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Rebuttal- amongothers13

(Un)Justifying Property Tax Funding for Public Schools Although property taxes for public school funding are commonly frowned upon, especially when concerning the low-income families struggling to obtain stability, most fail to see the importance of property taxes when it comes … Continue reading

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Safer Saws- amongothers13

1- Customers- A list of Complaints 1a) “A false trip mandates replacement of the brake mechanism which is an expensive piece (~$59)” Consumers would have to pay another $60 if the blade does stop before hitting flesh. This is an … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- amongothers13

Low-Income Communities+Low-Funded Schools= Less Preparation+Less Opportunities It would make no sense to capture an elegant butterfly, and then trap it in a confined, windowless room, correct? How would the butterfly survive? How would it adapt? The answer is simple: it … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- amongothers13

Visual Rhetoric Argument- amongothers13 0:01-0:02- A woman is climbing up what looks to be a large pile of a substance we are unsure of. But, there are mountains of the same substance behind her as well. She is surrounded by … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- amongothers13

13 “The amount of progress in Caleb’s six years of therapy has been frustrating for everyone. “ Caleb’s PTSD plays a role in his family’s lives because they are constantly trying to help and worrying about what happens next for … Continue reading

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White Paper 2—AmongOthers

Proposal For my research essay, I will be focusing on the lack of education throughout the world and the detrimental effects it causes. Overall, the rich children are more benefited than the poor when it comes to education for the … Continue reading

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Summaries- amongothers13

Summary 1- “Do Toms Shoes Really Help People?” It seems counterintuitive that a “buy one, give one” shoe business, such as Toms, a company in which people make a shoe purchase and then a pair of shoes is sent to … Continue reading

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