A11: Definition Rewrite

Definition (or Categorical) Rewrite

As you did before with your Visual Argument and your followup Visual Rewrite, you’ll be required to revise and re-post your Definition (or Categorical) Argument as a Definition Rewrite, in a new Category, A11: Definition Rewrite.

Whatever improvements you make to your Definition argument, you can also copy back to your first assignment, A08: Definition (Category) Argument.

For the time being, then, both posts will be identical but with different titles. The only difference will be what happens in the future.

  • Your A08 grade will be a permanent part of your Non-portfolio collection of assignments. It cannot be further improved. However . . .
  • You can continue to improve your A11 right up until the day Portfolios are due, although feedback may be very limited, and you will never again receive a specific grade for improvements you make. The final version will contribute to your overall holistic Portfolio grade.

Works Cited
You’ll need to cite three sources for this Rewrite, which can be different from those you selected for your first draft, A08.


  • Post this mandatory Rewrite of your first Shorter Argument, the Definition (or Categorical) Argument before your class begins MON NOV 21.
  • Make significant revisions to your A08, then copy and paste your best draft to make your A08 and A11 identical for the time being.
  • Include Works Cited.
  • Title your post Definition Rewrite—Username.
  • Publish your definition essay in the A11: Definition Rewrite category and your Username category.


  • Due before your class meets MON NOV 21..
  • Customary late penalties. (0-24 hours 10%) (24-48 hours 20%) (48+ hours, 0 grade)
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