Visual Rhetoric- Doublea

Example 4:


We pan to a shot of this guy named “Todd”. We see him eating something and he looks very delightful. It is the morning and he is off to work dressed in his work attire. It is very odd to see a person so happy in the morning because most people are very tired and grouchy.

Todd is smiling and finishes eating and washes his dish that he was using to eat off of. We then pan to a girl most likely his wife. She is smiling because she knows she has a wonderful husband that does his dishes.


Now we see an image of Todd outside walking to his car. Like I said he is probably on his way to work because he is dressed nicely. In the background we see an old Asian man struggling with his sprinkler system. Knowing that the Asian man is struggling it seems like the nice guy Todd is he will help him with his sprinkler.

Todd proceeds to go over and help the old man as we now pan to a new frame of Todd watering the tall bushes. We are beginning to see a pattern that Todd is a very nice and helpful man.


We flash to a coffee pot and it looks like a work building. A hand reaches for the pot and it is no one other than Todd. It seems as if he has made coffee for everyone in the break room.

It flashes out to an office scene where there is two coworkers at a table conversing. They both have coffee mugs so none other than Todd has made them coffee. Todd walks over and pours the coffee into one of his coworkers mugs while the other seems to be raving about the coffee.


The commercial cuts to a super market scene most likely this is Todd after work. The super market seems to be very crowded and there is a heckler behind Todd in line. The heckler is old-looking and seems to be impatient. Todd proceeds to let the man behind him in line in front of him. The old man is very thankful.


Now we pan to what seems to be Todd’s car. Someone reaches for a cell phone and then Todd appears looking at the cell phone smiling. It fades to Todd’s car pulling up at the light and shows another car next to his.


Now the camera changes to the face of the man in the car next to Todd’s. The man is smiling at first but once Todd pulls up and he sees that he is on his cell phone he automatically turns to a smug disappointed face. Now we go to Todd’s face as he notices that expression of the other man. In able to feel less awkward Todd looks to the other side.


Now that Todd is looking the other way the camera pans to the older black lady sitting at what seems to be a bench or a bus stop. She has the same smile that the other guy had and then when she notices Todd on his phone her face begins to show an angry expression. Todd now feels very embarrassed and a little shameful as he feels regret for pulling out his cell phone. The camera switches back to the old lady’s face again and she is still angry. Todd puts his phone down and gives her a head nod meaning he is sorry. He has a very sad look on his face. While all of the stare-down is happening words appear at the bottom of the screen saying “Ad council Stop texting and driving”. The commercial ends.

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