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  1. Working Hypothesis 1


The overdiagnosis of Attention Deficit-hyperactivity Disorder is becoming more prevalent causing patients to be mistreated for the disorder

1A. Working Hypothesis 2

Greater clinical evaluations can help determine the accuracy of the given diagnosis

  1. Topics for Smaller Papers

Definition/Classification Argument

Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disease that affects one’s ability to sustain attention and involves excessive activity and deficiencies in impulse control. ADHD is diagnosed during early childhood and can follow an individual into adulthood, and for the rest of their life.

Cause/Effect Argument

Although there is no specific cause of ADHD, there are many factors that can possibly contribute to a child developing the disorder. First, there are many pregnancy complications a mother can have while carrying her child. The health and dietary habits of a mother who is carrying a baby also has a potential impact on the baby’s mental and physical health. For example, mothers who drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes during their pregnancy could result in birth defects to the baby. More causes could include environmental factors and high educational expectations placed on very young children.

Rebuttal Argument

While there is an apparent rise in the diagnosis of ADHD, some argue that the disorder is underdiagnosed. The belief that ADHD is underdiagnosed comes from the fact that other disorders, such as bipolar disorder, dyslexia, anxiety and autism, all have very similar symptoms to Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder. Overlapping disorders and the comorbidity of the symptoms sometimes only get identified as one disorder, as opposed to another. Thus, leaving ADHD to get ignored and the disorder to be mistreated.

  1. Current State of Research Paper

As of right now, my research is coming along well and I am confident that I’ll be able to organize my ideas into a well formatted paper. I still have a lot of work to do and changes to make. The research I’ve been finding is very interesting, some of which I didn’t know prior and would like to include it into my paper. However, the knowledge that I already had on the topic came from things I’ve studied in my Psychology classes and from taking care of my younger brother who was diagnosed with the disorder.

White Paper- phillygirl

1. Working Hypothesis 1
If foster parents had some type of training or class, this could prevent the foster children from being mentally and physically abused

1a. Working Hypothesis 2
There should be an intensive training or set of classes a person must take and pass in, in order for them to become foster parents to children in America.

2. Topics for Smaller Papers
Definition/Classification Argument

Parents is a word that is supposed to describe someone who takes care of their children, .the most protective and responsible way ever however, this word is sometimes misused by people who don’t live up to its meaning. Some foster parents, who voluntarily give their time up to take care of someone else’s child need to have the most sympathy and care for a child because they are the closest things the foster child has to a parent. Approaches in parenthood should be valued extremely carefully because under their care, the child’s personality and way of life will1    be made up because of this.

Cause/Effect Argument

Because they are mentally and physically abused, foster children grow up and become adults who have severe trust issues. They can’t trust people because of what’s happened to them growing up, they may think will happen to them as adults. For example, building relationships whether it be romantic, or friend based they will have a really hard time trusting that the person will stay in their lives, and not leave like everyone else did.    

Rebuttal Argument

Not all kids are peaches and cream when it comes to living with a family they don’t know. Some foster children are a handful, and tend to act out because they know that if they do enough, they will be able to be sent to another home. Some may do this as a way of taking control of the system, or making the system work in their favor. These children need to be disciplined, and this discipline may be taken as mental or physical abuse in their opinion because they don’t like the punishment, consequences, etc. All in all, foster children will find a way to get out of the system in any way, shape, or form and this may be one of their many tactics in achieving this.

3. Current State of the Research Paper

So far, I am feeling confident in the progress I’ve made. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be put into my research paper. But I have The White Paper to guide me through until I reach my potential research paper goal. My opinions have changed drastically as I begin writing my White Paper. I realized that there are so many more interesting and important things to discuss in my research paper. I anticipate that after adding my work from my White Paper into my next research assignment, I will have an even fuller, detailed, and a more successful paper as an outcome.

White Paper– pdqlover

Organized Content descriptions

Parent and child obligation negotiation

Able sibling and disabled sibling relationship

Family stress when taking care of a disabled family member

Working Hypotheses

  1. Every parent at sometime in their life feels the need of “payback” from their child.
  2. An able child may think life is not far and he disable child thinks life is not fair also but they have different reasons.

