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Rebuttal- Dancers

Skepticism may occur when it’s stated that at home abuse can lead a child to become a bully later in life. Considering what constitutes a case to become child abuse, what exactly it means when a child becomes a victim of abuse is hard … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- Dancers

Looking at Bullies Differently Bullying may not seem to be a huge issue in schools today but bullying is still a prevalent problem between children. In 2016 statistics were taken and resulted in more than one out of every five … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-Dancers

0:00-0:01- A penguin is standing on a hill of snow potentially about to start walking down the hill. The penguin is looking off to one side of the hill minding his own business. 0:01- The penguin started to walk down, … Continue reading

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Definition Argument- Dancers

Social platforms are beginning to evolve world wide in order to attract a bigger audience and gain more users.  On average a teenager spends about nine hours on social platforms a day.  The average person in society today will spend about … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- Dancers

Section 22 Claims 1.“With a half million disability cases stuck in a VA backlog, and an estimated 25 percent of Iraq/ Afghanistan troops with PTSD not seeking treatment, her logic isn’t entirely off.” Quantitative, Numerical, or Comparative Claim This quote … Continue reading

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White Paper- Dancers

My Proposal I will be conducting research on bullying and cyberbullying. What the effects of bullying cases are, what is the makeup of the bully (why do they bully), lastly is there anything that can be done to stop bullying. … Continue reading

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Free Heroin to Battle Addiction: It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver is battle heroin addiction by giving addicts a supply to free heroin but that is there exact approach. Vancouver is known for many things beautiful cities, snow capped mountains surrounded … Continue reading

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