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Visual Rhetoric-Dancers

0:00-0:01- A penguin is standing on a hill of snow potentially about to start walking down the hill. The penguin is looking off to one side of the hill minding his own business. 0:01- The penguin started to walk down, … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- jdormann

0:00-0:01 There is a grey cartoon bull in a light blue colored room with potted flowers hanging on the wall. There are also flowers hung on a strand across the ceiling. The bull is looking down and looks like he … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-Thenaturalist201

0:00-0:01 A boy who seems happy is shown probably around 6 years old based on size and dinosaur shirt. on the left of the screen, you see a bike handle and within that second you see him ripping something. The boy … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-Dohertyk9

0:01: The scene instantly transforms from a black screen to an aerial view (possibly taken by a drone?) of what could be considered the ideal countryside; to a view of very lush green fields, trees, a broad river cutting through, and a hazy gray … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- amongothers13

Visual Rhetoric Argument- amongothers13 0:01-0:02- A woman is climbing up what looks to be a large pile of a substance we are unsure of. But, there are mountains of the same substance behind her as well. She is surrounded by … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric—MyrtleView

Ad Council – “Restaurant” :00- :01 The camera is zoomed out so that the viewers can see that the setting is a restaurant filled with people eating and talking among themselves. In the center of the frame we find a … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- Doublea

Example 4: 00-04 We pan to a shot of this guy named “Todd”. We see him eating something and he looks very delightful. It is the morning and he is off to work dressed in his work attire. It is … Continue reading

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