Annotated bibliography – Princess45

  1. Lang, Hannah. “Pelosi: Trump doesn’t get his words ‘weigh a ton’.” CNN, Cable News Network, 14 Oct. 2017,

Background: Donald trump has eyebrows raised on his remarks about the military action against other countries that he has threatened. The president continuously acts and speaks to our people, other government officials, and other world leaders unprofessionally.

How I used it: Trump has threatened multiple countries and could be “setting us on a path to World War III”. This article shows evidence that he does not realize that the things can weigh a ton. Trump has no political experience and it is showing in his presidency.

  1. Siemaszko, Corky. “Drug Overdose Deaths Rise Drastically in Places Trump Calls Home.”, NBCUniversal News Group, 12 Oct. 2017,

Background: Even though a presidents words may weigh a ton, doesn’t mean he always sticks by them. Trump trashes New Hampshire and describes it as a “drug infested den”. Meanwhile New Hampshires fatality rate has actually went downA few months ago the president acted on the presidential opioid commission and declared the crisis a national emergency and has yet to do anything about it.

How I used it: Donald Trump has failed to act on some of his promises he has addressed to the nation. Again he shows his lack of experience and lack of interest on making changes that are truly benificial

  1. Vazquez, Maegan. “Tillerson won’t say if he called Trump a ‘moron’.” CNN, Cable News Network, 16 Oct. 2017,

Background: Secretary of state may or may not have called Donald Trump a moron and it has suddenly become more important than any other political issue that is going on in our country.

How I used it: Trump can call an NFL football player a “Son of a Bitch” and it is seemingly okay? But, as soon as the tables are turned all hell breaks loose. There is no freedom of speech for the famous, the celebrities, or anyone in the public eye. They get bashed and hate for speaking freely, but it is okay for our “President” to say and do whatever it is that he wants.

  1. Edelman, Adam. “Trump Attacks Puerto Rico, Threatens to Pull Emergency Responders.”, NBCUniversal News Group, 13 Oct. 2017,

Background: Trump disrespects Puerto Rico by treating them as second class citizens when he threatens to pull emergency responders. Trump tweeted, “‘Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own making.”

How I used it: Trump gets away with treating americans unworthily, proves that there are no consequences for his actions. Also makes it clear that he can do whatever he wants because he is president.

  1. Edelman, Adam. “Trump Threatens To Cancel Iran Nuclear Deal If It’s Not Strengthened.” Make a Refundable deposite :: Express HelpLine, NBCNews, 13 Oct. 2017,

Background: Trump threatens to terminate Iran deal if it is not strengthened, because they ruined “the spirit of it”. Iran warns U.S. not to terminate deal, no one will ever trust U.S. again. Trump is forcing congress to better the deal.

How I used it: Trump again makes it clear that he can get away with doing whatever he wants because he is president. He states ” If the deal is not strengthened it can be canceled by me, as president at any time.”

  1. Contributor, Kimberly Wehle opinion. “Trump’s NFL tweets are not                      constitutionally protected free speech.” TheHill, 28 Sept. 2017, house/352534-trumps-nfl-tweets-are-not-constitutionally-protected-free-speech.

Background: Trump is pushing his boundries within the constitution. Donald trump tweets calling an NFL player a “Son of a bitch” and no action is taken because of this.

What it proves: Trump takes advantage of his status as president. Believes all social standards and rules apply to everyone else but him.                    

  1. “Trump’s threats amount to a First Amendment violation.” Columbia Journalism                  Review,

Background: Trump threatens to take licensings of news stations away such as NBC and threatened not to tax the NFL if they continue to allow their players to peacefully protest.

What it Proves: Trump has now run into a first amendment violation. We have our first amendment and trump is threatening to make accounts against companies who are free to express theirs.

  1. brown, laura. “Government Stumps Trump.” U.S news, 31 Mar. 2016,  understand-the-us-political-system-or-government.

Background: Trump once was asked by an army veteran and university student what the top three functions of the united states government, Donald Trump was stumped and cold only answer one which was national security.

What it Proves: Trump has no political experience. How is it okay for the president of the united states not to know what the top three functions of the government he is running.

  1. “Consequences of Trump’s lack of experience in government.” MSNBC, NBCUniversal News Group, 3 Nov. 2017,

Background: Trump has weakened on how he will handle the terrorist who has recently attacked our country and has been captured.

What it proves: He is not fulfilling his promises and again lack of experience shows.

  1. Rymel, M.Ed. Tim. “Why Trump’s Lack Of Political Experience Is Dangerous.” The Huffington Post,, 9 Feb. 2017,


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