Topics for Smaller Papers

Definition/Classification Argument
Parents have total obligations to give to their child, a child has no obligations to their parents unless negotiated between the two. When raising a child with disabilities it can be different the parents still have all obligations of caring for the child but will the disabled child ever have a negotiation with their parents to have obligations of their own?

Cause / Effect Argument

Taking care of a child with disabilities can cause major stress on the entire family.

Rebuttal Argument

When a child is born with a disability the parent did not choose to live that lifestyle of taking care of a disabled child so they may choose not to do so.

Current state of the research –

The current status of my research is well. The topic I choose can go in many different directions. I have to be specific when looking for research but overall I have been successful finding source material.

Proposal +5

For my research essay I will be examining the unfairness of life. A child with disabilities  who requires so much care in he or she’s youth can’t pay back the debt to their parents when they get old and infirm and could really use her help. My argument will go into detail about how I can relate to this very situation of being a sibling of a disablied child and wondering what the future holds.

  1. Journal of Child Neurology http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/088307388700200113

The Essential Content of the Article:  This article is about two common words chronic and sorrow. Chronic sorrow describe the process of parent bereavement in response to life with a disabled child. It also discusses how parents and siblings have to put many hours into caring for the disabled child.

What it Proves: This article proves that taking care of a child with disabilities is a hard job and takes toll on the family.

2. Siblings of handicapped children https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF01531585?LI=true

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is about the question of whether or not the normal child and handicapped child brother and sister relationship differ in any significant way from children in any other non-handicapped brother and sister relationship.

What it Proves: This article proves that growing up with a handicapped brother and sister can have some differences in the house and in school or public.

3. How do cares of disabled children cope? http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-2214.2004.00464.x/full

The Essential Content of the Article: This article describes caring for a disabled family member generally falls on one person sometimes two, specifically females. Male members of the family such as father or uncles usually control the key decisions concerning the child and the associated resources.

What it Proves: This article proves that most care providers are woman as nurtures.

4. Participation of Disabled Children and Young People in Decision Making Within Social Services Departments https://academic.oup.com/bjsw/article/36/5/723/1645153/Participation-of-Disabled-Children-and-Young

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is a investigation concerning the participation of disabled children within decision-making regarding their own care and in service development. Such as care given to them in the home and care provided to them from a provider.

What it Proves: This article proves, if possible the disabled should be a part and current when decisions are made about their care options.

5. DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS AND EMOTIONAL STATES IN PARENTS OF DISABLED AND NON-DISABLED CHILDREN http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/sbp/sbp/1999/00000027/00000001/art00007

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is a survey between parents of handicapped and non handicapped children and in difference in how they develop symptoms of depression.

What it Proves: This article proves that being a parent can be stressful but being a parent of a disabled child causes excessive stress.

White Paper-NewEditionLover

Content Description-  How can we prevent gun violence, the dangers of gun violence, losing loved ones because of this tragedy.

I will be examining the illegal use of gun violence and how it should be stricter laws on how to get and purchase guns! My argument will go into detail of how gun violence in the United States is getting worse and their should be more laws restricting people getting firearms.

1. The Benefits of Reducing Gun Violence: Evidence from Contingent-Valuation Survey Data


Essential Content of the Article:  surveys on whether or not people are really into reducing the use of gun violence by paying to have it lowered.

What it Proves- This article proves that many assaults come from the use of gun violence and if the individuals who agree with reducing gun violence pay to do so then it can be lowered.

2.Illegal Firearms: Access and Use By Arrestees


The Essential Content of the Article- The article discusses the people stated how it is easy for them to obtain illegal firearms by many of ways. They conducted studies due to the incarcerated population due to injuries and death population.

What it Proves- This article proves that studies took place for people incarcerated or previously incarcerated on how easy it it or was to get a firearm in their possession.  Next the study and availability and theories of how firearms are obtained.

