Visual Rhetoric–Princess

Lessons in Coaching

0:01-0:02 – The video starts off showing a man on the screen with a heavy shadowed background. As it begins to play the man appears to be very close up and angry. He is coaching a hockey team. He asks if everyone is here to play hockey and is speaking in a negative tone.

0:03-0:07 – He then yells “I am not here to coach a bunch of cheerleader’s, I need men!”

0:08-0:13 – He continues “Hit and hit hard!” You start to notice that the man is getting younger. “I don’t ever want to see one of my players back down from a fight!” The man is no longer a man, he is now a teen-aged boy.

0:14-0:18 – “I want to see blood out there! Either take it like a man or take a seat on the bench!” The boy continues to get younger and you begin to think, what is the lesson here? What seems to be happening.

0:19-0:22 – “Is that clear?” The little boy ends with.  You realize that along with the face of the man the voice of the man changes as well. But not only those things changed the whole perspectives changed.

0:23-0:28 – “As adults we need to be careful about the lessons we teach” Flashes across the screen. As I was saying the whole perspective changed and it was no longer the adult saying these things to his team, it was a teammate saying it to another teammate or child.

0:29-0:30 – National campaign against youth violence.  As adults we need to realize that we influence kids of all ages and they look up to us and it is our job to be mindful of the things we are teaching them.

3 thoughts on “Visual Rhetoric–Princess”

  1. Princess, you completely missed the point of the assignment. Your commentary almost ignores the Visual component of the ad, which was supposed to be your primary focus, and instead divulges what is said in the audio, which is forbidden. Without listening to the speech of the on-screen actor, we would have no idea he’s the coach of a hockey team or what he’s saying. There are visual components of this ad, but because so much of the video depends for its impact on the script, it’s not the best choice for a Visual Rhetoric assignment.

    For your own sake, re-read and follow the assignment, please. You may figure out how to analyze this video WITHOUT the sound if you’re up to that challenge, or you may select a new video to analyze. The choice is yours, but you need to choose. As it stands, this post cannot stand.


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