White Paper- alaska

Content Descriptions:
• Understanding how bad depression is
• How it is caused
• How it can be prevented

1.Working Hypothesis 1:
Ways that cause depression and ways to prevent it can prove how bad depression is.

1.a. Working Hypothesis 2:
How others are affected by a person’s depression.

2. Topics for Smaller Papers:

Definition/ Classification Argument:

  • Depression is misunderstood by how bad it can actually be. Depression is just pushed aside and people are told to move along and cheer up.

Depression is common around the world today. There are different levels of depression. Everyone gets depressed but when a person is depressed all the time it can be closely tied to mental illness. Depression makes you think that you aren’t good enough or you did something wrong. Society today makes it seem that mental illness isn’t a real problem. That the people who have mental illness or depression need to get over it and move on. Depression sometimes leads to people to thoughts of taking their own lives. Some many kids, young adults and elderly people are committing suicide because they feel lonely and depressed and are afraid to ask for help from anyone. There needs to be more awareness of mental illness and depression.
Personally, I have known some people who have taken their lives from dealing with mental illness or depression. It is a terrible thing to think how they got so low in their feelings that they choose taking their own life because they think it is the easy way out. They didn’t realize the hurt and sadness the people around them and who love them feel. It hurts because when you know that person you feel terrible because you didn’t realize they were going through such a hard time. My favorite quote is “Sometimes, the happiest people are the people who are hurting the most.” The most depressed people could be the ones that always make you laugh or smile and they always try to make you feel happy when they aren’t.
As a society we need to be more accepting and to not shame people who struggle with feelings of depression. Also as a society we need to be more accepting and to not shame people who struggle with mental illness. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Doctors and therapists need to know the symptoms of depression and depression with mental illness to be able to help everyone. They need to experiment with different kinds of medicines. They also need to study depressed people and put them in situations where they are happy and learn from that. Once they learn how to help they can put plan of action in place.
At some point in our life everyone is going to deal with depression. There are many different causes for it, such as traumatic events, physical and mental abuse, bullying, etc. We all need to learn to be much nicer to each other. We all need to learn to treat each other the way you would want to be treated.
The bottom line is that depression and depression with mental illness needs to be recognized as a true illness. Once we recognize this I hope the medical profession can find answers and people can get the help they need.

Cause/ Effect Argument:

  • If certain memories or events cause depression and how severe it is.

In society today about 10% of the population will be affected by depression at some point in their life. There are many different factors for the causes of depression. Depression can be caused by different things for different people. Depression can lead to suicide if it is bad enough. For example, I know someone that took their life because they felt that they couldn’t fix what was broken in their life and they didn’t know what to do anymore. Other examples of depression could be losing someone you love or losing a job or having financial troubles. Also, alcohol and social media can cause depression. Causes could be physical or genetic or psychological. If your a couple people you are related to were diagnosed with depression you are more likely to be diagnosed with it too. Many women have depression when they have children or go through menopause. This is believed to be the result of having hormone changes. Society today is a mean place. When I was in high school there was a lot of bullying and break ups that lead a couple of my fellow classmates take their lives. It’s a horrible thing to go through and we should all be aware of the people around us and help them if they need help. If they show signs of suicide or depression we need to help and not stand around. Causes of depression or mental illness could be a chain of events that led up to it. For example, bullying can cause depression. Depression can cause a serious case of mental illness. Mental illness can cause bad decisions.

Rebuttal Argument:

  • A counterargument would be that depression isn’t caused right away by one event.

Depression is often thought to be an easy get over and move on type of deal. People in society see people with depression as attention seekers and that they are just upset and they will get over it in a minute. Depression might be a one day thing then the next day is great but then it comes back.
For me, I can’t easily get over it. One minute I am fine then the next my mind is telling me all these bad thoughts. I tried talking to one of my friends and she told me to cheer up and she left it at that. She didn’t say anything else. I have sought help and it is hard to own up to it and ask because I felt like people would judge me for it.  some people don’t seek help because either they are scared to be judged and sometimes they don’t know how to ask for help.
If a teen asks for help or say that they are depressed society turns and says they are overreacting. They just are feeling down they will be okay soon. Society shouldn’t turn away and say these things because it makes the teens feel even worse about themselves. If a teen is refused of help or is made fun of for being depressed it can worsen to a point where they can harm themselves. Almost five thousand young people kill themselves each year.
Whenever someone asks for help whether it be a young person or an adult or an elder, we should help. Seeking help isn’t a bad thing and saying that you have a problem isn’t either. Society makes it seem like it is. There are many ways to prevent depression from getting out of hand and having anyone of any age kill themselves because they think it’s the only way to solve their problems.

3. Current State of Research Paper:
My current state of my research paper is alright. I have not changed my opinion. I think I need to work on the word count more and then I will be great.


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