White Paper– pdqlover

Organized Content descriptions

Parent and child obligation negotiation

Able sibling and disabled sibling relationship

Family stress when taking care of a disabled family member

Working Hypotheses

  1. Every parent at sometime in their life feels the need of “payback” from their child.
  2. An able child may think life is not far and he disable child thinks life is not fair also but they have different reasons.

Topics for Smaller Papers

Definition/Classification Argument
Parents have total obligations to give to their child, a child has no obligations to their parents unless negotiated between the two. When raising a child with disabilities it can be different the parents still have all obligations of caring for the child but will the disabled child ever have a negotiation with their parents to have obligations of their own?

Cause / Effect Argument

Taking care of a child with disabilities can cause major stress on the entire family.

Rebuttal Argument

When a child is born with a disability the parent did not choose to live that lifestyle of taking care of a disabled child so they may choose not to do so.

Current state of the research –

The current status of my research is well. The topic I choose can go in many different directions. I have to be specific when looking for research but overall I have been successful finding source material.

Proposal +5

For my research essay I will be examining the unfairness of life. A child with disabilities  who requires so much care in he or she’s youth can’t pay back the debt to their parents when they get old and infirm and could really use her help. My argument will go into detail about how I can relate to this very situation of being a sibling of a disablied child and wondering what the future holds.

  1. Journal of Child Neurology http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/088307388700200113

The Essential Content of the Article:  This article is about two common words chronic and sorrow. Chronic sorrow describe the process of parent bereavement in response to life with a disabled child. It also discusses how parents and siblings have to put many hours into caring for the disabled child.

What it Proves: This article proves that taking care of a child with disabilities is a hard job and takes toll on the family.

2. Siblings of handicapped children https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF01531585?LI=true

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is about the question of whether or not the normal child and handicapped child brother and sister relationship differ in any significant way from children in any other non-handicapped brother and sister relationship.

What it Proves: This article proves that growing up with a handicapped brother and sister can have some differences in the house and in school or public.

3. How do cares of disabled children cope? http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-2214.2004.00464.x/full

The Essential Content of the Article: This article describes caring for a disabled family member generally falls on one person sometimes two, specifically females. Male members of the family such as father or uncles usually control the key decisions concerning the child and the associated resources.

What it Proves: This article proves that most care providers are woman as nurtures.

4. Participation of Disabled Children and Young People in Decision Making Within Social Services Departments https://academic.oup.com/bjsw/article/36/5/723/1645153/Participation-of-Disabled-Children-and-Young

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is a investigation concerning the participation of disabled children within decision-making regarding their own care and in service development. Such as care given to them in the home and care provided to them from a provider.

What it Proves: This article proves, if possible the disabled should be a part and current when decisions are made about their care options.

5. DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS AND EMOTIONAL STATES IN PARENTS OF DISABLED AND NON-DISABLED CHILDREN http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/sbp/sbp/1999/00000027/00000001/art00007

The Essential Content of the Article: This article is a survey between parents of handicapped and non handicapped children and in difference in how they develop symptoms of depression.

What it Proves: This article proves that being a parent can be stressful but being a parent of a disabled child causes excessive stress.

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