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White Paper- branxmad

  Working Hypothesis 1   The overdiagnosis of Attention Deficit-hyperactivity Disorder is becoming more prevalent causing patients to be mistreated for the disorder 1A. Working Hypothesis 2 Greater clinical evaluations can help determine the accuracy of the given diagnosis Topics … Continue reading

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White Paper- phillygirl

1. Working Hypothesis 1 If foster parents had some type of training or class, this could prevent the foster children from being mentally and physically abused 1a. Working Hypothesis 2 There should be an intensive training or set of classes … Continue reading

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White Paper– pdqlover

Organized Content descriptions Parent and child obligation negotiation Able sibling and disabled sibling relationship Family stress when taking care of a disabled family member Working Hypotheses Every parent at sometime in their life feels the need of “payback” from their … Continue reading

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White Paper-NewEditionLover

Content Description-  How can we prevent gun violence, the dangers of gun violence, losing loved ones because of this tragedy. I will be examining the illegal use of gun violence and how it should be stricter laws on how to … Continue reading

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White Paper—Killroy

1. Working Hypothesis 1 The Prohibition was created outlaw alcohol but boosted illegal activity helping to create the sport of NASCAR. 1a. Working Hypothesis 2 The Prohibition was created to outlaw alcohol, but boosted illegal activity and also helped lay … Continue reading

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White paper–todayistheday19

Content descriptions -parasite v. predator/prey, Seaworld=parasite -what is natural, why performing is unnatural -health of orcas in captivity vs. wild -Seaside sanctuaries: the answer Seaworld is ignoring -SeaWorld profit -mental heath of inmates -kidnapping victims, PTSD -slavery in SeaWorld -domestic … Continue reading

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White paper- Theadmiral

Content Description  Reasons for NFL players taking a knee Police brutality Civil rights movement American pride Patriotism Hypothesis 1  Black Americans and racial minorities in the United States are being targeted by some police officers, and are being acted towards … Continue reading

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