White Paper – PlethoraGaming

Content Description

  • Production value of collegiate esports
  • Sports vs esports
  • Collegiate esports as a whole for esports

Hypothesis 1

Collegiate esport varsity teams do not compare equally skill wise to esports as a club

Hypothesis 2

Collegiate esports is not main stream due to risk difficult entry into the scene

Topics for small paper

Definition/Classification Argument

Esports is commonly mistaken with having the argument its not a real sport because it does not involve physical activities. Instead it should be focused on the the type of training it takes to get to their level.

Cause / Effect Argument

Esports not being fully developed in the collegiate scene has left, typical gaming clubs to have more skilled players than esport varsity teams

Rebuttal Argument

There are skill gaps in collegiate varsity teams due a lack of coaching abilities compared to professional teams

Current State of My Research Paper

I have been able to pull a lot of evidence from American Video Game League (AVGL) an org I work for which recently finished running its collegiate tournament for League of Legends, Smite and Paladins. Focusing on LoL we saw a few varsity teams just get beat out by regular college students. I want to focus on this stats to talk about my claims. Even more I am bringing my knowledge of going to the Amazon Summit for Crucible to discuss certain aspect of esports that has shed some light. (However I may have to avoid this because I signed a non-disclosure form and can not talk about the game itself). Even still I should be able to talk about the expectations of sports vs esports

One thought on “White Paper – PlethoraGaming”

  1. PG, I cannot make sense out of your Content Descriptions or either of your Hypothesis. Honestly, I’m not being sarcastic. They simply mean nothing to me.

    Once again, PG, please consider the language of your Definition description. Four times you use “it,” and once “their.” I think you’re using your pronouns to refer to different antecedents, but I truly cannot tell.

    Esports is commonly mistaken with having the argument ITS not a real sport because IT does not involve physical activities. Instead IT should be focused on the the type of training IT takes to get to THEIR level.

    Perhaps you mean:

    By its detractors, esports is not considered a real sport because it does not involve physical activities. Granted. But the amount of rigorous training required to achieve elite status in the games surely qualifies them as sport.

    I guess the purpose of your Causal argument is to shame the detractors of esports. If only they would sanction esports as a varsity-level sport, they could attract the best talent. As it is, the most accomplished gamers shun the collegiate ranks in favor of club leagues.

    I’m sorry, you’re missing the obvious Rebuttal to your thesis, PG. Any casual reader not already enamored of esports will read your argument and react: “Really? Pushing that joystick is a collegiate sport? They pay athletic scholarships for that? The only reason anybody would call that a sport is that the game being played is based on an actual sport. If anybody suggested making “Resident Evil” a collegiate sport, they’d be laughed at. Esports are no different.”


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