Visual Rewrite- UgandanKnuckles


The scene opens with two people (coworkers possibly?) smiling and having a conversation. Our point of view is through a window into a small business room. It’s decorated very modernly, and the only source of light that we can see is medium-size lamp on a table in the background. The coffee table in the foreground has two cups of water and a tea cup on it.

The person on the left is a black man with short, black hair and a gray suit on. He has a white button down shirt on with a purple and silver striped tie. His hands are on his legs, and his right wrist is sporting a blue and gold watch. The person on the left is a white woman with straight, brown hair a little longer than shoulder length, and a blue, knee-length dress on. She’s playing with her glasses nervously, and she has a smile on her face. They look like they are just finishing up a conversation or meeting.

Based on the name of the video and the way they are dressed, we can infer that he is a politician, she is someone being interviewed for a job, or just meeting with him to discuss a policy. She could possibly be a secretary, or I’m just a misogynistic jerk and she’s the politician. With no sound, it’s hard to say.


The screen is black except for the words in thin lettering in the corner (which are typed in all lowercase) that say “based on a real incident.”


The man has placed his hand onto the woman’s leg, and is stroking it. She’s just looking at her phone, but she looks up. At first, she gives an uneasy smile or grimace, but that turns to confusion as the camera pans up.


The words “#ThatsHarassment” are shown on screen, giving us further insight to what may have happened in the previous scene. The man presumably said something about her that isn’t safe for work, or appropriate given their business relationship.

0:25-0:37 (The end)

A help/support line is shown onscreen. The number to call is “800.656.HOPE” and below it is the website This commercial, I’d imagine, is more heavy on what is said than on what is shown given the abundance of dark screen time and the awkward camera angles.

[]. (2017, April 5). The Politician [Video File]. Retrieved from 

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