Visual Rhetoric- NewEditionLover

0:01-0:03 – The first visual rhetoric simply starts off by a man in bed. Next hes in bed with his eyes closed so it gives me an impression that hes sleeping.

0:04- He immediately jumps out of bed maybe he was having a terrible dream that it caused him to be scared? Or maybe he was drinking about water that made him have to pee while he was asleep. Or the guy in the video may be in school and his alarm goes off which is supposed to wake him up. From the way he jumped up i can conclude that he has an appointment to be somewhere at a certain time and hes running late.

0:05 – He immediately gets up and reaches over for his cell phone! He maybe expecting someone to arrive to his home or missed an very important phone call. Or maybe his mother told him to take a certain meat out of the freezer and he gets that on my  way home text!

0:06-0:09- He then gets a text saying “where are you” so maybe he has an scheduled appointment with someone or he has somewhere to be ? He replies back with a text stating “hes on his way”  It could be that he committed to picking somebody up from work and hes running late due to him taking a nap or being sleep.

0:10- He finally gets up to walk out the door maybe in correspondence that text he received a few moment ago sitting on his bed. His face gives off a sigh of scared looking to complete whatever task he was supposed to complete.

0:11-He then rushes down the steps quickly ignoring his mother rushing for the door.

0:12-0:13-  On this second It looks to me as his mother calls him back in the house while hes reaching for the door. Maybe the mother instinct kicked in as she watched her son walk out the door as it looks late outside.

0:14- Next his mom must of asked him where he was going at this time of the night which it appears to be very dark, maybe telling her son that she cooked dinner and made him a plate which might be in the microwave by now.

0:15- She has a look in her eyes that she doesn’t want her son going out because of how late it is.

0:16-18- He then gets out the house after he rushes his mom that he has somewhere important to be.

0:19- He immediately jumps in the car and slams the door

0:20-0:22- Hes in his car driving which appears to be on a long dark road, He seems as though hes impatient and focused on the road.

0:23- He suddenly takes his eyes off the road checking his cell phone in quickness and agony. Maybe the same person who texted him when he was awakened in sleep wants to know again where hes at?

0:24- As he appeared to look down at his phone he suddenly looks back up to the road maybe he swerved in the other lane and their is a car approaching in the same direction as him. Or maybe an animal such as a deer jumps out in the middle of the road and almost hits his car.

0:25-0:26- He puts his arm up as he abruptly swerves on the other side of the road as a car is approaching him , hes scared and panicking and maybe thinking of life or death situations because of his texting and driving actions.

0:27-0:29- With both hands on the wheel hes trying to stay calm and focused on keeping the car leveled and to make sure he doesn’t crash into anything. His level of trying to gain control of the car again plays a huge part considering its his fault why hes in the predicament hes in now.

0:30- He gets control of the wheel and comes back to his senses. His eyes are as if he has seen a ghost receiving a text saying “dude hurry up”. A bright light appears as if it can be another cars high-beams or as if its a slight vision telling him what to do.

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