Reflective- Dancers

Core Value 1 states that writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process.

All of these skills were mastered throughout the semester. Mastering that writing is a multi-stage practice by finding resources, gathering information from the resources, and putting the appropriate resources found into each of the individual arguments written in class. In the beginning of class we were told to brainstorm a hypothesis we took our hypothesis slightly changed and turned them into a proposal for what we will be researching throughout the semester. Showing that writing is done in many stages and not just one. Writing is a recursive process, writing our first draft of any paper and later going back to revise it shows that writing is recursive. I am not one that writes a paper perfectly the first time around, meaning that I had to go back and clean up all my drafts which would have been hard if feedback wasn’t available to me. Luckily it was mastered that writing is also a social process for every draft. Anytime I wrote a draft of one of my arguments I would check feedback please. The feedback that was provided was very helpful and eye opening, being able to discuss my work made my writing better.

Core Value 2, close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening and questioning texts,arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/ or public conversations represented by those texts.

This skill was mastered by reading different sources of information closely, checking the background of who wrote the sources and how credible they actually are. By bringing each of the sources together into the different arguments and papers showed that I completely understood the texts and would thoroughly bring them together. When reading each source and continuing to find information to back my theory, it showed that I dug and read critically. My Causal Argument is a good example.

Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context is Core Value 3.

When writing papers you have to think of who your audience is, in class we have to write professionally because it is being graded. You also have to write in a clear and concise way so your audience doesn’t get lost while reading, or paper is meant to persuade them to think or see as you do. Each student wrote on a different topic making us each have our own purpose something we wanted to show/ prove. Personally my purpose was to show that not all bullies are just malicious and rude kids some are honestly misunderstood and don’t really know how to act around others. The context of my research paper other than it was required to write was that I always wanted to further explore as to why children bully. Bullying is an issue within schools and is only growing, me personally wanting to teach I wanted to gain more information so maybe one day when I in a school I can help.

Core Value 4, information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.

While researching and writing my arguments I had to take the authors ideas and combine them with my own in order to draw a bigger statement. I took the authors ideas combined with mine through the process of synthesis to make claims more substantial and mean something. If I had no background information or ideas to provide into my arguments it would sort of worthless. Being able to pick your own topic made sure that every student had the opportunity to write about something they were interesting. Having existing knowledge and combining it with what you found out while researching showed information literacy was mastered.

Core Value 5 states that writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.

When researching and writing each argument we had to cite our sources making us master the ethical responsibility in writing. If we did not cite sources it would mean that we plagiarized and would end up failing, making it unethical. Writing on our own topic of something that interests us, proves that we have power and a voice when writing. We had the power to pick what we wanted to write as well as having the power to try and get our point across as to how we view a certain topic/ situation.  


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