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Rebuttal rewrite- jdormann

American football players have been plagued with concussions, unknown to them for years. Typically, these concussions occur during tackles. The padding that players wear gives them a false sense of security and some players use their head as a tackling … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Rewrite-Dohertyk9

Rape has existed since the beginning of humanity, and continues to exist worldwide. Yet despite having existed for so long, and in so many locations, it does not have a standard, universal definition. Even within the same country, with the … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Rewrite- Double A

Arguments Against Grass Fields in the NFL People tend to believe that artificial turf fields are better surfaces to play on because they look nice. Great, they look nice and you think you look good, you play good, right? Well … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Rewrite- Ugandanknuckles

To many, the biggest issue with mantras is that they are ineffective and limited only to the chosen few who devote their lives to it. A study done by The University of Waterloo and The University of New Brunswick is … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Rewrite- LBirch

Rather Be Safe Than Sorry No one can deny smoke detectors are a simple, but valuable object for preventing a tragic loss of a life in a house fire. But smoke detectors are not always this preventative, always reliable device. Battery-operated … Continue reading

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