, we would need to pick a middle color, like grey. We also discussed that we cannot take one side of a black-and-white argument. We would need the “grey” in the middle. We need to try to avoid the obvious answer and conclusions that will lead to a yes or no answer.


  6. picklerick13 says:

    We use language not only to interpret our world, but also to create it.
    Until something is named, it is as if it’s not yet in existence.
    The opposite of a black sneaker is not a white sneaker – they’re both sneakers so how can they be opposite to each other?
    Black and white arguments will always end with one side winning.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Images can have more meaning than words. A picture seen from a specific point of view can change the way it is percieved. An argument does not have an opposite, it has many arguments in between. Black and white arguments always have a clear loser and a side that benefits.


  8. Knuckles the Enchilada says:

    We started class off with “Invention by Naming.” The Prof. invented the concept of “Leaf Drip.” 1972 Earth Photo taken by the Apollo 17 team was a huge deal. The world didn’t exist until we were able to take a photo of it. The proposal by the “No Fishing On Bridge” sign is proposed to keep dogs and passersby safe.
    The next thing we went over was “The Opposite of a Black Sneaker.” It’s a misconception to believe that the opposite of a black sneaker is a white sneaker since it’s still a sneaker. Except Yes or No, there are very few true opposites in this world. Broccoli is closer to the opposite of a black sneaker than any other sneaker since it is not a sneaker (which is very odd). Black and White debates always end with one side losing. There’s no way to stop kids from getting together, so there’s no way to stop someone from shooting kids where they gather without finding another way to limit their means to do it.
    Safer Saws Claims started with a debate on how to discourage people from shooting rhinos or elephants for their ivory. The SawStop technology made by Steve Gas has been turned down by several companies and several times by the US gov’t because it’d be “too expensive.” The same thing had been said about many of the safety tools found in cars today, so it’s only a matter of time. Steve Gas’s saw was shown to work effectively in his video, and it worked perfectly. At only $60 instead of a finger, people are stupid not to take it up. Bosch ripped him off by remaking it and renaming it ReaXX. This should be lawsuit worthy, but I’m not a professional.

    Class was interesting and brought up some interesting points.


  9. Knuckles the Enchilada says:

    Sarvenaz Karimiawpour


  10. ReputedDog says:

    Naming brings attention to things that existed but never noticed. Proposes are should and must. If the audience believes the argument then they believe the creator. The opposite of a blank sneaker isn’t a white sneaker, since they are still sneakers. Other than yes and no many things aren’t truly opposites. Gray on gray arguments only brings gray results. Color on color arguments show a more clearer picture and shows there is a standpoint. One side will lose in a black and white agruement. And we have a visitor today, her name is Sarvenaz Karimianpour.


  11. paulajean5 says:

    To begin class today, we started discussing invention by naming. (Before this we met Sarvenaz Karimianpour, Professor’s friend) Professor was near a pond and felt rain. He soon realized that it was dripping down from the tree, not legitimate rain. He now calls this Leaf Drip. Then we went on to discuss how all text is an argument. The sign on a bridge at the pond reads “No fishing from bridge.” This is an argument because we do not know who put this up. We can assume it is the owner of the property, but it could also be a dog owner who does not want to walk across the bridge with his dogs is there are open tackle box on a narrow bridge. The dogs are more likely to stick their face into the boxes which contain hooks, therefore fishing on the bridge should not be allowed. Then we moved on to shoes. We discussed the opposite of a black sneaker. Our first instinct to say that the opposite of a black sneaker is a white sneaker. But, the opposite of a sneaker is not a sneaker. The opposite of a sneaker could be anything. After the sneaker discussion, we moved on to saws. Using a saw can be very dangerous. There was a new saw created that stops when it touches your skin. Steve Gass originally created this invention and demonstrated it by sticking his finger in a saw. The manufacturer did not buy his item and would not put it on the shelves. That same company, though, later recreated the same power tool with worse results.


  12. amongothers13 says:

    I’m not sure why my comment never posted, but I was in class on Monday! We met Sarvenas Karimianpour, Professor’s good friend from Iran with a beautiful accent. Professor invented something he calls, “Leaf Drip,” when rain drops drip off of tree leaves and look as though it is raining when it really isn’t. All text is considered an argument, for we can take a topic and think differently about them and make our own claims. The opposite of a black sneaker cannot, in any way, be a white sneaker, because the opposite of a sneaker is not a sneaker. Perhaps it would be a white umbrella instead, or a white chocolate chip, etc. We then came to the conclusion that hand saws are extremely dangerous. A new saw was invented that stops it’s motion when it senses human flesh. Steve Gass invented it first, and we watched a video that showed him placing his finger in the saw. Thankfully, the saw was effective and stopped, or else it would be a bloody mess. However effective it was, it was not enough for manufacturers to buy and sell. The same company he tried selling his product to ending up creating a saw similar to the one Gass invented, however, when tested with a human hand, it did leave a deep gash and some blood behind.


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