Proposal +5- branxmad

Proposal- For my research paper, I will be discussing Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the frequency at which it is diagnosed in children. My research will be focused on whether the symptoms of the disorder should immediately be diagnosed and labelled as a mental disability or if different people just express normal human behaviors more extreme than others.

  1. “ADHD and the Autism Spectrum”

The Essential Content of the Article: A link between autism and ADHD.

What it Proves: Both ADHD and Autism have similar and overlapping symptoms

2. “A True ADHD Epidemic or an Epidemic of Over-Diagnosis?”

The Essential Content of the Article: In the article, the question of the accuracy of an ADHD diagnosis is addressed, as well as the frequency of which it is diagnosed among children. The article then mentions how young children or toddlers get misdiagnosed for doing things that most children of that age should be doing.

What it Proves: There had been a significant increase of ADHD diagnosis over the course of 30 years. The positive results were said to be shown in kids who do suffer from the disorder, as well as kids who don’t.

3. “Problems of Over-diagnosis and Over-prescribing in ADHD”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article discusses the controversy of misdiagnosing a child and/or over-diagnosing a population of children with ADHD and prescribing stimulant medications to children who may not need it.

What it Proves: Children who have shown only symptoms of ADHD have been getting prescribed treatment medications just as often as children who actually are diagnosed with the disorder.

4. Gender Difference in ADHD Children

The Essential Content of the Article: Studies showing that boys tend to be diagnosed, or show symptoms of ADHD, more than girls do. Although, girls’ show symptoms different than boys

What it Proves: The prevalence of ADHD is greater in males than females

5. “Cultural Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article provides insight on how different cultures and ethnic groups treat disorders or illnesses, such as ADHD, differently than others.

What it Proves: While certain countries might use different medicines or drugs to cure ADHD, sometimes it can lead to substance abuse. In some cases, a treatment is not given at all.


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