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My Worthy Opponent is Wrong

Rebuttal Argument: Police officers are not allowed to make mistakes

A main rebuttal argument to my thesis here is that police officers are not allowed to make mistakes which is in fact, a very controversial topic in today’s society.  But, what most people do not realize is that they are people too, nobody is perfect. There are going to be times in our lives that we make the wrong decision and it is just something that is apart of life.  We learn from our mistakes and gain knowledge from the experiences as we go through life and grow up. Actually, there are rules that back policemen and the people for mistakes made by law enforcement. The Exclusionary Rule is a legal rule tied to the Fourth Amendment in the Constitution.  In an article published by the Legal Information Institute it states, “The decision in Mapp v. Ohio established that the exclusionary rule applies to evidence gained from an unreasonable search or seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment”. This both protects the officer and the defendant by freeing of them of their mistakes from this situation.  The officer would probably be disciplined accordingly for violating a constitutional right and at the end of the day the officer made a mistake and they’ll learn from it.  This also protects the person because they are freed of the possible charges that would have been brought upon them, the law enforcement violated their rights and they were compensated for it.  As you can see, rules are even set in place for the mistakes law enforcement makes because we know that they happen. It is an ignorant statement to say a person can be trained to the extent that they will never make another mistake in their life, police officers are people too and they need to start getting treated like one.

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