Proposal- For my research paper, I am going to focus on the controversial topic of inequality in the justice system. There have been many cases in the past couple of years where there have been white cops who have gotten away with crimes against blacks. A few years ago, the Black Lives Matter campaign began after Treyvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was found not guilty in this case, which started the movement of Black Lives Matter.

Why is it that as much attention as the Black Lives Matter Movement campaign makes, why does racial inequality still exist today.

  1. “Inequality in America”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article explains how one of the most critical issues we face in the world today is the inequities within most countries. One of the most critical issues in this world today is inequalities which is causing change in the social world. Many sense this harm and know that if it this crisis continuous, it could harm our future.

What it Proves: It proves that any type of inequalities can effect the way our future will be.

2.  “Governing with words: The political dialogue on race, public policy, and inequality in America”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article will argue the fact presidential communications about race are getting lots of attentions. Words matter and the protestors opinions in the Black Lives Matter Movement are going to be heard one way or another.

What it Proves: That the creating of the Black Lives Matters Movement is actually being heard. Now, there haven’t been many cases involving a white police officers and a black make have a verdict favoring the Victims side. There’e the problem. How can a campaign attract so much attention but nothing has been seen to be different.

3. “Which Black Lives Matter”

The Essential Content of the Article: The article will argue with the fact that there needs to be more places for young men to go to where they can feel safe.

What it Proves: That we need to create more places where the younger generation can feel safe from harm because of the color of their skin.

4. “Lebron James and Black Lives Matter’

The Essential Context of the Article: The Article shows that the movement is even effecting people like Labron James.

What it Proves: What policy brutality and the justice system and its effect are having on society.

5. “All Lives Matter, But so Does Race”

The Essential Content of the Article: Explains the stereotypes of young black men usually are of those who come from a low income social class.

What it Proves: The inequality of the social classes.


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