3. Gun violence prevention


The Essential Content of the Article- this article discusses of gun laws and the laws implemented in the United States. Also discussed   they stated that here is an emerging consensus that certain gun laws reduce gun violence, particularly those requiring all gun buyers to first pass background checks, and those barring domestic abusers from possessing guns.

What it Proves- that many more people who receive guns or try to get guns need more medical attention as far as their background goes.

4. Implementing a Public Health Approach to Gun Violence Prevention: The Importance of Physician Engagement


The Essential Content Of The Article -He referenced survey findings indicating that most physicians viewed gun violence as a public health problem and that they supported a more active role for the profession in preventing it.  Fear has also shaped the gun policy debate. Whether to muster support for “stand your ground” laws or rally in opposition to proposals that would track gun purchases to aid law enforcement investigations, fear is an element of how we talk about guns.

What it Proves- This article proves there are many laws representing guns and many people support it . Also the study of people viewing to look into getting guns need to be evaluated to see if they are mentally competent.

5. Rates of intimate partner violence in the United States.


The Essential Content Of The Article- surveys conducted on inmate violence due to the range of gun violence on female to male ratio of violence interactions.

What it Proves- Study the issue and level of violence of inmates that are incarcerated. The ratio from women to men are estimated from partner violence.

  1. Working Hypothesis-  Gun Violence is very terrible and is making our country worse and we have to put a stop to it!
  2. 1A Working Hypothesis #2- how do we stop gun violence ?
  3. Topics For Small Papers-Definition/Classification  Argument- The result of gun violence is causing deaths and depriving families of loved ones due to physical harm. This demonstrates that we need to do something before more people have to suffer and lose their loved ones also.
  4. Rebuttal Argument-Guns should be allowed because it is a necessary form of self defense and protection.
  5. Current State Of The Research Paper- So far I’m glad I switched the topic from Marijuana to gun violence. I say this because I have more experience and knowledge on this topic due to the killing of my father which occurred in July of 2011. My opinions on guns have grown worse and we really need to help and make  change before others lose loved ones to this nonsense. I anticipate my outcome of proving and showing how something has to be done about gun violence as it is rapidly growing worse. I know that I have some work to do organizing my ideas but I feel my opinion and personal experience’s can help me have a good Research Paper Argument.

White Paper—Killroy

1. Working Hypothesis 1

The Prohibition was created outlaw alcohol but boosted illegal activity helping to create the sport of NASCAR.

1a. Working Hypothesis 2

The Prohibition was created to outlaw alcohol, but boosted illegal activity and also helped lay the foundation for modified cars.

2. Topics for Smaller Papers

Those papers would be based around my research paper. I would like to write about topics that would provide me indirectly with information and resources to produce a well written paper. The smaller papers would form a better background on my research paper. 

Definition/Classification Argument

The American Prohibition was enacted in the year 1920 and would last until 1933. The eighteenth amendment was enacted to enforce the restriction of alcoholic beverages. This included liquor and beer products. At the time these products were in high demand, since it is a major part of society, its iconic and everyone for the most part enjoys them. This being said, the market would go from legal to illegal very quickly. The black market would supply these products to people who were willing to pay. In the big cities, the alcohol trafficking was done mostly by gangsters. These gangsters would form organizations and create bars and clubs. Being a very lucrative business and highly illegal, the police would step in and shut them done. Eventually the businesses went “underground”. Alcohol trafficking was a great way to make money doing this time, assuming the person would not get caught. Cars were in demand being the new thing. The transportation of goods went from horse and wagon to the automobile. During this time many alcohol products would be brought in by cars or trucks and sold to the public “under the table”. Eventually this would be found out by the police and the transportation of goods this way had to be more crafty. This would lead to the  modification of these automobiles. Having a car or truck that could evade the police for the most part fixed this issue. This, some may say, laid the foundation for the beginning of NASCAR, and modification of cars.

The black market at this time was highly lucrative, being that large amounts of money could be made extremely fast. In essence the black market would jump start the illegal activity of many during this era.

