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  1. Comp 2 notes

    Rebuttal argument is due in about a week
    Paper needs works cited page
    Works cited page needs to pass the “at a glance” test
    It is the causal argument, and not casual
    Use the “open link in new tab” for the reader to be able to click on a hyperlink to open your source in a new tab
    You will never win the argument if you cannot refute the strongest argument
    The purpose of the rebuttal argument is to REFUTE and not to advance the strongest argument
    Do not find the opposite of your thesis for your rebuttal
    Acknowledge that there are a variety of opinions on the subject that we are writing about, and our job is to prove all arguments wrong
    The best rebuttal takes on the best opponent with the best argument
    Follow the logical change in arguments
    The problem of Fukushima was that the nuclear power plant was on the worlds most active fault line
    If the US used power plants, we would not put them on fault lines In the earth, or right next to the ocean


  2. -Fix your work cited
    -Use a citation generating website (Easybib)
    -Then hyperlink the source to your citation
    -The final essay will be the rebuttal argument
    -Find the strongest argument to your thesis
    -Acknowledge you have opponents
    -You have to have a mountain hard evidence
    -You must have a strong thesis to refute the opposing opinions
    -There must be facts to prove your opposing argument and your thesis


  3. -Your work needs a works cited.
    -It only needs to pass the “at a glance” test.
    -As long as it looks similar to a works cited, it will work.
    -You must make reference to your citation if it is included in a works cited.
    -The purpose of the rebuttal argument is to refute. Don’t spend 1000 words proving that you are wrong.
    -Spend 1000 words arguing that reasonable people think you are wrong, but they are wrong.
    -You cannot reject a refutation due to “lack of evidence.”
    -It is not an effective rebuttal to request more evidence from the author. There would be no end to the requests. Any opponent of any argument could simply refuse to be convinced forever.
    -It is not effective to refute by saying that the author is unfair to your “side” of the argument.
    -The author has no obligation to argue your “side” of the argument.
    -There is always a third way to look at things.
    -Things are almost never “yes or no”/”black or white.”


  4. Works Cited needs to be correct
    -Link the title of the article to the article
    -Know where the periods go in a citation

    Rebuttal Argument
    -What is the opposite of my thesis?
    -Detail all the qualifications that must be met from your opponent

    Nuclear Power Rebuttal Argument
    -Not effective to complain that you really don’t see what the evidence provided has to do with the argument.
    -If the author offers irrelevant evidence, logic should tell you what the evidence does prove, or could prove.
    -Demonstrate how a correct interpretation of the evidence proves something other than the author’s argument is an effective rebuttal.


    1. This is a different tack. I’m often surprised to see how many different sets of notes result from a single class. I wonder how the lecture would read if they were all compiled by someone who had not attended it.


  5. – Make sure you make a work cited that looks like a work cited
    – Talking about the rebuttal argument
    – There should be many different rebuttals being mentioned in this paper
    – Make sure your evidence is relevant
    – You have to pay attention to your readers arguments


  6. Works cited is important. Check open in new window.
    Easybib is good for works cited.
    A10 is due Sunday.
    Rebuttal argument is to find the strongest rebuttal argument to your thesis.
    Needs a title and a works cited.


  7. Work cited is extremely important.
    Put in MLA format and have at end of essay.
    Use citation machine or easybib to cite sources.
    Do not using the links of the websites used, make sure to have a proper citation.
    Make sure Works has a “S”.
    Cite within the writing and quote.


  8. We need a work cited page and just needs to look formatted-ish. We can just use easybib to cite our work.

    Rebuttal argument
    We have to argue one of the stronger rebuttals, there are usually many but arguing the hardest one would help the essay more. Must have work cited for rebuttal statements.
    We don’t have to argue the opposing side.
    False choice rebuttal is a bit confusing!

    Our arguments need heavy proof and be convincing


    1. False choice reduces the argument to two propositions when several are possible. I say to you, “How shall we get better gas mileage, by reducing vehicle weight or by improving engine efficiency?” If you accept the premise that there are just two methods to improve mileage, you’ve fallen for a False Choice.

      Your response should be instead, “Why are we still using liquid fuels to propel cars at all? No matter how many miles we get to a gallon of gasoline, diesel fuel, or natural gas, we’re still suffering the costs of unsustainable technology. Solar-powered cars could deliver unlimited miles per gallon by eliminating the need for gallons of anything.” That’s the refutation for a False Choice: offering the choice that wasn’t offered.


