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Content Descriptions:

  1. Positive effects that the MBK movement has on young black males
  2. Why no movement for young black females
  3. Female figures like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Union need to come together to help young black females in small communities.

1. Working Hypothesis 1:

Although there are movements for young black males such as MBK which provides guidance, our young black females need support and guidance just as much as the males.

Working Hypothesis 2:

Female leaders such as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Gabrielle Union should step up and come together to help guide young black females to the right track to become successful.

2. Topics for Smaller Paper

Definition/ Classification Argument 

Every community needs to have five characteristics in order to be successful in completing a common goal. The general definition of a community can be defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. The five characteristics that are said to make a community successful consist of five different roles that need to be fulfilled in order to reach the common goal. These five roles consist of the host, facilitator, “popular one”,  instigator, and the voyeur. With these roles in tact, it is definite that a community will succeed. If the three leaders, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Gabrielle Union come together a fulfill these roles, or find the perfect candidates for these roles, young black females will find that they are on the correct path to success.

Cause/ Effect Argument 

When young black males join the MBK movement, they are open to a new world. They provide guidance and hep young black men realize that there is more to this world than crime. They teach them how to provide and be respectful. Doing this, will help our community because the more males in the movement, the better the community will be. If this support was provided to young men of color years ago, it could have saved lives such as Trayvon Martin. Although the death of Trayvon Martin was unexpected, if he would have been apart of the MBK community movement that night or prior to that night, it might have changed the outcome of the night of his death.

Rebuttal Argument

My rebuttal argument for this topic is that most people believe that young black males are in more trouble than young black females are. Because young black males are main targets of police brutality, they should be the one’s who need to be focused on. Statistically speaking, men are more likely to end up in prison, jail or parole.

3. Current State of My Research Paper

My paper is complete.


3 thoughts on “White Paper – collegegirl”

  1. To be frank, collegegirl, that is a decision that should have been made long before today. If your deep research into a topic causes you to shift your focus and alter your thesis, then common sense would dictate making the shift to an aspect of your study that will make a better argument.

    But to switch from one topic to another, be dissatisfied with the shift, and then go searching for something else while the deadline for the second short argument is looming is the path to disaster.

    I’m trying to follow your lead here, not force you into a decision you’re not comfortable making, but you reacted to my advice to narrow your thesis by swapping topics, and now here we are. Police brutality is a massive topic, far too broad for 3000 words, but it contains dozens of smaller topics you could certainly investigate.

    What’s the single most compelling illustration of police brutality you’ve encountered so far in your research? Whatever that illustration demonstrates could and should become your thesis IMMEDIATELY so that you can begin the real work of putting your ideas on paper.

    Thinking about stuff has gotten us here. It is time to write. You’ve shown that you can do that well. This White Paper alone is good evidence that you can put your thoughts into words and make a cogent argument.

    Ready? I need your response, please.


  2. Yes, ready to actually focus my attention on my real thesis and get down to the point. I’m always just so indecisive!


  3. I came here hoping to get a good sense of the current state of your paper in preparation for our meeting today. Are you going with the “others need help too” argument as your rebuttal? Or is that now closer to your own thesis?


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