The transition from the nineteenth to the twentieth century was widely apparent. Cities grow to record sizes and the people changed for the good and bad. During the roaring twenties, some people acted on this black market, either adding to it or trying to “bust” it. The people who wanted to control this surge of money were primarily the big time gangsters in these huge cities. Cities like Chicago, New York City, Boston, ect. Gangsters back then are nothing like the ones of today. They had class, but also thought on their feet. One of the most famous ones from this time period was Al Capone, working in the mid west. Since the distribution of any alcoholic product was outlawed aside from medical use, it would be harder and harder to sell it. The gangsters of this time thought of extremely clever ways to make money and ensure their customers had what they wanted. The creation of “underground” bars and clubs would begin. Theses types of clubs and bars would be known as speak easy. These clubs would be hidden and passwords would be used for access. People had fun, and the gangsters made money. It was a win win.

Alcohol was used as medicine back in this time period. Doctors could proscribe the alcohol for specific ailments. When the eighteenth amendment was established, the medical field created special cars so that alcohol could be given for the people that needed it. Some doctors looking to make money would sell these cards filled out for the people who bought them. They would take these cards and purchase the outlawed alcohol.

Cars were a new thing in the 1920’s. They would be used more than horse and wagon for the simple reason of practicality. During this time many saw the automobile as a money making machine. Originally the use of car and truck was new to the public, since they became widely available at this time, they were used for anything, especially transportation of alcohol. What started out as moving illegal goods became much more. Eventually the police would catch on to this, and many people would fall victim to the black market craze. Humans are always learning, so people began to devise ways to modify their cars. They would make them faster. The cars would be modified to outrun the police and help cut down on the “busts”.

The foundation of NASCAR and other sports like it would be laid during this era. People began modify cars not only to evade the police but to race. This would give birth to a whole new sport that many enjoy. The story goes, that the moonshiners down in the southern states would get together and race their moded cars. After the Prohibition, the races would continue and eventually be recognized as a sport.

People never think of the other counties that benefited from the American Prohibition. Canada, and Mexico gained the most wealth. The countries citizens would either produce or distribute alcohol across the United States border. During the winter, the great lakes would freeze and cars would be able to drive over them with the alcoholic goods. The Mexico/ American border was not as built up as it is today, so trafficking was easier. People would bring over the products through customs or drive over. Both countries used ships to smuggle the alcoholic goods also. The products would be hidden and taken out when they reached their destination. The nations themselves did not benefit from this, BUT, the their citizens did.

Cause/Effect Argument

The American Prohibition boosted illegal activity, and created NASCAR.

Fast cars and alcohol are one hell of a combination. During the 1920’s and into the 1930’s, America instituted the 18th Amendment, it was a time of peace but illegal activity thrived. The 18th Amendment outlawed the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the United States. This did not stop the average people at this time from continuing this practice. In a nut shell, illegal activity thrived and with the use of modified cars, NASCAR would be created.

Many aspects contributed to the boost in illegal activity during the Prohibition. At the time people realized that large amounts of profit could be made at the time. Alcohol was in demand, and people did almost everything to get it.

The gangsters from the 1920’s and 1930’s are some of the most iconic people of the time. Those people set the bar for the black market in the United States. The gangsters were able to control most of the alcoholic distribution and sales in the large cities. This was highly illegal but sales were crazy. Gangsters kept generating new ideas on how to profit from this amendment.

Doctors would jump on the bandwagon as well. The medical field was not subject to the alcohol ban because that is used widely within the practice. Doctors would be able to profit from the amendment because they would be paid off to write prescriptions. This again was highly illegal and generated large sums of money.

With the high demand for the illegal drinks, transportation of the alcohol for sale would evolve from simple transportation to the use of the newly adapted automobile. Cars were a new thing at this time. They were beginning to be widely used and it transformed the transportation system. The American Prohibition helped create NASCAR because the cars used were modified. The cars were made to be faster then the police and made to handle better as well. Eventually the people who illegally transported the alcohol would begin to race the cars they modified. This would lay the foundation for NASCAR, since it is a sport based on racing high performance cars. The engines were modified along with taking out unnecessary weight.