  9. Today we discussed;
    -How to properly work cite
    -Briefly went over our next assignment due Sunday; Rebuttal Argument
    -Professor explained exactly what and how to do assignment
    -Showed a strong model for us to use as a helpful guide
    -Read and article and discussed nuclear power rebuttal
    -Wrapped class up by discussing how an essay can be rebutted.


    1. PhillyGirl, this is “talks about” language. If you come back to it in five weeks looking for the things you hoped you would remember about the lesson, they won’t be here. Class notes function well when they record what you want to remember—not the names of the topics, but the most memorable ideas.


  10. – Work cited must always include a link to where we got our information
    – A rebuttal argument is not the opposite but other opinions
    – For a rebuttal argument you must list all of the positives of your argument and the usefulness, somewhat like persuade them to reevaluate and agree with us
    – Insufficient Evidence rebuttal is refusing to admit that the other person is right for example a monk who sets themselves on fire but they refuse to admit that the fire is burning them as they sit on hot fire rocks
    – Irrelevant evidence rebuttal is evidence that has almost nothing to do with the argument
    – Inconclusive evidence rebuttal is not an effective rebuttal because it does not provide proof
    – Stacking the deck rebuttal is when the opponent points out what we left out and telling us that we should offer more evidence
    – False analogy rebuttal are close comparisons if it is so close the argument fails
    – False choice rebuttal a false analogy has been made, almost certainly a false choice will follow


    1. Your notes are quite thorough, TheIntern, but I don’t think they capture the actual concepts as clearly as they need to.

      For example, regarding the Irrelevant Evidence Rebuttal, you say:

      – Irrelevant evidence rebuttal is evidence that has almost nothing to do with the argument

      Instead, the Rebuttal for Insufficient Evidence merely POINTS OUT that your “opponent” in the argument uses insufficient evidence to prove her point. She’s not obligated to prove anything, and very few essays actually CONTAIN the evidence to prove their points. Usually, they refer to other sources (some as long as books that couldn’t possibly be contained in the essay) that provide the evidence.

      The point of today’s lecture was to remind you that saying “The essay does not contain enough evidence” is not a successful refutation. If your opponent lacks evidence, you can refute him with evidence of your own. The situation is like poker. Your opponent has not a single pair, and his high card is a ten. You can’t just take the pot on the basis of his weak hand. But you don’t need a royal flush either. A jack is a sufficient rebuttal for a ten.



  11. Morning of 11/13 talking about work cited & you must have one to see wheee the information is from. For Rebuttal Argument due Sunday at midnight ,find the most natural rebuttal for your thesis and present it to your readers and refute it. Give essay tiltle Rebuttal- Username but with a title.


  12. Rebuttal due in a week
    works cited- at glance
    link website to works cited
    rebuttal purpose is to refute
    rebuttal isn’t the opposite
    nuclear power rebuttal
    heavy proof and convincing


  13. Works cited
    If it’s looks like a works cited, it’s good
    You can use a works cited engine ex easy bib
    What truly matter is. Intent of essay
    Link source in works cited, check box so the it opens in new window
    Refer to author in essay if you mention them in works cited

    Rebuttal argument
    A10 due Sunday nov 19
    Find strongest rebuttal argument against your side and then refute it
    Never use you
    Ex:” some of us believe Aand B, while that is untrue i acknowledge their opinion but A doesn’t lead to x and y.
    Best argument is one that refuted opposing view
    Refute but don’t advance on your thesis
    Reasonable opponent with strong rebuttal is the best opponent
    Works cited needed
    1000 words
    Title capitalize every word
    Insufficient evidence rebuttal
    Ex: telling poker buddy his hand is weak doesn’t entitle you to take the pot. You must show your cards and they have to be good enough to beat his in order to take the pot.
    Saying there isn’t enough evidence isn’t enough. You have to provide evidence against the opposing p.o.v
    Inclusive evidence rebuttal
    Identify the logical fallacy at fault. Not enough to say argument is inconclusive and doesn’t give proof, must give your own proof to trump opposing view
    Stacking the deck
    Not enough to say other author is “unfair” to your side. If author repressed evidence then you can call them out on it and provide the evidence
    False analogy
    Prove comparison is false or irrelevant
    False choice
    False analogy followed by false choice
    Third way to look at things , point it out


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