Visual Rhetoric-Thenaturalist201

0:00-0:01 A boy who seems happy is shown probably around 6 years old based on size and dinosaur shirt. on the left of the screen, you see a bike handle and within that second you see him ripping something. The boy could have received a bike as a present.

0:01 In the image we see the bike in the center implying that is the main focus. the boy is holding wrapping paper and the bike has a bow on it so we can assume that it is either his birthday or some sort of celebration also based on people surrounding him and you can see some people clapping

0:01-0:03 The next image we see is the shoes of the boy but older riding the same bike. and then cuts to an image of his face. His facial expression shows that is concentrated and that he may be pretending to be riding something other than a bicycle maybe a motorcycle

0:03-0:04 the video then cuts to showing the boy’s back riding the bike down the middle of the street and we can see another boy’s elbow who is also riding a bike on the side of the screen. this shows that the boy and his friends are riding around having fun

0:06 the video cuts again and shows the same bike and the boys feet peddling the bike this time we see a crate in the front of the bike, we could make the assumption that it is being used to hold something. in the crate, we can see something white maybe newspapers?

0:07-0:08 panning a side view of the boy on the bike we see that he appears to be older than he was in the last segment. then a cut to the crate on the front of the bike and we see newspapers and the boy grabbing one of the papers. which shows us that he is a delivery boy

0:11-0:12 the next scene we see is the same bike with the boy older, he is riding up to a house that and he drops and leaves the bike outside. when he gets off the bike we see that he is holding flowers because of this maybe he is at his crush’s house and is stopping by to make an impression

0:13 then a cut the boy walking across the screen with the bike in a garage. the bike is dirty and has probably been sitting there for a while, we see the worn seat and a rag on the tire which proves that it hasn’t been ridden in a while. this is also the first scene we see the boy not riding the bike which maybe suggests that he is older now and doesn’t need a bike

0:15-0:16 we see a completely different setting showing a lady in a wheelchair with a name badge implying see is an employee. there are clothes on clothes racks in the background maybe suggesting it is a retail store. we then see her holding clipboard which could mean she is taking note of things in the store or inventory of some sort

0:17 we then follow a man down an aisle of the store, we can clearly see more clothes and labels to indicate what items are down what aisles. to the left of the man, we see an employee holding the blue bike on a table and she could be cleaning it

0:19 the image cuts to the employee with the bike and we see she is cleaning the bike with rag we can then assume that the bike is being resold at the store which we could assume it is some sort of thrift shop because we know the bike was previously owned by the boy.

One thought on “Visual Rhetoric-Thenaturalist201”

  1. This is going really well, TN. I haven’t watched the video beyond the first second, but you’re already doing nice work. I wonder if there’s significance to a couple of things. A married man sits behind the boy on an ice chest in what appears to be a garage where the boy is unwrapping the bike. Let’s do some economic forensic analysis. Are there family here? Is the married man Dad? Is the family well-off based on housing details, clothing, anything else you can glean? Is the bicycle new? Who’s clapping? One adult? A child the boy’s age?

    I’m very intrigued by your contention that the boy’s shoes are older? Even comparing the frames, I can’t say I would have noticed the difference at all. Your claim, though, does argue in favor of mentioning his shoes in the first second so that you can identify what makes you say they’ve aged by the third second.


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