Essentially, the prohibition boosted illegal activity within the United States and with that created one of America’s greatest sports.

Rebuttal Argument

Outlawing the sale and consumption of alcohol may have created fast cars but also may have just been part of an era of change. Fast cars were around before in other countries in the world, but did they start car racing? 

3. Current State of the Research Paper

I feel very confident with my paper so far. The topic has come a long way since my creation of it a few weeks ago. The paper is starting to take shape and I should end up with a nice result. 


Sources are in previous posts for information used.

White paper–todayistheday19

Content descriptions

-parasite v. predator/prey, Seaworld=parasite

-what is natural, why performing is unnatural

-health of orcas in captivity vs. wild

-Seaside sanctuaries: the answer Seaworld is ignoring

-SeaWorld profit

-mental heath of inmates

-kidnapping victims, PTSD

-slavery in SeaWorld

-domestic abuse: behind closed doors, one spouse claims love while the other fears

Proposal +5

Proposal : It seems counterintuitive to trust a company with blood on their hands. SeaWorld continues to claim their mission is to help animals by providing a safe environment for them to live. They repress the fact that they rip these animals away from their natural habitats. SeaWorld is the ultimate hypocrite; they state they’re saving these animals when in reality they’re imprisoning them for their own gain.  For a company who publicly dedicates them to animal rights but behind closed doors they have no problem shoving their prisoners back into their cells. For a company so open and adamant about giving their animals the best care and love, they are silent when their whales die unnaturally.


Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World of Slave Trade https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=fHtvU_6EC9EC&oi=fnd&pg=PA1&dq=slaves&ots=2uRLzmvPcv&sig=jGXpHVF0SRBk0hGcKZew5rAsX-k#v=onepage&q=slaves&f=false

Essential Content of Article:  Slaves for the most part believed they were inferior and that their lives were meant to work for the white man.  Slaves either obey or die.  Africans were ripped away from their home country and sold off to whites so they could work until they died in this foreign land.

What it proves: This article is going to help connect similarities between African slaves and animals within SeaWorld parks.  They are ripped away from their natural habitat only to forced into working for their masters. Neither animals in SeaWorld parks or slaves have/had any hope of freedom.


What will the future bring? Prison mental health care in England http://eds.a.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.rowan.edu/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=c6ff13f6-822d-4f87-ac10-67b21358404c%40sessionmgr4008

Essential Content of Article: This article gives statistics of inmate’s mental health condition within England’s prison system. The estimate that the proportion of people with mental health problems within in prisons is 90%.

What it proves: This article is going to help me connect SeaWorld’s animals to inmates.  Both are confined to small areas for most of the day. This article takes a look at what being confined within concrete walls can do to the human brain.  Seeing such a high risk of mental health and suicide rates with human inmates, it can allow me to question what it must do to the animal prisoners at SeaWorld.

Kidnapping and Mental Health in Iraqi Refugees: The Role of Resilience https://link-springer-com.ezproxy.rowan.edu/article/10.1007%2Fs10903-015-0340-8

Essential Content of Article: This is a study conducted to observe the presence of Post traumatic stress disorder and major depression disorder with kidnapping victims.  The study conducts the experiment on Iraqi refugees, especially those who had been kidnapped.  Results indicated those diagnosed with PTSD were more likely to have been kidnapped.

What it proves: This article gives me evidence to prove kidnapping indicates a higher likelihood to develop PSTD.  I will explain PTSD and its symptoms.  Then I will discuss this study.  This will allow me to describe how orcas were taken from the wild.  Orcas usually stay with their family their whole lives.  But when they’re kidnapped they suffer greatly at the expense of entertainment.


Breaking News: The last generation of orcas at SeaWorld https://seaworldcares.com/2016/03/Breaking-News-The-Last-Generation-of-Orcas-at-SeaWorld/

Essential Content of Article: SeaWorld states they will not release the remaining orcas, because they would not be able to handle the elements and dangers of the wild.  They then state that the orcas will remain in the love and care of SeaWorld.

