White Paper- phillygirl

1. Working Hypothesis 1
If foster parents had some type of training or class, this could prevent the foster children from being mentally and physically abused

1a. Working Hypothesis 2
There should be an intensive training or set of classes a person must take and pass in, in order for them to become foster parents to children in America.

2. Topics for Smaller Papers
Definition/Classification Argument

Parents is a word that is supposed to describe someone who takes care of their children, .the most protective and responsible way ever however, this word is sometimes misused by people who don’t live up to its meaning. Some foster parents, who voluntarily give their time up to take care of someone else’s child need to have the most sympathy and care for a child because they are the closest things the foster child has to a parent. Approaches in parenthood should be valued extremely carefully because under their care, the child’s personality and way of life will1    be made up because of this.

Cause/Effect Argument

Because they are mentally and physically abused, foster children grow up and become adults who have severe trust issues. They can’t trust people because of what’s happened to them growing up, they may think will happen to them as adults. For example, building relationships whether it be romantic, or friend based they will have a really hard time trusting that the person will stay in their lives, and not leave like everyone else did.    

Rebuttal Argument

Not all kids are peaches and cream when it comes to living with a family they don’t know. Some foster children are a handful, and tend to act out because they know that if they do enough, they will be able to be sent to another home. Some may do this as a way of taking control of the system, or making the system work in their favor. These children need to be disciplined, and this discipline may be taken as mental or physical abuse in their opinion because they don’t like the punishment, consequences, etc. All in all, foster children will find a way to get out of the system in any way, shape, or form and this may be one of their many tactics in achieving this.

3. Current State of the Research Paper

So far, I am feeling confident in the progress I’ve made. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be put into my research paper. But I have The White Paper to guide me through until I reach my potential research paper goal. My opinions have changed drastically as I begin writing my White Paper. I realized that there are so many more interesting and important things to discuss in my research paper. I anticipate that after adding my work from my White Paper into my next research assignment, I will have an even fuller, detailed, and a more successful paper as an outcome.

One thought on “White Paper- phillygirl”

  1. Your 2 Hypotheses appear to be just one Hypothesis, PhillyGirl. The second is phrased more categorically and is therefore the superior version. Your backup hypothesis will have to be something else (such as, perhaps, jurisdictions that have pre-foster training have not actually achieved better results, which might turn out to be true).

    I very much appreciate your rebuttal proposal, that what might appear to be abuse or neglect could easily be an over-reaction to needed discipline.

    This White Paper is intended to be a “dump” for all your sources, purposeful summaries, test arguments, etc., PhillyGirl. There’s no evidence here that you’re collecting any material at all, so I can’t be any more help to you in guiding or shaping your research until you start sharing here.


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