Visual Rhetoric- Nreina34

0:00-0:05 There is a large open room and instantly a dog runs into the screen. He is a medium sized beige dog with beige short fur and has big eyes with brown floppy ears. He seems very excited, his tail is wagging very fast and his mouth hangs open, as if something is about to happen. He skips to the center and looks at the camera and nudges his face forward. But is abruptly stopped by a wall that the audience cannot see, there is a glass wall between the dog and the camera. His mouth closes in confusion, he is taken off guard by the barrier.  The dog looks to the side as his ears raise in suspicion and then runs away to the left as if something had distracted him, just leaving only an empty room.  The walls are grey, but it does not show the whole room just a section of it.


0:05-0:09 The dog now runs back from the left and then stands in the middle of the room as his tail still wagging and you can see that he is panting, he is still very excited. He seems as if he just wants to play but is lonely. The dog then looks into the camera with a sort of a look of disappointment and then bolts to the right and out of our sight, leaving just an empty room again.


0:10-0:19 The pup runs back into the picture and to the center of the screen, in the same spot where he hit his nose and sits down facing the audience.  The dog then takes his paw and bangs it on the glass twice, mimicking a prisoner in a jail cell wishing for an escape. The expression on the dog’s face changes during this, he looks confused and distraught.  Then, he looks off to the left quickly but almost instantly back at you, but hesitates for a second before sprinting to the left and gone. When the dog looked back at person watching, it is almost as if he doesn’t want to run away but then ends up going.  


0:19-0:23 The jumps jogs back into the room from the left side and stands in the middle of the room towards the audience and pauses.  He then jumps once up in the air as if he is having the time of his life running around and having a good time, clearly happy about something.
0:23-0:28 The next thing to happen are bold letters appear on the back wall saying “There’s a shelter pet who wants to meet you”.  At the same time, the dog appears on the bottom at the screen smiling at you, looking very content and of course, still wagging his tail.  At the end the dog gives you a look for help one more time before running out for the last time.




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