What it proves: By collecting a statement from SeaWorld that disagrees with my claim it will help me further prove my point. Even though SeaWorld hasn’t collected an orca from the wild in 40 years they are still reaping the benefits of those captured orcas.  They deny the request to free orcas into the wild because of the dangers of elements they aren’t accustomed too.


Jean-Michel Cousteau: SeaWorld should set captive orcas free https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/apr/27/seaworld-free-captive-orcas-jean-michel-cousteau

Essential Content of Article: An oceanographer believes orcas can be successively reintroduced into their wild habitat.   By using seaside sanctuaries captive orcas can be adjusted to hunting for food and learning the techniques of wild orcas.

What it proves: This article, although it agrees with my opinion, does not echo my thesis.  It is going to be used as facts to dispute the SeaWorld claim that orcas cannot safely be released to the wild.  This scientifically proves that seaside sanctuaries could be the answer to releasing the orcas.


  1. It seems counterintuitive to trust a company with blood on their hands. SeaWorld continues to claim their mission is to help animals by providing a safe environment for them to live.

1a. It seems counterintuitive that slavery of African Americans disgusts us, yet we hand over big bucks to a company that enslaves orcas, inflicting the same cruel slavery qualities onto these helpless animals.

  1. Topics for smaller papers

Defintion/ classification: I will need to present the analogy between parasites and SeaWorld.  I would also need to explain the comparison of prey/predator titles and how they change within environments. I will need to clearly explain the argument to drive home the fact that Seaworld is a parasite.

Cause/Effect: I will need to demonstrate that when orcas are forced into unnatural habitats, they then die early than they would in the wild. I will show the statistics of life expectancy in the wild vs capacity. This will demonstrate that SeaWorld needs to free the orcas because without doing so they will be cutting their life prematurely.

Rebuttal: I would attack SeaWorld’s flimsy and cheap claim that they love their orcas and would do everything to keep them healthy and happy. Love shouldn’t kill, if they truly loved and appreciated these animals they would free them. They simply love the money that the orcas bring in.

3, Current state of the research paper

I feel like my paper still is all over the place.  I have so many ideas for comparisons, but I really don’t know what to do with them.  I don’t know how to shape them into a blended consistent essay.  I really worried about structure and making sure everything makes sense.  I usually just talk about things, assuming my reader already understand.  I have a tendency to skip over the introduction to what I’m talking about and just jump right in.

White paper- Theadmiral

Content Description 

  • Reasons for NFL players taking a knee
  • Police brutality
  • Civil rights movement
  • American pride
  • Patriotism

Hypothesis 1 

Black Americans and racial minorities in the United States are being targeted by some police officers, and are being acted towards in a manner that is civilly unjust.

Hypothesis 2 

Americans who take pride in the flag, and our national anthem are offended because of the actions of some because they are protesting what they believe is right.

2. Topics for smaller arguments 

Definition argument – For my definition argument, I explained the whole reasoning behind both sides of the situation. First, I explained how police brutality has been an ongoing problem in our country for many years now, dating back to the civil rights movement. I also further defined the reason for Kaepernick’s original protest, which was against police brutality.

Cause and effect argument- In my cause and effect argument, I will explain the cause of the situation, and the effects, such as Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, and how the protest spread throughout the league, and the different opinions that many different Americans had on the matter.

Rebuttal argument- In my rebuttal argument, I will discuss the different opinions that one might have about the topic. There are not just two sides to it, because everybody seems to have their own different opinion on the matter. I will pool all of those ideas together, and maybe try to allow everybody to see another side, just like I have.

Current state of my research paper 

Personally, I think that my research paper could be stronger right now. I know I need to add more into my description argument, and I am in the process of doing more research, and making the argument as strong as it can be. I am also getting my survey together for my cause and effect and rebuttal arguments, which will actually help pool all of the ideas together.