White paper- Theadmiral

Content Description 

  • Reasons for NFL players taking a knee
  • Police brutality
  • Civil rights movement
  • American pride
  • Patriotism

Hypothesis 1 

Black Americans and racial minorities in the United States are being targeted by some police officers, and are being acted towards in a manner that is civilly unjust.

Hypothesis 2 

Americans who take pride in the flag, and our national anthem are offended because of the actions of some because they are protesting what they believe is right.

2. Topics for smaller arguments 

Definition argument – For my definition argument, I explained the whole reasoning behind both sides of the situation. First, I explained how police brutality has been an ongoing problem in our country for many years now, dating back to the civil rights movement. I also further defined the reason for Kaepernick’s original protest, which was against police brutality.

Cause and effect argument- In my cause and effect argument, I will explain the cause of the situation, and the effects, such as Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, and how the protest spread throughout the league, and the different opinions that many different Americans had on the matter.

Rebuttal argument- In my rebuttal argument, I will discuss the different opinions that one might have about the topic. There are not just two sides to it, because everybody seems to have their own different opinion on the matter. I will pool all of those ideas together, and maybe try to allow everybody to see another side, just like I have.

Current state of my research paper 

Personally, I think that my research paper could be stronger right now. I know I need to add more into my description argument, and I am in the process of doing more research, and making the argument as strong as it can be. I am also getting my survey together for my cause and effect and rebuttal arguments, which will actually help pool all of the ideas together.









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