Visual Rewrite- Dancers

0:00-0:01- A penguin is standing on a hill of snow potentially about to start walking down the hill. The penguin is looking off to one side of the hill minding his own business. A penguin on a hill may have been chosen as the visual to gain more attention. By providing a visual of a penguin, a cute animal it may be more captivating and bring more viewers in and not be off putting.

0:01- The penguin started to walk down, or on the snow turned the direction of his face. Still nothing bad is happening just a penguin on a hill. Choosing to have the penguin walking on the hill minding his own business with nothing else really happening makes the video more alluring and has you on the edge as to where this video is going.

0:03- The penguin jumps up into the hill, maybe he is about to slide down the hill of snow in order to get down quicker. Provides some sense of what may happen during the video, enjoy a video of an animated penguin having fun sliding down a hill.

0:05- The penguin did decide to slide down the hill on his stomach, while sliding down he is gaining a lot of speed. Seems to be okay though the penguin is having no problems. This clip/frame may have been provided to show that the penguin is just living a care free life and enjoying the freedom of sliding down the hill quickly on his stomach.

0:10- The penguin turns around to look at what would be his pocket, maybe to grab something out of it perhaps a phone. Providing this clip makes you wonder where this video is going to go from here on out, leaving you to think why would the penguin even have a phone.

0:11- 0:15- The penguin decided to grab his phone and answer the message that he had received. He is now sliding down the hill at a fast rate while staring completely at his phone and not to anything around him. This clip was chosen in order to make a statement as to what it is like to check your phone while driving. Just like the penguin people are still driving at high speeds and completely not paying attention to the road in front of them whatsoever. This provides some hindsight as to where the video is being taken.

0:16- The penguins demeanor changed completely he looked up from his phone he seems worried and anxious like something may happen to him. This image is exactly how people must feel after replying to a message or checking their phone while driving and looking up after and seeing what is in front of them, what is going to happen to them soon after not paying attention to the road. This had an impact and meaning.

0:18- The penguin rammed into a hill/pile of snow on the screen is an imprint of the penguin on the pile of snow, where the penguin has went through. This was chosen to show that even a penguin who is not paying attention can all of a sudden ram into a pile of snow and however it may not seem like much but it is related to people who text and drive. If a person is distracted for even a few seconds something completely catastrophic can happen and that is what is being shown.

0:21: Text on the video pops up and says “No One Should Text While Driving” the imprint of the penguin is still on the hill in the back. This has an impact reminding you that even the penguin crashed into the hill of snow because he was on his phone. This video was powerful in a sense that even though it wasn’t a totally direct take on texting and driving it still proved a point. Anyone texting and driving can be hurt even if its a penguin on a hill of snow.

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